April 19, 2010

last batch - rm35, 30 and 25 only!!!

RM30 - Dark blue + baby blue SOLD!! TQ IEDA!!

RM30 - Greyish blue SOLD!! TQ YANA!!

RM35 - Salmon SOLD!! TQ DINI!!

RM25 - Dark olive green + pink SOLD!! TQ SYERY!!

RM35 - Maroon + grey floral SOLD!! TQ IEDA!!

All are similar with the previous batches in terms of size :)
Next, i will upload my recommendation on the mixing and the matching (the bandana and the selendang) :) tungguuuu... hihi

doncha worry hokeh girls, i didnt use any pin what so ever during this photo shoot so no selendang or bandana was damaged or poked :8)

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