July 30, 2009

AH Grey Elliot

A dear friend in UK approached me (via email) to help her sell a brand new Anya Hindmarch Elliot in grey. I dont really know the brand except for their Cooper *sigh*. I have yet to own an Anya Hindmarch, hmmm bile kah?!

Right. So i googled on an Elliot by AH and this is what i found :
An Elliot is a slouchy 100% leather bag with flap front pocket that is in brown and yellow trim and branded logo - yes it says Anya Hindmarch in capital letters. The bag has zip pocket on the reverse/back. Inside, there is a zip-pocket with leather trim, a pen-holder, a key-ring clasp and an inside pouch also with a leather trim. An Elliot bag is lined in beige suede and fastens with a magnetic tab. The measurements are 36cm x 31cm x 5cm.
It does look like a more casual shape than the boxy styles, ideal for an everyday bag, dont you think?
Letting go for only RM2k :8) Drop a beep or email if berminat eh!


p.s. To anyone that owns an Elliot or has tried it on, i would really appreciate it if you could gimme a beep on how comfy the bag is, tq :D

July 27, 2009

(not crap?)


I am in the middle of work and the treatment room seemed stuffy due to a maloperating airconditioner - thank god there's other airconditioners but the defect one sits nicely opposite to my unit, thus i sucked all the stuffiness *sigh* Without further expose which could result in a choke or cough, i thought i'd try to stuff something here... ngeh ngeh..


Well, i am still in a frugal mode - Please notice that there is still a photo of a Chloe Heloise in the My New Addition box on your right hand side!!! Haaaa..kan kan kan??!!! Being frugal really has its ups and downs - like totally!! muahahah... You know - you know, like yeaa you know!!

And since i cant get any, and i'm not getting any but it aint gonna hurt my wallet or bank accounts ( i do have 2 bank accounts) with only looking and drooling and dreaming and calculating (konon cam nak beli laa gituu..haha) and telling Nini bout it and save the photos of the bag so that i can look and drool and dream and calculate and tell summore!! muahahha... Crazy huh?? Hmmm... Oh well, whats new, crazy is my 38th middle name!!! LOL

And with so much looking and drooling and dreaming yadda yadda going on, i now proudly has a wishlist!! muahaha.. I've never got any - of bags that is, but now i do! A bucketlist of handbags!! Bole? "Of course bole babe!" kata Verde!! xx

I dont know whether i should tell y'all whats in the list but most of 'em kan adalah bags that i've been obsessed with and hooked on since the first time i laid eyes on them or the first time i saw a favourite celebrity toting it or maybe a non favourite celebrity pun ada jugak kot.. hehe..

Just to give some clues -

- a Spy Bag (Oh Fynn, if you're reading this, i am so glad to know that you dig this too!!! We should work for it honeh!! *wolfwhistle*),

- a Stam (Yanie and Fynn got this one dah!! Lucky girls!! Fynn, i heart your grey/navy Stam *cloud9*) ,

- an East West Medium Tote white color pleaseee!! (Verde, babe, yours is so beautiful and it is so nonchalant that its your everyday bag honeh!! But i saw that photo of Datuk CT with a white one in your blog and i trusss nak nangiss!! I so want the exact one - tho i'm not sure whether hers is in large or medium - but stunning nevertheless!! Fynn, we should really work babe!!)

- a jumbo 2.55. Ho yeaaa - Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle (Oh keep dreaming Yaya!! Nini bilakah??!!)

- a Paraty in bone. Bole ke another Chloe? Ble aja dong..ding dong!!

- a T bag

- a Suhali Lockit PM!!! Hahahaha...oh bile kah bile kah??!! hahah

Well, cukup la tu... that was quite 'some' clues i think.

reminder : these are all dreams and drools of mine yeaa girls - for that is all i can afford now. I am not even close/near to getting, buying, purchasing, owning, toting or carrying 'em. Tq :8)

Oooh ooh ada patients! Nanti resume.

- driving back home, to be continued -

Haaa...yes i'm at home ;D aaahhhh!!!....

So, lets talk bout something else, other than bags - well, i can go on and on and on for days talking bout bags but... maybe i should go on on bags!!?? Naah!! LOL

How do you define a successful person? How and when can you say a person is successful? What makes a person succesful? Who determines whether a person is succesful or not - is it that person himself or his peers or subordinates?

