May 29, 2009

makan makan makan

Good Evening!! ;D

Pejam celik pejam celik, its saturday dah!! and i must add, I cant wait for friday!! hahah.. you dig dear?! O yes, some cool event is coming this way! huhu

I did nothing productive this weekend *spit* kih kih kih

I had 1 birthday party invitation - Aunty Moon's 9 y.o daughter and 2 wedding invitations on friday and 4 wedding invitations today!! Haaaa tu dia!!! Yes, memang melahap je la kejeku untuk 2 harini, sekian terima kasih! ngeh ngeh

Nayli's birthday party was held at A&W, Batu Buruk at 1030am and harusku beritahu bahawa i do not know 80% of the guests, Khalish lg laa - LOL !! But twas fun nonetheless ;D Thank you to Aunty Moon for having us! Len kali ajak la lagi!!

Just look at how Khalish adores the cake! - Well me think he looks more like he was totally hungry and craving for a cake that looks just like that one!! LOL Khalish..Khalish.. He could've like scrape and dig that cake if someone didnt warn him! hihi

I cant figure out which part/angle/aspect of the cake that makes it totally a TDF for Khalish! *sigh* Sebenarnya he just dig cakes laa - food!! hahah

Haaa on the way back pun, his hands were full of fries!! LOL Kalau bley hangkut fried chicken, coney dogs and floats, i bet everything must go!!

Just before solat Jumaat, we -Lilly,adik, umi, wan and i- went to a wedding. It was our relative on Wan's side. It was nice - the food. But i was full and couldnt pig myself sangat sebab kenyang - from the birthday party.

And after solat Jumaat, i went to my staff's wedding! hahaha.. Super duper full!! Memang full tank!! wa caya sama lu laa ;p

So todaayyy - ada 4 wedding invis!!! Aiyaaak!! 2 are my fellow dentist friends and 2 are my x schoolmate. I went to all 4!!! Eh??? NO! ;p

I went to 3 weddings!! Banyak tuuuuh!!
Hmmm gambar i dozed off while driving tuuu ditangkap (tangkap???!!) oleh my friend, Intan, but being the ever-outa-this-world-hot *wink* Intan would prefer it if she does only the menangkap!! LOL
Guess thats it for today!! Salam ;D

p.s. Enjoy these pictures of Khalish post-Laksam! hihi

comot comot comot

May 26, 2009

its a wrap!

Aaaahhhh!!! I baru habis tengok Gossip Girl - Season 2 Finale!!!
TQ dear!! ..ngeh ngeh..

What can i say ..

- Season 2 is somehow different from season 1 (mestila kena different kan, if tak bosan la kan ;p) since the focus/limelight is not totally Miss Van Der Woodsen but rather Miss Waldorf (?)! Which is lagi best sbb twas a happy ending for Miss Blair and her desired man Mr Bass.

- Congratulatios to Miss Jenny Humphrey on becoming The Queen on next season's high school session! She will make them lose the head bands fashion statement thingy! Which is such a Blair's style!

- Season 3 is gonna be a blast (i hope) since Blair, Dan and Georgina will be attending NYU together-gether!! ...hihi.. Yes!! Expect more dramas people!! And Georgina requested Blair as her room mate!! fight *meow* !!

- Mr Van Der Woodsen will be featured in season 3 i guess, since Serena went looking for her dad in Fiji!! ..boringgg... On the other hand, more dramas la kot since Rufus and Lily are getting married!

- Dan and Jennny's half brother (Rufus and Lily's son) will also be featured in season 3. He's a transfer at NYU.

- Nobody can figure out who in the world is Gossip Girl!! My sister thinks its Georgina!?? ntah la

- I am so happy for Blair and Chuck!!! Seriously happy!! Twas so sweet when Blair asked Chuck to say "I love you" again and Chuck said it again and again and again!! *cloud9*

Ima miss them lah!! Cepat la Season 3!!! Cannot wait!! ;D

May 25, 2009

khalish & mommy

Mommy & Khalish tadok kije!! ;p

Hello people!!

It has been a while since i last been chatty and crappy ..kih kih..
There was this course at Kuantan, and then there was this 'lazy' mode that was on ..hehe..
And then there was Gossip Girl epi 22-24!! Yep! and i have epi 25 in my hand but havent had the chance to watch it just yet - but ima do it soon la me think, prolly today!! Thats a must do for today ;D

So, it is 7.20am now and i'm in front of the laptop!! Not good!!! Sebab i keje nih ..muahaha.. Well, tinggal leave the house and wallaaa.. i'm at work! *giggle*

So, whats the story morning glory??!!

