November 5, 2009

work ^_^

monday - report duty at 9.45am, then berkenalan with administration & clinical staffs, went on a tour (walking!!) - offices, departments, clinics, surgeries, bla bla bla.. got my roster for operative dentistry/clinical sessions supervision (year 3 and 4). Drove back home at 12pm :8)

tuesday - reached dental fac at 8.30am sebab got lost (whats new??!!), met the dean and spent some time chatting with him and then drove back home sebab the dean said "Okla Ilyani, so after this you can go and look around Shah Alam, get to know the city, dont want to be sesat again tomorrow. Maybe i'll see you tomorrow" "Yes TQ Prof" ^_^

wednesday - reached the faculty at 7.31am!!!! even my mom terkezooot!! LOL
Had breakfast with fellow trainee lects (i had pancakes), went to the year 3 clinic and supervised - even though first time, buat buat cam tahu laa kan ;p alaaah.. LOL Clinic ended at 1pm, went to have lunch, then solat, then back to the clinic (year 4) at 2pm sharp! Fuuhhh!! That clinical session ended at 4.50pm. Went straight home, reached home @ DU at 5.15pm.

thursday - reached the faculty at 7.58am LOL "No yaya No!! jangan nak start tardiness ye!!"
Met Puan Baizura at the dean's office (she called the day before for my KWSP #) and passed her what she requested and drove back home ^_^

tomorrow - ?? tardy no more!! LOL
I have a year 4 clinical session that i need to supervise at 10am and then (maybe) driving back home ^_^


neeza said...

salam dr yaya..saw u last nite @ a&w pj..goshhh u r sooooooo pweety.. :)

yaya othman said...

hi neeza!! What??!! ye ke? apesal tak dtg say hi ;p please do next time yeh :)
pwetty?? No lah ;p

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