For me, a person is successful when he feels complete, content, satisfied and happy with himself for who he is. Complete and content - fulfilled with what he is or what he owns and maybe, just maybe, he doesnt want more or anything else. But thats if he's lucky. Satisfied and happy - pleased with what he's doing, gratified with his own achievements. But being delighted of what he's doing and his achievements doesnt mean that he has to boast about it, then he will be a succesful jack ass, no?

I watched Oprah last week, and that particular show featured some young moghuls, and i remembered one of them was Tony Hsieh - Internet Entrepreneur and Zappos CEO. Wearing faded gray jeans, a gray striped shirt and black sneakers, 35 year old Tony Hsieh hardly looks the part of billion dollars company's CEO. I remembered Tony said something like - he believes that success is created by following your passion and going through that journey of redefining is success. And that he thinks there's something to learn from anyone no matter what their position or background, and that anyone can be inspiring somehow.

You know, we oughta do what we dig! It aint matter if you're a potter, a pianist, a little league coach. When you are doing what you love and passionate about, you will be pleased and grateful even if you dont make a penny for the first 10 years - maybe not literally duhh!! simply because you are doing the one thing that you love!!

Lemme tell you a story bout a wonderful friend of mine (hmm yes am not gonna say her name). So, this friend of mine holds a degree in mathematics and masters degree in statistical studies (sum m sum m.. tak ingat la) from UK, but all the while she was always into home decor and interior design. As a fresh graduate and a holder of a masters degree from a world known university in UK, she was given her (as if) dream job - you know the job that suits her qualifications, great office space with magnificient view, generous pay and lotsa other perks lah kan..

So she keje lah, but even with such amount of money coming into her account every month, she wasnt satisfied, she wasnt content. Not that she was having difficulties with her fella office mates/boss/staffs and her job was an easy peasy task figuratively. Something was missing, she experienced emptiness.

After months of contemplating, she poured her heart out to her father - on her hobby and interest, interior design. Her father went "so that explains those boxes of ID books in your room". Being parents, you would always want to give the best and what is desired by your child, where its appropriate; so her parents lend her some amount of ringgit malaysia and encouraged her to start her own ID showroom or what she called "shy showroom". From there on, she took every tasks asked and requested. She was struggling for many many years but she felt complete, "I enjoyed doing every little girl's bedroom, even though i really wished my then customer would let me do her living or dining room, but i was happy nontheless. I did little rooms for as long as i could remember!!". After more than 10years, she is now very very successful and she made bank!!! Yes sirree!! She said that she isnt successful now, not to her heart at least, she was successful the very first time she nailed her first project! Hmm...sangat sangat true, doncha think??

How about you? Are you doing what you love right now? Did you always wanted to be the exact person you are now? Do you consider yourself successful - satisfied, happy, fulfilled and content?
Ok, so this is not a lie - I am 110% in love with the thing and field that i am in currently, and i pray that years ahead of me would be as wonderful and more fruitful for i am planning on spending lotsa and lotsa years in this arena, and that i hope my being in the area would be beneficial and significant to one person if not many. InsyaAllah. Amin.

I believe that ups and downs are naturally all part of the journey. If you don't have setbacks, you probably aren't taking enough risks. And just like my prev mentioned friend said, it's helpful to focus on being the best at one (smaller) thing rather than trying to be everything to everyone. As mentioned by Tony Hsieh, "Never ever forget that the most important thing in life is the quality of life we lead". W.O.R.D!

Well hell!! LOL
I better stop, or i'll kill you out of bore!! muahaha...
Later alligator.


July 24, 2009


Hi pretty people!!

Its another entry on bags - STAM by Marc Jacobs!!! Aaaahhhh....
Sangat lawa kan kan?!! And Fynn, i am oh-so-happy-for-you-honeh-but-still-feel-bit-of-jealousy sebab you are a proud owner of one!!! And your stam is a totally TDF hokeh, i love love love the color babe!!
Bet u've heard it couple of times dh kot from me eh but who cares, congrats again! Superb Catch!! *cloud9*

The Stam is a beautiful bag which features quilted leather with chunky chain shoulder strap and the kiss-lock closure top. This bag features a frame top and then the soft quilted leather body; which has proven to be a huge success season after season. The chain is a bit too heavy but besauty is pain.. ngeh ngeh..
Oh i so want one!! I would love to have it in a greyish tone or maybe bone or maybe blush or maybe beige or maybe... aiseh banyak maybe la plak!

