November 30, 2009


People, people, people =)

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Some one *wink* is going to Italy this xmas for a whole 2 weeks *wink* and is gonna stop by outlets *wink*

So if theres any one *wink* who would really like to grant their wish or wishes *wink* that has been there on their list *wink* can do so by dropping me an email or comment yeaaa *wink* *wink*

I personally think every one should grab this chance!!! *wink* i know i am *wink* *wink* *wink* (infinite winks) LOL





(oh yang mana satu idaman kalbu?)

p.s. sorry for winking too many times its just that i'm too happy :8))

November 27, 2009



I know i did!! From Cu's house in Kota Kemuning to Mama's house in Melawati and to Wan nor's house in Damansara ^_^

I was full!! Kalau diibaratkan kereta, memang full tank sampai tetumpah2 sikit!! muahahaha

(tengok New Moon malamnye, and o yes, i bought it!! *wink*)

xoxo, yaya & khalish

"Dimana dia anak lelaki saya
Anak lelaki saya duk sibuk main game"

November 24, 2009

Prada for sale - SOLD

hi gorgeous! hello!!

So, Prada anyone? hehe.. yeaa brand new bebeh!! Hot and Kicking white nylon Prada bebeh!! kih kih kih.. alaaa you know you want this kan? brand new tau ;p
dig your wallet babe, i know there is that extra $ somewhere!! LOL
its the end of the year honeh, you should reward yourself with a bag or two (or three) for being such a hottie or a wonderful mom this year - 2009!! What are you waiting for girls?

It measures 12" x 7" x 14", so should look super hot when handheld!! the handles are in patent white leather with gold hardwares - vain!!

original price RM4000+ but sweat no more because you can grab it at RM2900

p.s. it would look hot with anything, doncha think?? :8)

This beautiful bag has been SOLD xoxo

Good luck to all of my students!!

xoxo, dr yaya

November 21, 2009

assalamualaikum wbt & hello pretty people =)

Its saturday already??!! Yeaaa time!! So.. whats ur weekend plan(s)? As for moi, am still in my PJs, lazying, watching Khalish watching tv while blogging.. i dont have anything specific to tell really *giggles* but i thought i could drop a sentence or two ;p

(nok kabo mende eh... hmm... hehe.. banyak je sebenarnya but takkan kot ;p) LOL

Haaa..!!! Gossip girl season 3!! oh yes!! hahaha
I love love love GG!! But to my surprise, Hillary Duff stars in it!! Dangg!! Not that i dont like her ke ape.. but she stars as the girl yang terkamcing ngan Dan!!! Oh whatever happens to Dan & Serena?? i mean.. kan??!! Anyway, i dont think she gonna stay long in GG pun so takpela - she can be the pepper in GG (penambah perisa) *giggles*

OH!!! I went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday during lunch, and walked into Dorothy Perkins and i tried on some clothes and i am now dreaming (night and day) bout this cardigan that i tried on!! Oh god, i want i want i want!!! See its my sister Nini cum my fashion advisor (well we are each other's fashion advisor) who are in love with and being trendy in cardigans these days (well maybe dah agak lama la jugak). I always thought she looked hot and yet sopan in her attires, but i never took a chance to try on a cardi myself, she selalu jek suh i try! And yesterday, terdetik nak give it a try and to my surprise - I adore it lah!! I want this one (picture below nih), in that hue - green!! Oh so vain LOL

only rm122!!

But i didnt purchase it yesterday sebab ape ntah.. oh yaa.. sebab i thought i could let it go - you know, and i thought if i come home and still thinking bout it only then i will go to DP and purchase it, haaa...!!! and now, i am going to lah!! hahah.. Well i had to leave it yesterday, wouldnt want to have an impulsive buy huh? :p

Well, guess thats it for now, till next one, see ya, take care!! hugs+kisses =)

November 16, 2009

Khalish & Cha

comey tak? comey kan? hehe
I AM HOME!!!!! Yippie!!!

