November 11, 2009

the time travelers wife

Hi people!! ngeh ngeh..
Yeaa i watched this movie and ... I LoVe It!! have you seen it? did you enjoy it? did you find it sad & romantic(?) ???

I've always loved Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams and seeing both of 'em together makes me love 'em even more ;))

Eric Bana plays a normal joe who works with the library only he is not normal!! He travels through time when he is under pressure or feels stress. He doesnt get to control his travelling (you know - he wouldnt know where he will go, which year et cetera) and that makes the movie super cool!!

And Rachel played her character very very well!! She's the love of Eric's life in that movie, meaning she has a husband whose almost always not there - which is hard! She nailed it, well both of 'em nailed it!!

Hmmm i went to see this movie with *cough* *cough* and his review wasnt as great as mine LOL hmmm yeaa.. whats new - opposites! Well not really opposites laaah!!

Anyway, back to the time travelers wife, some of you may not like it and some of you may find it so-so, but i for one (and i'm sure i am not the only one!) heart the movie :8) I cried!!! Hahaha actually nyeh thats THE sign - you know, to calculate and conclude whether i enjoyed or loathed a movie or a show!! LOL Takpun if i laughed my duodenum out!! Ertinya i enjoyed that movie or show lah! So if anyone pasnih terbump into me kat wayang and saw my puffy eyes or teary eyes, you should come to me and ask "Yaya, you tengok citer ape? best sgt eh??" hehehe :))

p.s. MJ this is it best tak??

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naddy said...

I love the time traveller's wife too, watch it ari tu with my mum... MJ? ermmm im not a fan so im not gonna watch it ehehehe