Here is Miss jessica Stam ladies & gents, Marc Jacobs named the bag after her! Yup, no kidding!! Lucky b*****!!! Lifetime supply of Stam bags!! Hahaha... Oh Oh and i love the one on her arm!! that shade - if only *sigh*

Ooh Ooh, I love Rihanna's Stam! Exquisite color, dont you think? I loike!! :8D

Kate Beckinsale's stam is in neon green - which i dont dig but hey, you have all the rights in the universe to dig one like hers huh?! hehe
And Serena Van Der Woodsen's stam is just brilliant lah!! Charming!! But one like hers would cost much more - the bright blue hue with Swarovski gem embellishment!!

And lastly, Miss Duff toting her armcandy - black stam. Black is always nice and safe huh?! But i would really opt for the softer hues. Utter vanity!!! LOL

Well guess thats enough crap for tonight eh?!! hehe..
My frugal mode is killing me sebenarnya, and drooling on bags keeps me happy and a bit upbeat and frustrated and cursing all at the same time!! LOL

Till next bag, bye! Good nite!

July 20, 2009


Salam pretty :8)

Its monday today, and its a public holiday here in my place - oh trus teringat In My Place by Coldplay, doncha just dig Coldplay??!! I DO!! hehe

Well, ima be myself today - chatty and crappy ;8) Alaaa you know you like me because i'm chatty and crappy, no? Oh well.. hehe

So, yes, i was on the phone last night, late last night - i was totally OK with the idea of staying awake even at 1am last night, ye la kan, no work for me today what!! hehe.. But whatever happened to the person at the other end of the line eh, did you get to work on time dear? xx

Moving on, yea, so, we talked on music despite other stuffs - i dig music lah!! So, this person was being all immersed in the topic - actively discussing and pouring every thing dia knows and digs, which was cool and apprehensive - BUT what really makes a good music? How do you define a good music? Do you go by the artist/entertainer or do you go by the song/lyric/rythm?

As for me la kan, there are many things that makes music good, pleasant and diggable (HAH!!). It all depends on the person listening to it :8) I might not like the same music as you ..hehe.., therefore, I might say your music wasn't good for that simple fact but do not be taken aback by my remark ni.. I think, what makes music good is what it makes you feel and experience - whether it moves you in any way, that ability defines a good music.. but then again this is what i think, so you may or may noy agree with me, and that is ok! Hmm... for instance, if a love song doesn't make you feel love or remind you of someone or something from your past that is associated with love or the mood in any way, it's not a good love song, no?

To know what music is should be the numero uno kan? Music is a beat much like the beat of our heart - causing us to jump around and dance or to show and appreciate how we feel about someone or something (say a place??!!). Music are often soothing - when we're despirited and blue; it verbalizes every feeling known to mankind, hahahaha, kan kan kan? Whether you are happy or sedey, excited or bosan, in love or breaking up, there is a song out there for you *cloud9*. Music is the one thing that i can always turn to when i need someone to comprehend me. There are times when a song gives me advice or help me in decision making or let me act out fantasies LOL that i wouldn't ever do in real life simply because it's illegal or absurd or insane!!

What makes music good is when that song or lyric can reach deep into you and pluck out that affection and sensitivity or that thing that moves us more than anything else in the world at any given moment. It brings us from zero to hero in a blink of an eye, i tell ya!! hahaha.. One day you might find a specific song wondrous to find the next day that you dont really dig the song after all. Some music might shake your nerves worse than someone scratching the chalk board with their long and freaky fingernails. For all you know, the person next to you might think that it's the greatest thing that has come along since music was invented, muahahah..

Music is the most incredible stress reliever, heart melter, exciting, wild and exotic thing that you'll find no matter how far and remote around the world you go. How many people do you know that don't listen to music? They may be different forms of music, but its music nonetheless.

Kesimpulannya, what makes music good is the person listening to it ..yes yes... I think it has little to do with anything else. Lyrics are written and sung by the artists but it's the listener that interprets and understands it, manipulating and bending it to suit what they want it to mean when they listen and absorbing it. So, you cant say what i dig are shits just because you dont dig 'em!! And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?!
Now dont go mocking a confused guy who adores Kate Bush!! LOL

..ngeh ngeh..

Thats it for now, till my next entry, tata!

July 16, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people :8)
(Doncha just dig that emoticon? LOL)

How are you ladies and gents? I do wish that things are super duper regulatory for you! As for me - FANTASTIC!! Ok, moving on...

