November 24, 2009

Prada for sale - SOLD

hi gorgeous! hello!!

So, Prada anyone? hehe.. yeaa brand new bebeh!! Hot and Kicking white nylon Prada bebeh!! kih kih kih.. alaaa you know you want this kan? brand new tau ;p
dig your wallet babe, i know there is that extra $ somewhere!! LOL
its the end of the year honeh, you should reward yourself with a bag or two (or three) for being such a hottie or a wonderful mom this year - 2009!! What are you waiting for girls?

It measures 12" x 7" x 14", so should look super hot when handheld!! the handles are in patent white leather with gold hardwares - vain!!

original price RM4000+ but sweat no more because you can grab it at RM2900

p.s. it would look hot with anything, doncha think?? :8)

This beautiful bag has been SOLD xoxo


Roz Razalli said...

alaa, takde lagi ke? nak! nak!

yaya othman said...

dah takde la ;(

but i have another prada, nak tak? hehe