February 5, 2010

you're nobody untill somebody loves you

Salam pretty people ^_^
How are you? Tired? Well i am.. but tomorrow's a weekend!! Yippie!! *somersault* I plan to do some power plating (for those yg tahu ..shhhh!!) and then lunch with my sister maybe.. maybe, who knows..

Anyway, today i feel like writing.. history.. hahah.. Have u ever watched "How i met your mother", well today is "How i met my husband". Classic (i know)!! To those with irritable anything syndrome, please i repeat please stop here.. do not continue reading.. but you know what they say, the more you say not to, the more they will do it.. So suit yourself people :)

On 9th Apr 2005, i followed a close friend to KLCC to witness the day her boyfriend got to be on stage and admired by hundreds of Malaysian girls LOL being me, this is never my thing and it still isnt.. anyway, my dear friend introduced me to her boyfriend's ex schoolmate Tahir and the others. I shook his hand (i think) and the others (takkan la dia je kan??!!). And thats it!! LOL Betul!!! I didnt like the crowd and the event so we took off and thats the end of Tahir. *giggles*

(uwaaa nak kurus balik!!!!)

-fast forward-

On my 29th birthday, my close friend (guess what?? YES!! its the same friend from 9th Apr 2005) posted on my wall (FB) "Happy Birthday Yaya. Cepat2 la cari boyfriend, minah cun manaleh single lama lama." OK.. Firstly, my friend was just being nice to me by saying minah cun - Of Course, duhh!!! So dont take it any other way hokeh ;p

So, Tahir is in my list of friends (and i never knew that pun!!) and he read that wall post (TQ for visiting my page xoxo), and so he wrote me an email on 1st Apr 2009 (a day after my birthday *hint* *hint*) wishing me a happy birthday ;) and i did reply - mestila, i said thanx ;p LOL And then he replied back - a long reply. And so an email after another email.. ^_^

Tahir thinks its amazing how things were for us, for him ;) I guess it's half time and the other half's luck, wherever we were, whenever it's right, we came out of nowhere and into each other's life.. just like that song by buble. It is bizarre!! We got in touch with each other again 4 years later since the day we met, i gained god-knows-how many kilograms, he lost some hair LOL, i am a mother and lost my confidence along the way due to heart aches and all, but in a bizarre way, it felt so right.

Our wedding was so simple, the guests list was short, but everyone that matters to me came!! There were no band, no fireworks, not even a cake!! But there were families, friends, Tahir, Khalish and i ;)

My husband and my mother ( btw i love this photo of them )

A friend once told me "i dont want a wedding, i want a marriage", and on the day we -tahir & i tied the knot, i know exactly what my friend meant!! I didnt get to wear 3 attires, cut a 5tier cake, hold a bridal bouquet made of orchids, but it didnt matter to me, everything was a 5star to me anyway!! The feeling was so right!!

Tahir gave a wonderful speech - he told me on our second date that he wants to give a speech on our wedding day, so he did!! He expressed how he felt on the first day he met me *awww*, how he was always trying to keep updated with my life (thanx to FB & FP), how he wonders how i am, how he wishes we would meet again. And now that we've met and married, he is thankful and looking forward to a new beginning. I cried!! Well whats new??!! And as my dear friend Cleo puts it "Tahir's words were not poetic or anything like that. But they were so beautiful, because they came from his heart. And in your union you could almost see, that at last two pieces of one soul that were once long lost was now reunited again. Like you were soulmates, predestined even before you came to this earth. Like two broken wings which are put back together and can now fly and soar as high as your dreams would take you. What a wonderful feeling that must be". Thank you Cleo *cloud9*

I often wonder, how long will this love last.. But then, everytime i look at Tahir, i know that this is it, this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident, and for this i know, i am fortunate. Alhamdulillah.

In one of his emails (Apr 2009), Tahir wrote this to me,

"Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life"

i can sooo relate to this.

Dear Abang,

Thank you ;) You came to love me even i'm imperfect and for this i know you're perfect for me.
xoxo, yaya


naddy said...

awwww how sweet... wish u both all the happiness in the world....

Anonymous said...