Well... lemme start with this friend i just got to know virtually ;) She is one of our humble blogger but i havent come across her blog, not even once! She wrote to me, telling me how she loves reading my blog and that how cool she thinks i am with stuffs - shits to be exact! And how she dig my humble collection of bags ;D Thank You!!!
Well, i've received few emails from anonymous or my blog followers/readers but i really dig this one because twas really long, long and warm! hahah!! Not that other emails are not warm but this one was really really heartwarming and long ;D

To this dear person **t, i love reading your emails and keep on reading here and keep on writing to me yeaa, maybe we could meet some day! Your emails somehow made my day! ..hihi..

Its wonderful huh, how you can cheer some one up with out you even knowing and its even more wonderful how a person can be so generous and honest to even let you know that you've touched or cheered him/her heart! Ye la kan, i dont even know her personally but from our series of emails, we somehow got close to close!! And i totally dig that!
And people, please do not think that she is a wacko ke hape ok! - Well you know how it is when a person reads my blog and they some how become very very interested in it and leave negative comments! muahahaha *wink*


Ok i'm at work dah!! ..hihi..

Hmm i have no appointments this morning since i have to be one of the panel for this performance evaluation/assessments thingy for my staffs.. So basically i just sit there, listen to their presentations and give comments - constructive comments! And later at 11.45am i have an appointment with our fellow state orthodontist! haha.. Since got back from that ortho course di Kuantan, i pretty much think that i need to correct my anterior lower teeth and my midline in particular. Not that anybody would notice (a dentist like myself will surely notice kot) but its kinda an incomplete ortho treatment for me dulu!! Its my fault jugak that i wanted to debond it asap!! Guess i had enough torture dah kot ..keh keh keh..
How bout you dear? Do you think ortho treatment was a torture?? But i could use all the help for shedding some kgs! LOL
So untill then, i'm free to be here ..hihi..


Haaa!!!... Do you know how it is with friends that are close to you -or at least thats what you/they thought- wanting your happiness and would tell and advise almost any possible/doable things to help you gain joy?? I think theres a very thin line between being honest and frank, what do you think?

I guess - You could like tell anything that you feel, gives every opinion that you think is worth telling - not weighing whether its a good or bad opinion or whether its gonna hurt your friends' feelings or not. And if you are like super close to that friend, he/she can and will accept it and knows it by heart that you're just being honest and loyal and not aiming to degrade that friend of yours. What do you think?

I think - You could and should tell and express your feelings/thoughts/opinions but you should also support your friend, no?! For example, if you have a friend, a dear friend who wants to do this certain type of business which he/she totally dig but you dont - you know, it may be a bit too risky or too good to be true. What would you say? I would tell what i think, honestly, that it may be a fraud or yadda yadda yadda, but i'd also support that friend of mine by letting they know that if they're gonna do it anyway, i'd be totally OK and supportive (is there any other word for supportive? Assisting, no?)! I mean i would want the same jugak. BUT if it turns to be a fraud just like i thought or predicted, what would i do eh?! Hmmm... i guess its a lesson for that friend of mine to learn and to reflect on and maybe i could help he/she with the reflecting thing!! hahah! *sigh*. Then maybe you can go " I told you so!! ". Muahahaha.. kidding je!! ;p

Wow i am chatty and crappy today!!! LOL

Right again!

So maybe you guys are wondering " Apehal la Yaya berciter pasal that?! ". Hmmm...reason is that, adalaaaaa.... keh keh keh...
Theres no particular reason sebenarnye, like i said i'm being chatty and crappy today!! LOL

Till next time, tata titi tutu ;D

May 22, 2009

Pradas to let go!!

To all Bag Lovers,
Here are 2 units of brand new and never carried Prada TDF bags for y'all ...ngeh ngeh.. If only i am not in a FRUGAL mode!! LOL

One of it is a Cervo Lux Prada in grey leather at RM4750 - SOLD!! and the other one is a leather interwoven Black Prada Tote (sorry la people i dont speak Prada!) at only RM6k .. do grab this chance if you're aiming a Prada or two ..huhu.. Well, The Devil always wears a PRADA! ;p

Please contact me for further details and assistance yeaa ;D
Sebenarnya, i malas nak type banyak-banyak info nih at the mo' ..hihi..
Yaya in a frugal & lazy mode.

p.s. Sorry for the poor uploaded photos ;(

May 19, 2009

i'm in kuantan

Hello pretty people,

I wont be updating my blog till friday (i guess) sebab i am attending an orthodontic 3days course in Kuantan, Pahang.

