September 9, 2009

time flies

assalamualaikum wbt :8)

Apa khabar pretty people? Hows your ramadhan so far? As for me, its a battle or an almost battle everyday.. Well i am only human *sigh*.

Lotsa things happened to me - good, great even and bad.. Well, the usuals la - ups and downs!! What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger, no? And i am indeed stronger!! LOL. O yes people, pose pose pun i try to run!! Cannot manage to run everyday but once in 3days i would put on my adizero yang i love so much and do some laps, kira ok la tuu kan? :8)
I just dig running la.. It keeps things outa my head for a while, and i would feel so free and at ease and comfortable with my selekeh + busuk self and get motivated - well not really - motivated or demotivated, depends on the song playing actually LOL If lagu Elevation by U2 - sah sah laju cam kuda (NOT!!!) and if lagu How to save a life by The Fray - agak slow sikit and kurang ignition!! muahahaha... bole gitu?

Just to let it out, i need to say few names here and yes you wouldnt know who on earth are these people and what not but wth - En. Hadi oo En. Hadi.. manenye? where is it? Prof Mad oo Prof Mad.. so how? Ok tak? Can?

So, today is 090909!!! Holy shitto!! That doesnt happen everyday kan? haha... That doesnt happen every year!!! LOL I received a text earlier today and it made me smile - really smile cam kerang busuk tuu :8) This guy asked me to marry him today after Zuhur, sebab its such a nice date!! Alaaa... he gurau la ofkos!! Dont mistaken things eh :p

To date everyone - Khalish dah tak take formulas lagi dah!! Can you believe it??!! I cant!! Well, i sent him to school bout 5-6 weeks ago and after few days of schooling he came back refusing to take his formula milk.. And being very concern and bit worried, i asked his teachers, and they all said that Khalish takmo minum his formula kat skola maybe because he malu with other kids yang tak feed from a feeding bottle. I called my friend kat Paeds dept and inquired whether its a norm for a 3 year old to have this, and my friend comforted me and suggested not to worry - he takes solids just like adult so his nutrients and vitamins and minerals sume ok, i just have to watch his food intakes - you know not too much sugar, salt and preservatives. Fuuuhhh... baru i lega.. But since then, he has lost some weight - which is good la kot sbb he's bit on the chubby side. Shopping baju raya for him pun was easier LOL I used to hafta buy him clothes that fit a 4 year old when he was only 2 because it does fit him sideways but is big on him vertically, and now, this year, i get to buy him clothes which are also untuk a 4 year old but this time, it fits him perfectly from head to toe and they are all easy on the waist!! ngeh ngeh.. suke suke!!

Oh ye.. i hafta hide Khalish's baju raya and kasut raya tau.. sebab if he sees it - haaa!! habis lencun nanti!!! keh keh keh

Oh talking bout raya makes me so nak raya!! hihi.. Nanti bole gi raya raya umah orang, and nanti ada orang datang raya raya umah kita, kan kan kan?? *giggles*

Altho, time do fly like super fast kan??!! Ramadhan has reached its ends dah :( And to count, what deed have i done this Ramadhan? I tried to perform Terawikh as much and as willed as i can. I remembered i went to have Terawikh at a local mosque on the fourth night - Crystal Mosque di Kg Losong. Subhanallah!!! Superb!! Amazing!! Alhamdulillah!! The imam was brought down to Terengganu by our state govt all the way from Mecca - yes Mecca!! And people, let me tell you, his recitals were amazing and beautiful!! I cried during the 6th raka'at. It was too beautiful!! And it made me felt so tiny and humble - for he who was reciting it, recited it with such passion and heart, ye la because he understood what he was reciting kan.. every tajwid and every word were beautifully pronounced and gestured!! And i cried simply because i dont know what he's saying, i mean i dont know the meaning of his words tuu, not all.. and all i can do is listen and say amiin.. i felt so tiny!! I felt like i should do something - to know at least a quarter of his dua. His dua wasnt the dua we hear everyday, you know dua by our fellow Malaysians, his dua were different, it was long (yes dua by org melayu pun ada yg pjg) and beautiful!

With Ramadhan coming to its end, i would really love to make use of it :8) InsyaAllah!! I can only plan but Allah decides kan :) And what bout Lailatul Qadr night? Kan best if i ..... *sigh*. Muslims should seek out Lailatul-Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten: the night of the 21st (the night before the 21st day), the 23rd, the 25th, the 27th and the 29th. If we are weak or unable to seek it out in all the odd nights, then we should seek it out in the odd nights of the last 7: the night of the 25th, the 27th and the 29th.

Say: Allaahumma innaka 'affuwwun tuhibbul 'afwa fa'fu 'annee

Well, too much ambitions isnt good ke? You know over reaching!! - ke tak? Oh well hoping to stay awake for Lailatul Qadr is everybody's dream right? So no, not over reaching, it is only us wanting the best and the most out of Ramadhan.. And i do believe that you should always aim for the stars but maybe you shouldnt say it out loud, or else people will start to misjudge you!! hehe..

Wow.. dahlah!!!

I'll crap myself out lagi nanti when i'm in the mood or when i have a good news or even a bad one.. ngeh ngeh..

Till next time.. babai.. Assalamualaikum wbt :)


nieyza said... daughter pun skrang baru 2 thn tapi baju mesti beli 4thn ke atas..hopefully die pun leh kuyuss mcm khalish bile start school! hehe

nieyza said... daughter pun skrang baru 2 thn tapi baju mesti beli 4thn ke atas..hopefully die pun leh kuyuss mcm khalish bile start school! hehe

Pinkwatch said...

yaya, pasal susu tukan, kkdila ade suggestion... si faris dah berenti botol sejak umur dia 2 tahun lagi.. kat sana dulu masuk umur setahun lebih midwife suruh kasik susu fresh milk tu je.. so kkdila kasik yg tu jelah takde formula2.. pastuh midwife suruh jugak berenti botol before 2 yo... so mmg cabaran jugak sbb masa si fahim umur 3 lebih baru dia berenti botol.. tu pon midwife siap sindir lagi, awak belajar tinggi, nak bagi anak berenti botol pon x leh.. ;(hheheheh. alhamdulillah masa si faris berjaya berenti minum susu thru botol before 2 yo.. masa tu si faris still minum susu. but in a cup... macam le ning pon.. dia minum gok susu pediasure dia tu occasionally (dia suka minum milo.. tp ade kes masa tu dia muntah la batuk la ape la.. so dr suruh tukar pediasure), tp kkdila bubuh/bancuh dalam cawan la.. atau kadang2 bubuh dalam botol bekas air tu hok macam kite guna wat exercise tu... dia gi mari2 ke hulu ke hilir bawak botol tu la.. no more puting2 (botol) and nampak cam big boy kn..big boy nk ke skolah gitu.. hehehe.. kalau yaya takmo kasik khalish berenti formula lagi.. try buat gitu la.. botol susu buang.. tp formula tu bubuh/bancuh la dalam cawan fancy2 ke.. kasik guna straw fancy2 ke.. sure khalish suka... and by that, still dapat lagi khasiat formula tu kan.. :) try la..

kaezrin said...

eh nnt dtgla raya ke pdg midin dehhh