March 17, 2010

Gucci Sukey - sold!! =D

Hey ladies ^_^

A friend wants to let go her brand new & never carried large size Gucci Sukey in Ebony & White (leather trim). She suddenly thinks its the wrong size for her *sigh*. I attach here a photo of a Gucci Sukey but it isnt the real bag tau. But i can ask my friend to email you directly the photos of the bag if you want *wink*. She is willing to let this bag go at RM3400. Negotiation and self pick up are welcome =D

And here are some general infos regarding Gucci Sukey (large)
- approx 17 x 6 x 12 inch
- double handle (can shoulder or tote it)
- black lining (interior)

Beep me if you want this!!

Attention girls, this bag has been sold *smiles*


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