A beautiful love story which just proves the old adage that "kalau jodoh tak ke mana". Congratulations and here's wishing you guys a lifetime of happiness!

zailamohamad said...

love it!! macam cerita novel
semoga kekal ke akhir hayat;)

Anonymous said...

congrats yaya!im so happy for u :)-sue-

i_sofia said...

yaya.. wish you & hubby love each other + khalish + khalish -sister/brother-to-be forever! things happen for a reason.. :)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

PERFECTO bella! ;)

Pinkwatch said...

sob sob... terharu pulak baca email nie.. but what you've written is so true.. a marriage is what we are searching for.. we could have a grande wedding or even voted the wedding of the year, but for what?? esp when it's only for a while... takpelah.. tu semua asam garam kehidupan.. yg penting what we are now, and what the future hold for us.. InsyaAllah yang molek2 belake...

btw, rugi pulok tok mari awal.. tak dapat dengor speech Tahir.. igt nok gi awal doh, tp takut ramai ngat orang kek gi sesok2.. hehehe.. dekpon ade handbag 2 utir nok angkut.. bukannye buleh duduk rumah orang lama2 kalau dok buasang! hahahahaah!

adriana az said...

salam dear dryaya..very sweet entry..i baca ni and senyum sowang2..so sweet..selamat pengantin baru :)

Deloress said...

yaya dearie

sebakkk i bace entry u kali ni.. (honest!) Alhamdulillah u've found your soulmate .. it took 4 years for fate to bring u two together. It's so amazing!! Jodoh kan :)

Im happy for you..

take care yaya
tahir... take care of yaya (& khalish) =)

pSst - why u cried in that picture ? so touching la

Anonymous said...

yaya..hope u both will be together till the end of time...almost cry reading ur words...now it is perfect..with u, ur husband and little khalish...all the best too in persuing ur dreams...nanti nak fly bagi tau ek..take care...:) - kak intan

yaya othman said...

TQ all :)

Alhamdulillah ^_^

Akak Ratu said...

wahhh so schweet... akak been 'neng yatimah' dah bergenang2 airmata baca entry ni ;-)... doa akak semoga yaya & hbby kekal bahagia hingga akhir hayat... insya'allah... amin

"salam perkenalan"

Fynnaz said...

Auuwwwwwwwww!!! So sweet! So true kalo jodoh tak kemana kan.

Semoga kekal dan bahagia dunia akhirat.

Muahsss Yaya!

bitsANDpieces said...

"i dont want a wedding, i want a marriage" *likes*

Anonymous said...

yaya..this is bai..i found ur blog..and saw my picture too :D..

anyway masa i found out u and tahir nak kawin i was suprised and terus teringat tahir punya ayat masa that CLEO event ..he said something like "eh cantik jugak kawan tika tu" then i cepat2 cakap "dia dah ada bflaa" he kinda interested to youla that time .. sekarang tgk..who would ever thot..dah kalau jodoh tak kemana :)..congrats to both of u..sorry i tak dpt datang sbb am in my 1st trimester..tak larat..wishing u both all the best..by the way u looked so gorgeous on ur wedding day!!


aidie said...

so touching..

btw i saw a pic of Sy*k*n S*fr* in the blog..is it her?

small world!

the cupid said...

yaya & tahir's story reminds me of my old frens...my old clan, my gang, my old life...my huhahuha life...ooo, its so different now..

neeza said...

sob..sob *lap airmata*

Allah SWT sentiasa ada perancangan yang lebih baik utk kita kan? :)

semoga kekal bahagia ke akhir hayat dr yaya..aminnn..

Mimi said...

Hi Yaya, my first time here. Hope its not too late to wish congrats on ur wedding, selamat berbahagia dunia-akhirat ;) I like that caption "I want a marriage not a wedding" coz its soo true! Btw ur wedding pichas are so sweet!

oh and p/s - ure not fat la babe! hot what?! haha :D nice knowing ya!

fathi said...

aku n nini suke lagu tu.. dh jadi ring tone sejak beli phone 1 tahun yg lalu..

Liyana said...

I've been your silent reader for quite a while. So sweet...I'm so happy for you :)

yaya othman said...

TQ ^_^

TQ again

Anonymous said...

hai k.yaya nice story,i'm ur silence reader..hope cinta u oll sampai ke syurga..

nyway ada 1 soklan bj kawin k.yaya yg krim kaler tu nice sgt n cantik sgt2... luv it..

Saiful said...

yaya, There's Always A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

yaya othman said...

thank you pon!! =D

Anonymous said...

First of all, congrate to both of u!! Im in touch with ur writing towards ur beloved hubs, about love.. n yes buat menitik air mata bila kenangkan perkataan cinta, dicintai dan mencintai!!! Moga kekal bahagia selamanya!!