November 21, 2009

assalamualaikum wbt & hello pretty people =)

Its saturday already??!! Yeaaa time!! So.. whats ur weekend plan(s)? As for moi, am still in my PJs, lazying, watching Khalish watching tv while blogging.. i dont have anything specific to tell really *giggles* but i thought i could drop a sentence or two ;p

(nok kabo mende eh... hmm... hehe.. banyak je sebenarnya but takkan kot ;p) LOL

Haaa..!!! Gossip girl season 3!! oh yes!! hahaha
I love love love GG!! But to my surprise, Hillary Duff stars in it!! Dangg!! Not that i dont like her ke ape.. but she stars as the girl yang terkamcing ngan Dan!!! Oh whatever happens to Dan & Serena?? i mean.. kan??!! Anyway, i dont think she gonna stay long in GG pun so takpela - she can be the pepper in GG (penambah perisa) *giggles*

OH!!! I went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday during lunch, and walked into Dorothy Perkins and i tried on some clothes and i am now dreaming (night and day) bout this cardigan that i tried on!! Oh god, i want i want i want!!! See its my sister Nini cum my fashion advisor (well we are each other's fashion advisor) who are in love with and being trendy in cardigans these days (well maybe dah agak lama la jugak). I always thought she looked hot and yet sopan in her attires, but i never took a chance to try on a cardi myself, she selalu jek suh i try! And yesterday, terdetik nak give it a try and to my surprise - I adore it lah!! I want this one (picture below nih), in that hue - green!! Oh so vain LOL

only rm122!!

But i didnt purchase it yesterday sebab ape ntah.. oh yaa.. sebab i thought i could let it go - you know, and i thought if i come home and still thinking bout it only then i will go to DP and purchase it, haaa...!!! and now, i am going to lah!! hahah.. Well i had to leave it yesterday, wouldnt want to have an impulsive buy huh? :p

Well, guess thats it for now, till next one, see ya, take care!! hugs+kisses =)


Fynnaz said...

Grab it dear cz its so comey! Lagi2 bila u dah tuyus ni sure lg comey bila pakai hehe.

Anyway I watched Time Traveler's Wife dlm plane to LA and this movie sgt touchy! And I watched This Is It at LA. Owhhhh sgt2 best! Berdiri bulu roma tgk tau.

naddy said...

nice... love the colour too :)

yaya othman said...

Fynn, great to hear that u're back!!!! How was "the" trip??!! sure best yeh!!

Naddy, yeaa think ima grab it lah ;)

bUL4N said...

peseng ning byk je sining mase time winter dulu aa...n mcm2 brand..hok muroh $10-15 ade..hok mahal lening musim panas x dok doh laa..
mmg napok kuruh pon paka..

N-Style Busana- Your Muslimah Apparel Gateway said...

cantikk...esok nak g DP too lah hihihi