Had Nasi Kerabu + Ayam panggang with umi for breakfast, luncheon at TPS's mansion with TPS herself, Kak Ratna and Kak Mala joined us later, tea with Intan and Zalli at Uncle Chua's.

Esok?? Nasi dagang perhaps? Nasi kuning? Nasi kukus kat Jln Kamarudin? LOL

Makan!! Makan!! Makan!!

i hafta melantak while i am here, while i can LOL
esok dah nak balik ;(( huhu

November 11, 2009

the time travelers wife

Hi people!! ngeh ngeh..
Yeaa i watched this movie and ... I LoVe It!! have you seen it? did you enjoy it? did you find it sad & romantic(?) ???

I've always loved Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams and seeing both of 'em together makes me love 'em even more ;))

Eric Bana plays a normal joe who works with the library only he is not normal!! He travels through time when he is under pressure or feels stress. He doesnt get to control his travelling (you know - he wouldnt know where he will go, which year et cetera) and that makes the movie super cool!!

And Rachel played her character very very well!! She's the love of Eric's life in that movie, meaning she has a husband whose almost always not there - which is hard! She nailed it, well both of 'em nailed it!!

Hmmm i went to see this movie with *cough* *cough* and his review wasnt as great as mine LOL hmmm yeaa.. whats new - opposites! Well not really opposites laaah!!

Anyway, back to the time travelers wife, some of you may not like it and some of you may find it so-so, but i for one (and i'm sure i am not the only one!) heart the movie :8) I cried!!! Hahaha actually nyeh thats THE sign - you know, to calculate and conclude whether i enjoyed or loathed a movie or a show!! LOL Takpun if i laughed my duodenum out!! Ertinya i enjoyed that movie or show lah! So if anyone pasnih terbump into me kat wayang and saw my puffy eyes or teary eyes, you should come to me and ask "Yaya, you tengok citer ape? best sgt eh??" hehehe :))

p.s. MJ this is it best tak??

November 5, 2009

work ^_^

monday - report duty at 9.45am, then berkenalan with administration & clinical staffs, went on a tour (walking!!) - offices, departments, clinics, surgeries, bla bla bla.. got my roster for operative dentistry/clinical sessions supervision (year 3 and 4). Drove back home at 12pm :8)

tuesday - reached dental fac at 8.30am sebab got lost (whats new??!!), met the dean and spent some time chatting with him and then drove back home sebab the dean said "Okla Ilyani, so after this you can go and look around Shah Alam, get to know the city, dont want to be sesat again tomorrow. Maybe i'll see you tomorrow" "Yes TQ Prof" ^_^

wednesday - reached the faculty at 7.31am!!!! even my mom terkezooot!! LOL
Had breakfast with fellow trainee lects (i had pancakes), went to the year 3 clinic and supervised - even though first time, buat buat cam tahu laa kan ;p alaaah.. LOL Clinic ended at 1pm, went to have lunch, then solat, then back to the clinic (year 4) at 2pm sharp! Fuuhhh!! That clinical session ended at 4.50pm. Went straight home, reached home @ DU at 5.15pm.

thursday - reached the faculty at 7.58am LOL "No yaya No!! jangan nak start tardiness ye!!"
Met Puan Baizura at the dean's office (she called the day before for my KWSP #) and passed her what she requested and drove back home ^_^

tomorrow - ?? tardy no more!! LOL
I have a year 4 clinical session that i need to supervise at 10am and then (maybe) driving back home ^_^

November 3, 2009

a while..

Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people!!! How you've been? Lama tak mengupdate eh, bersawang habuk dahh!! keh keh..