I picked a book (yesterday) from Ayah's bookcase, i seldom do *sigh*. Yeaa i know i should do it more often eh, but i would excuse myself with multiplying reasons, which in actual fact - i am just plain malas!!

Where was i?

Right, so.. i picked a book - a newfangled religious book. Its an anthology - selected writings by various authors (philosophers, academicians and savants) of the same period, on the same subjects. One subject that really enticed me - compilation of translations, thoughts, judgements, opinions and views on the act of silence -

The truth is in silence, not in the languages of men’s creations.
All the sounds proceed from the Silence.
Silence is always the source of perfection.
The Infinite is expressed through Silence.

It is said that the mystic realizes the power of word, and at the same time the splendor of silence - in which a word can do so much, but silence can attain even much much more. Great phenomena are produced by the mystics - who know the power of the word and how to use it. But, they also performed even greater miracles through the splendor of their silence. Beautiful eh??!! me think so :8)

When was asked, "Which is the best word?" a philosopher replied: "Silence"
He explained that when the lips are closed, the heart begins to speak; and when the heart is silent, the soul blazes up, bursting into flame - illuminating the whole of life!

A paraphase from what i've read - you see, the essence to accordance in life is silence. Day by day, we are confronted with a thousand worries and vexes that we are not always evolved or prepared enough to confront courageously, and then, only then silence can help us. For if there is any belief - any practice of belief, it is to take into account the pleasure of God by considering the pleasure of man. The keynote of a belief is to comprehend. And this belief we cannot live without having power over the word, without having realized the power of silence.

Lagi.. The book also included the fourty Nawawi Hadith and #12 - i quote:

Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Messenger of Allah, what translated means,

"A sign of one’s excellence in his Islam, is ignoring what does not concern him"

Related by Ahmad, Malik & At-Tirmithi.

Ibn Rajab said, "This Hadith is a basic and an important source of good behavior in Islam". Mohammad ibn Zayd, a great scholar of the Maliki Mathhab, said, "Four Hadiths comprise a perfect code of conduct. One of them is, 'Whoever believes in Allah and His Messenger should say that which is useful or keep silent'. Another Hadith is when the Prophet said to the man who sought his advice, 'Avoid getting angry'. A third is the Hadith, 'The believer loves for his (believing) brother what he loves for himself'. The fourth is the above Hadith".

A sign of one’s excellence in the religion, is his ignoring what does not concern him, including all things said or done. He should only participate in what concerns him, such as anything that is his property, right, obligation or under his control. To be concerned with something entails preserving and taking care of this thing that one is allowed to be concerned with. As for the matters that do not concern one, they are in abundance.

Usually, when a person tries to interfere in such matters that do not concern him, the tool frequently used for this is the tongue. Muslims are ordered to utter only good words, for Allah said, what translated means, "Not a word he (man) utters, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it)". [50:18]

Many people (including myself!!) ignored the fact that in Islam, words are considered actions. Such people care not to preserve their tongues from uttering evil or nonsense. Mu`ath ibn Jabal did not know the importance of discretion in the words one utters, so he asked the Prophet, "Are we going to be held responsible for what we say?", The Prophet answered, "May your mother lose you! What else will lead people to be dragged in the Fire on their faces, but the result of what they utter with their tongues". [Irwaa’ al-Ghaleel]

Haa.. so theres two types of silence!! Did you get it? You know (1) Silence - not to interfere with stuffs that are not yours or not to your significance and (2) Silence - to be silent in order to avoid angst, anger and incensed. Well i think that both types pun serve the same purpose - to avoid a feud! Ye laa.. both if not followed may lead to a feud or quarrel right?! What do you think pretties? Honestly. I think that silence is a text or word that can easily be misread because there are times when silence has the loudest voice!! Hmmm.... hehe..
This is a reminder for me sebenarnya - this entry ;D

I wanna make a change because i think we are an on-going work-in-progress, with miraculous potential for positive change and transformation, and no doubt bout it that i have to start with the gal in the mirror!! InsyaAllah.

These are my opinions, you may or may not feel the same way and i totally get that! :8D

Guess thats it! Babai ;D

Whoaaa agak chatty and crappy jugak laa... muahahaha

July 14, 2009

Fainna ma'al 'usri yusra
Inna ma'al 'usri yusra

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief,
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief

Sometimes Allah S.W.T purposely hide the sun, making it an eager desire - we cry while we search for it, and sometimes we were close to giving up only then we know He has prepared a phenomenal rainbow for us.