Thank you and babai!

p.s. Sesapa yang di Kuantan, mind showing me around?! kihkihkih

May 15, 2009

Mother's Day with Darul Falah Orphanage

Salam pretty people,

Huisshhhh...i am deeply tired! My feet and back are aching.
I had a hectic day today, well for the second half that is ;p I was involved in a Mother's Day Celebration. Walking sana sinih, chasing Khalish ke depan ke belakang!!

How to start nih eh... hmm.. well, i am an active member (active la jugak) of an NGO, Badan Amal Wanita Profesional Terengganu, Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (BERKAT) that is. Its an organization which was initiated by a group of professional ladies who are anak jati Terengganu and was registered on June 2007. The purpose of BERKAT is to provide khidmat bakti and to contribute an indirect development to the state via numerous activities which are mainly kerja-kerja amal.

OK, so today.. We had a Mother's Day Celebration with Darul Falah Orphanage, Kuala Terengganu. It is also our first event of the year, thus it is also an impromtu launch of us.

There were 160 children (boys and girls) and 10 teachers/guardians from Darul Falah at To Puan Sri (our advisor) 's big house. The event started at 3pm and the kids sampai awal 15minutes..and i arrived bit lewat - 5minutes to 3pm! Aisehh lewat skit TPS, sorry ...ngeh ngeh..
I arrived with 100 cupcakes and Khalish yg masih mamai and sleepy. Haaa that is why i was late, i waited for Khalish to jaga from his nap (looong nap)! Once i'm there, i straight away went to the buffet table to display and susun my cupcakes which FYI i didnt buat sendiri..hehe.. I'm such a lousy cook la people, seriously! And dh siap susun cupcakes sume, made my way to my table, greeted and salam + pecks to the members and duduk diam diam.. shhhh...

After a speech or two by those who gave speeches *grin*, we makannn!!! I was terribly hungry masa tu since it was almost 3.45pm i think! And Khalish jugak was also super lapar! We had satay ayam (sorry, satay daging doesnt work for me), nasi minyak, asam gumpal, tepung pelita, cupcakes, chocolate moist cake, sardine rolls, mini beef burgers, and macam macam lagii...haaa banyak eh i ate?!!! me feel zero guilty tho - not good!!!

Dah abis eating, our BERKAT members were called by an usher to a press conference inside TPS's house, in the lavish living room to be exact. NSTP was there, Kumpulan Utusan was there and one other team tapi i lupe laa... sorry yeh!

Outside - singing, kareoking, eating and having funning were still on! Everybody was enjoying themselves - which was really really good! And to my surprised, someone told me that while i was inside with the press, Khalish was dancing gile2 in front of the stage!! And that everybody laughed and enjoyed it, and that he looked like he was enjoying it!! And i missed it!!! uwaaa ;((
I think he thinks that he's at a Tom Tom Bak show/set kot.. hehe.. he loves that show! Bangun tido jek "Mommy, Tom Tom Bak!!", siap bley sleeptalk sume hokeh!! muahahaha!!

So dear, thats Kak Mala with the black hijab, Kak Ratna the one standing behind me and Aunty Moon in pink next to me :)

The thing ended with us bersalam + hugging + bagi angpau to the children.. which was nice, sebab i get to greet each one of them, ask them their age (tho i might not ingat sumenye), tell 'em to strive for success and.. haaa.. nih penting nih.. to look for me if they come to dental clinic tempat i work ;D So tak perlu queue lama2!
TPS reminded us not to cry/shed tears because she doesnt want the children to think that we feel sorry for them, but no matter how hard i tried to avoid myself from getting all teary, i ternangis jugak sikit!! I cant help it lah ;(( am sorry, really sorry!!

It made me realized how lucky and fortunate i am to have a mother and a father! They have neither! I realized that i couldnt have done it if my parents werent there for me, werent there to help me, werent there to guide me and werent there to push me! And these kids - all they have are their siblings (if they have any), friends and teachers! Which are great but still..i couldnt imagine growing up without a mother and a father, i mean both!! It also made me realized that i may took things for granted and that i may be a bit big headed at times - u know us yang konon adult with our parents, and i felt bad - simply not grateful after all the blessings Allah showered me with! Astaghfirullah!


