February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Harith

We celebrated my nephew's first birthday at one of my favourite dining place Delicious ^_^
Like always the food were superb!! Two thumbs up for the pavlova.. Yummeh i tell you!!
and As always, i'll let my photos do the blogging *giggles*

Well this is the happy birthday boy Harith, altho he doesnt look very happy in this picture.. Reason is he hates that hairy fuzzy toy in front of him LOL

And as seen, above are photos of camwhores - birthday boy's mommy and aunties *wink*

The three of us - Khalish seperti biase will look at the screen and not the lense :8)

The boys - Khalish, Fathi, Mizi, Harith, Abang aka Luke, Abang aka Tahir and of course E ;)

All of us screaming Happy birthday Harith!!!

My babies *cloud9*

( i wish my other sister, Lilly and her hubby was with us ;( )