August 14, 2009


Its friday already :8) And i'm on call!! Hope this will be my last call ;p
Also i have 2 invitations today - an akikah and a birthday party.. yes i will try to make it to both events and hope takde la a ring from HSNZ while i'm having fun there. Hmm... catching ups are always fun eh?

So, whats up with me? Not much really.. am still anxiously waiting for a postgraduate placement, if i dont manage to get a placement here, maybe its not meant to be and insyAllah i'll get a place there, amiin! :8)

Lagi.. I am waiting for my release - from MOH to MOE. Bile kah bile kah???

Haaa.. other than that, i recently got in touch with an old friend waay back from my MARA College Banting days! It has been ages!! And Ju****, if you're reading this, please know that i feel wonderful getting in touch with you again!! *hugs*
Oh oh and any of you pretty people reading is a text jargon person? Hahaha.. I am not!! I got to know lotsa new terms used these days from my friend ni LOL
To mention a few : ORLY and SOLZ .. muahahahah

Guess thats it for now. Here are some photos of us (Naddy, Verde and i) at Pavillion, twas last week (a thursday). We had loads of fun, well you do the math people - girls + shopping mall + food + bottomless drinks + goss + time = HELLUVA GOOD TIME!!!

Ladies, look at my oily complexion!! Why why why???! Everybody else looks hot! *sigh*
Naddy, we dont have a photo together?! Baru sedar ;p next time ingat to snap tau!! And Naddy thank you for that lovely ribboned box of dates!! Khalish ske dates, dia yang makan!! hehe
Verde, its always wondrous to be near you! Your laugh is without a doubt infectious!! muahaha And thanks for helping me pass Fynn's BIL gift yeaa *hugs&kisses*

Till next entry people (i donno when but if i manage to snap some photos at that akikah or/and birthday party, maybe i"ll post a new entry tomorro). Have a great weekend ahead, bye!

p.s. I just received a call from HSNZ!!! Aaarrghhh!!! Well friday will always be friday here in KTrg.

1 comment:

naddy said...

yeahh it was great meeting up, but selalu mcm cepat je rasa masa berlalu kan? we should do it longer hours next time... and yes belum penah ada gambar berdua, it's a sign la tu tht we should meet up more often ;) ehehe

oh khalish suka ek dates tu? ehehe

have a great weekend dear!