I' ve been terribly busy! O yes you heard me right ;) With the pelepasan yang tak terlepas-lepas tu kan!!! *spit* benci weh!! I applied for a pelepasan from MOH to MOHE and i got a rejection the first time, then i appealed and again got rejected, and i appealed again, o yes i did!! AND it was rejected again!! LOL no hard feelings la, since bukan i sorang but sume pun yang appealed august onwards telah direject dengan sopan ;p kihkihkih
Hmm.. so i handed in my first surat berhenti kerja - a month notice, and i had to pay 'em a month pay!! tuh la part yang paling best buatku untuk tahun 2009!!! muahahaha... nape ek selama ni rasa cam my pay ciput jek, cam asyik tak cukup je, but when i have to pay 'em up, rasa cam "Aikkk!!!??? banyak ni ke gaji aku? sebulan??!!" LOL

Anyway, dah settle la pasal MOH and MOHE, Alhamdulillah :D

So, october was my last month in MOH - Kuala Terengganu! sob sob
I thought i have to use all my leaves kan so takde la rugi *giggles* so makanye keje la saya buat bulan october up till the 24th, 25th - 30th makcik cuti!! hehe.. best kan cuti??!! i think so LOL
Hmm what can i say, keje cam tak nak keje je bulan lepas - transferring to a new work place was always on my mind!! i felt excited, nervous pun ada and of course SAD!! Sad to leave all my nice and pretty people in KT!! My fella Ting Tongs!! My very very friendly staffs back in KPAJ and my cool and easy to talk with boss!! Aaahhh i have to admit i do miss KT!! super nye winduu!! hmm... some of you may ask, tak rindu family ke?? hehe.. Rindu mestilah!! but most of them are not in KT pun and my parents are in KL/Sel every week, so insyaAllah, i would get to see them often :) nih pun baru pas lunch with my mum xoxo

So... Yes!! I reported duty in UiTM on 2Nov since the first day of nov was a weekend. and that makes today my third day right? YES! and so far, i ske ske ske :)) I'm doing nothing much at the moment pun, i have to handle/supervise operative clinical sessions for year 3 and year 4 students, which i am totally cool with.. hehe.. kalu lecturing maybe i gabra *gulp* gak kot, ye laa.. baru lapor diri trus kena bagi lecture, hahaha... tunggu la bulan depan ;p

The faculty is situated in the Shah Alam campus, but is moving to Sungai Buluh end of next year, which i think would be more convenient, since yang dekat Shah Alam adalah sangat cramped and jammed and tak friendly to my feet+heels LOL Oh that reminds me, i gotta get myself a new pair of crocs, an umbrella and a new pair of shades NOT!!! hahahaha..

According to my schedule/roster, wednesday would be my busiest day - but trust me, it aint that bad!! Alhamdulillah :) I am sharing a room with a fellow trainee lecturer, but i have yet to meet her sebab according to that guy downstairs she's attending a course (?). And i for one pun bukan nye ada kat bilik!!! LOL

Other than that, i am looking for a place to stay/rent, you know somewhere closer to uitm and maybe sunway (?) ngee... I'm seeing a few units this week pun, hope satu lekat la :)

Apa lagi... hmm.. Aaahhh!! People people people.. i am happy and proud to announce that i am in a relationship *cloud9* hihi.. A real relationship - you know, that kinda relationship that you hope and would want to lead to somewhere, you know!! no? yes? hehe... Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for this chance ;) Alhamdulillah

Next, Khalish!! hihi, he's a charmer lah i tell ya - haha kalu mak tak puji anak sape lagi kan??!! hehe.. I'm thinking of potty training him in the nearest time, what do you think? think its a good time to do so, i mean he is 3..
And Khalish - he talks a lot now!! a lot a lot!! makes me laugh and giggle all the time :8)) Dont know what would i do with out him around..
A few suggested that this would be a good time for me to start letting him sleep on his own/alone. and i did, and he seemed ok with it at times, ye laa some nights he would come to me, climb up my bed and make my tummy his pillow ;p hehe.. and there was this one night where i went to him and tido/snuggled next to him!! LOL it was me instead of him, and pagi tu bile my maid sedar, i kena lecture ngan my maid, BOLE??!! apedaa... ;p

Well guess thats it for now and i do do do hope i can start doing this often - writing. Till next entry, good bye, have a nice day!!

hugs and kisses