Everybody are tested - we are put to the test that are endurable by each one of us, test that measures our own capability, for we are our own hero. And a test is essential for it holds the untold about life, about ourselves and about God. And a test comes in every form and way - be it a tumble or a blessing.

July 13, 2009

fug this

CATE BLANCHETT: No, see? I wear this color foundation because it matches the rest of my skin.

MEGAN FOX: Uh-huh.

CATE: No, truly. It blends. It blends IN. I look one uniform color, right? It appears natural. Your face is like an entirely different color than the rest of you, don't you see? It all ends at the middle of your...well, your Adam's apple area. There's a line there that oughtn't be there, I'm afraid. In fact, if I may give you some advice...may I, Megan?

MEGAN: Uh. I can't actually even believe you're speaking to me at all. So, yeah. Yes. You can. Please.

CATE: Well, it's rude to ignore ones seatmate. Anyway, what I was going tell you is that acting and make-up should both seem natural. Effortless. Do you understand what I'm telling you?

MEGAN: Yes? And mine are...not?

CATE: See! Knowing is half the battle! Now, shall we relax and just talk about our pretty dresses?

MEGAN: You are so nice!

CATE: Well, I am a great actress.

Thank you to gofugyourself.com =)) Visit 'em for more people!!

July 6, 2009


You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away

July 5, 2009


The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) hosted a scientific convention with an international flavour at the 66th MDA/FDI Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition in Penang.

World-renowned speakers from UK, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia graced the event to update participants on the latest techniques in dentistry. Hands-on workshops were also conducted. Though i didnt get to attend ;(

In addition, over 100 dental trade exhibitors were on hand showcasing their latest dental products.

This year, my kind and generous TPKN (Dental) agreed to sponsor my registration fee, transportation and accomodation, Yippie!! With out wasting any time, i contacted my dear friend Tika in Hosp Sultanah Aminah, JB - told her to ask for a sponsorship jugak - so we could jumpe each other and rock the convention! LOL

I met lotsa friends there - ada yang joined Min of Higher Education, ada yang lost weight/gained weight, got a tattoo, got a naval pierce (if you're reading this - i didnt mention your name hokey!!), ada yang dah quit Min of Defense and joined Min of Defense, ada yang dah ada private practice (and got rich!!), ada yang converted - Alhamdulillah and all kinds laa.. I had so much enjoyment!! Catching up was never that satisfying - seriously!!

Event: MDA AGM & MDA/FDI Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition
Date: June 25-28, 2009
Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Organiser: Malaysian Dental Association

Other than that, i got to jalan jalan cari makan di Penang!! and to add to the merriment - twas with Tika and her handful and darling daughter Chempaka!!

and Oh, i got to taste Nasi Briyani at Restoran Kapitan!! and i must add - SCRUMPTIOUS!!! The nasi alone dah heavenly i tell you!! *nyum nyum*

above photo from vkeong.com

trevi pm - in search of an owner

Hi peeps!! YEP it is indeed another post on handbag - to those yang tak berminat, i think you can skip this post.. hehe..


Jeng jeng jeng...

This time, its a Louis Vuitton girls (or guys..hehe) - a Trevi PM!! Oooh la la.. an absolute TDF by LV!! Dont you think??!! ngeh ngeh..

The Trevi is probably the most sophisticated looking bag from Louis Vuitton. The Trevi's design combines the classic Damier canvas and pleats to subtly contrast its rounded, generous look. It comes in two sizes, PM (13.4" x 9.4" x 5.9") and GM (16.1" x 11.8" x 7.9") and is only available in Damier canvas.

The Trevi has smooth leather handles, straps and trimmings which is very comfortable to carry handheld or in the shoulder. The leather straps are adjustable and removable making the Trevi a very versatile bag. It's golden brass pieces also serves as accents which makes the bag more visually appealing. The inside is very spacious, it has internal patch pocket and cell phone compartment and is lined with high quality red microfiber. The bottom of the Trevi has base studs for extra protection against dreadful surface scratches.

I'd say that the Trevi is definitely worth it. It's a worry-free bag. No vachetta to think about and it's absolutely gorgeous!


