July 5, 2009

trevi pm - in search of an owner

Hi peeps!! YEP it is indeed another post on handbag - to those yang tak berminat, i think you can skip this post.. hehe..


Jeng jeng jeng...

This time, its a Louis Vuitton girls (or guys..hehe) - a Trevi PM!! Oooh la la.. an absolute TDF by LV!! Dont you think??!! ngeh ngeh..

The Trevi is probably the most sophisticated looking bag from Louis Vuitton. The Trevi's design combines the classic Damier canvas and pleats to subtly contrast its rounded, generous look. It comes in two sizes, PM (13.4" x 9.4" x 5.9") and GM (16.1" x 11.8" x 7.9") and is only available in Damier canvas.

The Trevi has smooth leather handles, straps and trimmings which is very comfortable to carry handheld or in the shoulder. The leather straps are adjustable and removable making the Trevi a very versatile bag. It's golden brass pieces also serves as accents which makes the bag more visually appealing. The inside is very spacious, it has internal patch pocket and cell phone compartment and is lined with high quality red microfiber. The bottom of the Trevi has base studs for extra protection against dreadful surface scratches.

I'd say that the Trevi is definitely worth it. It's a worry-free bag. No vachetta to think about and it's absolutely gorgeous!


The Trevi PM that i'm selling is in an immaculate condition - like new with zero scratch, wear or tear!!! Absolutely Like New!! Bought in Paris, France - comes with paper bag, dust bag, authenticity papers and receipt! Sorry girls, no box ;(

Letting go - RM5200 (negotiable)

You know what to do ;D


naddy said...

IF only im not eyeing on another bag, I'd have grab this LOL

nini said...

heheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. adoyaaai

yaya othman said...

Naddy, if i am not in a frugal - i would grab it for myself jugak!! sebab condition is superb!!!

Nini, grab it!!! for raya!!! lets negotiate with the owner!

Fynnaz said...

Tutup mata Fynn!!! Cepatt!!! hahahaha.

Ninie said...

i pun nak tutup mata tutup mulut huahhhhhhhhhhhhh..sgt gorges!

yaya othman said...

OK Fynn and Ninie - close your eyes! BUT alaaa tak yah laa..tutup mulut je la..ehehe kang ada yg nk kena amik tisu and lap kang..
Me too drooling over a trevi pm!!

ameera said...

is the bag still available?

ameera said...

is the bag still available?

yaya othman said...

no, sorry the bag dh dijual .. but theres an LV monogram Galliera GM and Rita Multicolor (whitw) nak di jual :) both are in excellent conditions :)

Anonymous said...

doc, galliera brp RM babe...tq