And on this post jugak, i want to take the chance to wish my mom Happy Mother's Day (again, well i havent done it publicly huh?)!! I love you! Youre my mentor, youre my inspiration, youre my wingman - uhh wingwoman, youre my go-to-person and youre my ambassador of love - no doubt about it!! Only you know whats good on me and whats not and whats best for me and whats not. I can still ingat the day u sent me to Kolej Mara Banting for my Asasi program, when i was all crying and begging you to take me back home to Terengganu with you, you said to me

"Long, you are living my dream! So please do this for me because i am not fortunate enough to experience this on my own."

Thank you Umi!! I am sangat sangat fortunate to have you as my mom!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to every mother reading! The worlds is a brighter place with you around simply because you've always made someone's day ;D

May 12, 2009


Hi All!!
Dah lama takde entry on bags kan?! here it is lah ;))

My recent trip to KL - i went to Chanel, KLCC.. wanted to show a bag to someone -which i did- and twas a Chanel East West Medium Tote in white (sorry i dont speak Chanel, so i panggil white je lah yeh!).
I love it! Just love it! It is simply a lay-low-gorgeous piece!

While in the boutique, i had the chance to browse through and try on other bags jugak ;D
Then i saw and grabbed a Jumbo Chanel Classic Flap Lambskin in greyish/baby blue, and i melted!!!
Its like seeing a beautifully decorated cake on the dining table that looks so edible and yet too fabulous for you to eat it down your throat! I want I want I want!! keh keh keh
I cant seem to get it off my mind!


Here's a photo of a bag similar to what i saw the other day. Well the color is not the same, but somehow the one i saw and tried on was few shades lighter and ada mist of baby blue gitu ;)
And FYI, grey is my "dig" color at the moment! Hehe...yeaa Nini will go like "Hmmm you and grey!". Well i really really think that Grey is the new black people! hahaha...Ok enuf explanation!

And here is the East West Tote, only its a large size in this photo. A large size is bit too big for me, it'll drown me (me think).
Well my dear fella bagaholic, Verde got hers in black!! Aiyaaakkk... am so jeles of you babe!!

Hah!! Thats it for now ;D Till next bag, tataa!!


p.s. writing xoxo tadi makes me itch for GG latest episode la dear ;p

May 9, 2009

xmen origins : wolverine

hey people!

Hows your weekend so far? Hope everything is superb and as planned ;)
As for me, my weekend is great up till now and hope that its gonna stay that way..hihi..

I handed in my IELTS application form yesterday and got my exam date dah! Hope i'll pass with flying colours nanti ;D

I also had the chance to catch a movie! twas XMEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE. What can i say bout the movie eh. Actually, my sister Nini recommended it to me, she loved it and said that it was an amazing movie tahap mak datin rambut gerbang!! hahah..that was her exact words!! No kidding!! No offense ;)

To me, twas a good movie which served its objective very very well, which was to introduce the origin of WOLVERINE. What an introduction!!! hehe

Hugh Jackman is super buffed! Like super duper! And i bet he's like super tall too! He wouldnt have that problem which when you buy a pair of new jeans and you would have to get it altered so that it'll fit your legs perfectly, dont you think?! Those jeans would fit him accurately and flawlessly.

My favourite character in the movie is Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch, hehe!! Hmmm, i have a feeling that lotsa girls dig this character! ..keh keh keh.. I dont read the comics, so i've never heard of this character, Gambit. He can charge objects with kinetic energy and causing them to explode, he could also enhance agility and has a hypnotic charm. His signature weapons are playing cards?! Betul ke? ..keh keh keh..

Theres also Sabretooth played by Liev Schreiber who has a superhuman strength. He has an enhanced senses and razor-sharp claws and teeth. I think Liev did a good job playing Sabretooth, totally dig! You dig dear?? hahah

All and all, i liked it but maybe because i've expected it to be much much more splendid, it was a slight dissapointment to me. I thought that it was hanging, well maybe they did that only because there'll be a sequel and in many cases, the sequel continues elements of the original story, often with the same characters and settings. So i totally dig that lah! ..hihi..

Guess thats all for now!