The Trevi PM that i'm selling is in an immaculate condition - like new with zero scratch, wear or tear!!! Absolutely Like New!! Bought in Paris, France - comes with paper bag, dust bag, authenticity papers and receipt! Sorry girls, no box ;(

Letting go - RM5200 (negotiable)

You know what to do ;D

July 1, 2009

not knowing

Salam pretties ;D
How are you doin'? I hope everything is Ok and under control.. unlike me here *spit*
See, i've got lotsa things to do, and one of it to send my IELTS result to a couple of universities for my postgraduate course, and i am so malas (what else is new??) and i shouldnt be sebenarnya!!

MOVE YAYA!!! MOVE!! its for your own good la pompuan!!!


I talked to a friend last night.. late last night to be exact. She was telling me on how her life is now, her love life, her career, her family - her mum to narrow it, her aim and her goal. It was undeniably pleasant to talk to this adult friend of mine - upright, confident and steadfast. Of all the things she told me, there was only one thing that really caught my ear and i really took heed. It was her love life. I guess i can relate to all of her topics but this particular one - i totally dig!

She mentioned how she always dreams of someone (a guy duhh!!) who is loyal, generous, trustworthy, independent, smart, witty, humble and would love her for who she is - which is crazy, no, not the values or her dream tu yang crazy, its her - she is crazy! Good crazy but crazy nontheless!! She said that this guy would be her prince charming for accepting her as she is (she got good looks la, but hey everybody does these days!!) and that she would know it by heart if she encounters him or vice versa. Then a possible prince charming came along and he swept her off her feet, instantly! She was astounded! She never thought a guy with such great values and honors exist - not for her the least! They got together (long story short) and everything was wonderful - for a while - untill the day she found out that he is waaay too of a possessive person for her. He is so protective, possessive and preservative!! She mentioned that those values could turn him easily into a green monster or a big-brother like boyfriend. He's playing the role of a guardian which isnt that bad actually but she unconsciously screamed for space and more space!!
She clarified to him and uncover every feelings and guts she has - and to her surprise, he apologized and wanted to cogitate - weigh and ponder. Basically he gave what she asked for - space and more space; but she didnt see that bonus/free gift coming - that part where he sebenarnye nak space to reflect and weigh and ponder!! She cried, weeped and melancholied.

"I never thought he would say that, seriously!! And i cannot believe that i am this dissapointed and desolate!! I am literally the cause of my own unhappiness!! He said that maybe we need some times off each other - maybe a long time, maybe a short one, but only god knows. If we then realize that we want each other for ourselves and for who that person was, is and will be, then we can pick things up where we left them..but untill them please take as much time and space as you need for i also need to ponder upon it.."

And last night, she claimed she now knows and gets that nobody is perfect, nobody, not even her; and that Allah dah granted her wish and answered her prayers for a guy with all the values mentioned!! And she let it slip - not orang lain, its she herself!! She said that she realized the saying that somehow goes "you dont know how much you want it until its not yours" is sangat sangat sangat true!! It couldnt be any truer! She didnt ask for a guy yang not possessive and not protective from Allah, in fact she asked for other things - gazillion of other things except those, AND she got 'em all, all gazillion!!

"I could've settled myself with him, be thankful and be grateful, but NO!! i dengan sengaja nye dig and dig and dig until i jumpe something bout him yang i dont dig!! And for all i know - its not that bad pun, its just his way of showing me that he loves and wants me!! And if i recall balik, i got everything i wanted in a guy!! and now i blew it!! i pulled the trigger myself, didnt get any help from no one pun!!!"

I am terribly sad for this friend of mine..she let the man of her dreams go! Kapooosh!!
She once had love, budding and blossoming love and now she has none, and whats worst is that she was just being honest and frank and typical! Well if she had known then, just what she knows now, she would've treat him differently, she would've handle things differently.. at least thats what she said la *sigh*

Yapping with this friend last night made me understand clearly that you will eventually get what you want, you will eventually get what you asked for, what you seeked for and what you looked for.
Allah is great, dont you think?? And all you have to do, you know when you get what you desired, just be thankful and grateful!! That is it sebenarnya.. Be it love, career, anything - you name it! Allah wants his umat to seek him for help, so seek; and Allah is giving, thus he will give! And when he does, thank him.. pretty, thank him!


p.s. I really really really hope my friend will work it out with this guy but like she said to me smlm, "If it doesnt work out, i am pretty damn sure that it is for the better better..".