January 5, 2010

new year sale!!!

Halluuuu pretty people *wink*

This entry has only one purpose and that is to sell!! heheh *giggles* Remember my friend yang went to Italy for xmas last year (2009, yeaa last year honeh)? Well she brought back some bags up for grabs - for her sisters and cousins, but there are few arm candies yang tak dibeli orang!! Yes yes!! So bole la i advertise kan kat sini kan.. kan.. kan... *somersaults*

So with out further ado.. jeng jeng jeng *cloud9*

1. Bachelorette number 1 : Miu Miu Coffer Matelasse in cream (stone)!!! A truly kick ass bag to have on or seen with!! Its a large size so yeaa the rule "the bigger the better" does apply ^_^ hehe, and oh the approx measurements are 10" x 5" x 15". Selling at RM5800 only people - kt KLCC RM69xx tak silap i (kalau silap sowwy). New colours available *wink*, i managed to get hold of vanilla (off white) & black ..Yeaaay!!! and... NEW PRICE IS RM5300!!

(not actual bag, but similar colour)

2. Bachelorette number 2 : Tod's G Bag in black canvas!! Yes the ultimate all weather everyday bag!! Come rain or sun, the G bag will definitely work!! Measures are 15" x 10" x 12", so yes it is spacious!! And what more can u ask than a black arm candy girls - sangat bole dipakai dgn everything!! kan.. kan.. kan.. *giggles* Selling at only RM1850, hurry Gbaggers!!

SOLD!!!! TQ =D

fella Gbaggers

Happy shopping ^_^
Do email for further assistance ye, many thanks for your time :8)

January 1, 2010

Khalish goes to school

Dear Khalish,

Mommy harap Khalish will love Genius Aulad =)
Please do.. and stay in school ^_^


So whats your new year resolution? ^_^