Oh and heres a photo of Verde, Fynn, Nini and i together ;)
We had a brunch today! Marvellous time! Wish we could do it often girls ;D

May 6, 2009

i wanna

i wanna go and have sushi

i wanna go and have banana leaf rice

i wanna go and see a movie

i wanna go and have breakfast at mcd

i wanna show that Chanel bag that is absurdly expensive which i totally dig *wink*

i wanna lotsa things with you

May 5, 2009

whats up

Salam pretty people ;)

I'm at work and unlike any other working day, i was supposed to be at this course near by but it was cancelled, and thats how i am here, blogging and being chatty and crappy.

So, whats up with me huh?! Hmmm.. a lot! Plenty! Huge! keh keh keh..

I'll start with my job.. as you know, i am working in Kuala Terengganu currently, and as some of you know, i will be transferred/moving somewhere else, God knows where lah! So thats about it on my job.
Oh and maybe one or two or three people reading my blog nih noticed that i post an entry on endodontist which i copied&pasted from wikipedia (twas sometime in april), well that is my choice for a postgraduate course. I really wanna do that, like really really!! Hmmm.. and InsyaAllah if everything goes well and meant to be, one fine day.. hihi

Right! Whats next? Aaaahhhh.. my friends or at least people yang i thought were my friends! Dont worry guys, you are only human, chill lah! hihi..
I've been receiving lotsa nasty comments and such here kan?, dont tell me you didnt notice that!! Puhhleaasse - do not gimme that crap! :P
Haaa, it is so funny because.. theres this one person which i am pretty sure is a woman left my chatbox with banyak comments yang langsung tak membina, and when my sister and kind friends backed me up and smacked her in the nose, she disappeared and then just like what we thought, she came back only this time its a totally different name and person lah, as if kan..hihi..again i ingatkan, chill lah!
And it is so shocking and sad when i noticed that this ill girl is orang ganu kite! Aiyaakkk!! LOL
Seriously?! << say it like Izzie Stevens does
Dear friends and my dear sister Nini, thank you! You guys are the best lah! Even after series of shitty situations, i know i can count on you! Oh and to whoever yang backed me up the other day, i dont know you personally, but i know that you know what i meant and that you got it - my joke that is! TQ! I stood up previously but i never got the chance to express my appreciation, so here it is.

Right again! Next topic is my heartbeat Khalish!
He is turning three dah! Aawww my baby is growing up fast ;(( Time flies kan?! *sigh*
Khalish skarang ni adalah sangat handful! He loves Digimon and would immitate those Digimon monsters and would kick and wrestle me or anybody around him! Aduh sakit la jugak! I really wanna catch him in action one day and post it here tau! It is hillarious! He'll go like "debushh" "Aarrkk Arrkk" and "Shhhhhh" LOL ... Nanti la, one fine day, i'll tape him in action :D
And, skarang nih, whenever he wants to sleep and go to the bed, he'll collect his digimon toys and figurines with him and take 'em to bed with him! He would susun and queue 'em next to him and will want 'em to be there like that (in a Q) until he dozes off! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks dah and it is so sakit when these figurines and small toys terkena and tercucuk my body! LOL ... Khalish, Khalish..
So now, whenever he's asleep, i will collect and display his digimon toys ni on our bedpost, satu keje la plak kan?!! Well, this only applies when i teringat or rajin or dah terkena/tercucuk!

Moving on. Topik perbincangan seterusnya - and i must say this is only a short topic/discussion sbb i wanna avoid any further questioning and interrogating *laugh out loud*- is this smart & nice person yang i know! ..keh keh keh..
Hmmm...the only thing yang korang need to know for now is that he is very nice indeed (up till now la kan!) and that i enjoy talking to him! Period.

Whoaaa...there goes my chatty and crappy self! Till next time, tata.

May 2, 2009

someone got a new laptop! suke lah tu ;p

i gotta work tomorrow!!! Aiyaaakkkk malas

May 1, 2009

at an engagement


I am terribly tired at the moment, not in the mood of being chatty. But do enjoy the photos of us at Sari's engagement which happened at 3 something p.m tadi.

Khalish : Ooh apple! nak nak nak.. Nice!

whenever i meet this girl, i'll surely amik gambar dia.. She is just plain cantik to me!

Khalish berpeluh-peluh!! I was sweating as well, sebab duk kejar-kejar him.

Umi & i showed our happy faces to the host after our meal!! Sodaapppp!