April 27, 2010

greatest idol - kelly clarkson!!

It was helluva show!!! she rawks!! she is indeed the best AI i tell ya! i dragged my hubby - well lets just say Miss independent isnt his type of music - and Alhamdulillah both of us had a good time, and guess what, now my hubby hums Kelly's songs LOL

we dig you Kelly!! *rock sign* We had an awesome time, you are truly a great performer!!! Oh did i tell ya that it was her birthday? she turned 28 in KL - HAPPY BRITHDAY!!!

It was totally worth my money!!! Super duper awesome *hum super massive black hole* haha



fifi said...

omg, u have a very beautiful skin..
care to share ur secret???

yaya othman said...

aaawww fifi, u're too kind *blush*
no secret.. i pakai loreal dr zaman muda remaja lagi hehe