April 27, 2010

greatest idol - kelly clarkson!!

It was helluva show!!! she rawks!! she is indeed the best AI i tell ya! i dragged my hubby - well lets just say Miss independent isnt his type of music - and Alhamdulillah both of us had a good time, and guess what, now my hubby hums Kelly's songs LOL

we dig you Kelly!! *rock sign* We had an awesome time, you are truly a great performer!!! Oh did i tell ya that it was her birthday? she turned 28 in KL - HAPPY BRITHDAY!!!

It was totally worth my money!!! Super duper awesome *hum super massive black hole* haha


April 26, 2010

April 19, 2010



last batch - rm35, 30 and 25 only!!!

RM30 - Dark blue + baby blue SOLD!! TQ IEDA!!

RM30 - Greyish blue SOLD!! TQ YANA!!

RM35 - Salmon SOLD!! TQ DINI!!

RM25 - Dark olive green + pink SOLD!! TQ SYERY!!

RM35 - Maroon + grey floral SOLD!! TQ IEDA!!

All are similar with the previous batches in terms of size :)
Next, i will upload my recommendation on the mixing and the matching (the bandana and the selendang) :) tungguuuu... hihi

doncha worry hokeh girls, i didnt use any pin what so ever during this photo shoot so no selendang or bandana was damaged or poked :8)

rm40 only

Gold + brown SOLD!! TQ YANA!!

Turquoise + white (see thru) SOLD!! TQ AMY

Red (see through red background) SOLD!! TQ IEDA!!

Red + white (see through background)

White + green + black (see through white background)

Another batch is selendang satin (21 x 66 inches) with see through background. RM40 only!!!

RM45 only

Aqua green + pink
with stones

stones are at one end of the selendang

Golden with beads embellishment SOLD!!! TQ SYERY!!

beadss are at both ends

with beads embellishment

beads embellishment at both ends of selendang

Black + dark green with beads embellishment

beads embellishment at both ends

First batch is selendang (21 x 66 inches) with embellishment at on RM45!! you can wear any of this piece with the bandana :) yep yep...

(will post sec batch asap :D)

Hokeh.. Focus now!!

first, just wear the bandana like a normal square tudung/tudung bawal.
secure it under your chin.

then, place a selendang panjang/second piece on top and secure it together with the bandana (meaning you are using only one pin/brooch).
the ends of the selendang can be one short and the other end longer or at equal
(up to you - i prefer one short from the other :D)

then lilit it over ur head to the other side and secure it with a pin or brooch or just tuck it in under your chin or maybe a hair clip (any thing will do really).

selempang the free end - secure it with a pin or brooch :D
voila!!! siap!!! bole kuar dating!! hehe

this is how it looks from behind.. due to model's privacy, view from front cant be published
*wink to model*

i will upload photos of how it looks from front, but i think you know how
(just look at my photos wearing 'em)

p.s. the pieces shown are sold, sorry.

April 18, 2010




Hi pwetty people, as u can see in my photos (in the entry below), i wear 2 pieces of cloth as my tudung.. well the piece inside, is this bandana! it is not tudung bawal or tudung cotton square yg normal size tu, it is only little (18x18 inc). I have this in almost every colour, that makes it easy for me to mix and match with my attire ^_^ but personally earth tones are always safe, since u can almost match it with every colour kan :)

I will post another entry on selendang panjang / rectangular tudung (if i rajin malam ni la) for sale. you can mix and match them with these pieces and wear 'em like i do. i was also thinking of a post on how to wear them (2 pieces), insyaAllah =D



(will update soon)