July 16, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt pretty people :8)
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How are you ladies and gents? I do wish that things are super duper regulatory for you! As for me - FANTASTIC!! Ok, moving on...

I picked a book (yesterday) from Ayah's bookcase, i seldom do *sigh*. Yeaa i know i should do it more often eh, but i would excuse myself with multiplying reasons, which in actual fact - i am just plain malas!!

Where was i?

Right, so.. i picked a book - a newfangled religious book. Its an anthology - selected writings by various authors (philosophers, academicians and savants) of the same period, on the same subjects. One subject that really enticed me - compilation of translations, thoughts, judgements, opinions and views on the act of silence -

The truth is in silence, not in the languages of men’s creations.
All the sounds proceed from the Silence.
Silence is always the source of perfection.
The Infinite is expressed through Silence.

It is said that the mystic realizes the power of word, and at the same time the splendor of silence - in which a word can do so much, but silence can attain even much much more. Great phenomena are produced by the mystics - who know the power of the word and how to use it. But, they also performed even greater miracles through the splendor of their silence. Beautiful eh??!! me think so :8)

When was asked, "Which is the best word?" a philosopher replied: "Silence"
He explained that when the lips are closed, the heart begins to speak; and when the heart is silent, the soul blazes up, bursting into flame - illuminating the whole of life!

A paraphase from what i've read - you see, the essence to accordance in life is silence. Day by day, we are confronted with a thousand worries and vexes that we are not always evolved or prepared enough to confront courageously, and then, only then silence can help us. For if there is any belief - any practice of belief, it is to take into account the pleasure of God by considering the pleasure of man. The keynote of a belief is to comprehend. And this belief we cannot live without having power over the word, without having realized the power of silence.

Lagi.. The book also included the fourty Nawawi Hadith and #12 - i quote:

Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Messenger of Allah, what translated means,

"A sign of one’s excellence in his Islam, is ignoring what does not concern him"

Related by Ahmad, Malik & At-Tirmithi.

Ibn Rajab said, "This Hadith is a basic and an important source of good behavior in Islam". Mohammad ibn Zayd, a great scholar of the Maliki Mathhab, said, "Four Hadiths comprise a perfect code of conduct. One of them is, 'Whoever believes in Allah and His Messenger should say that which is useful or keep silent'. Another Hadith is when the Prophet said to the man who sought his advice, 'Avoid getting angry'. A third is the Hadith, 'The believer loves for his (believing) brother what he loves for himself'. The fourth is the above Hadith".

A sign of one’s excellence in the religion, is his ignoring what does not concern him, including all things said or done. He should only participate in what concerns him, such as anything that is his property, right, obligation or under his control. To be concerned with something entails preserving and taking care of this thing that one is allowed to be concerned with. As for the matters that do not concern one, they are in abundance.

Usually, when a person tries to interfere in such matters that do not concern him, the tool frequently used for this is the tongue. Muslims are ordered to utter only good words, for Allah said, what translated means, "Not a word he (man) utters, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it)". [50:18]

Many people (including myself!!) ignored the fact that in Islam, words are considered actions. Such people care not to preserve their tongues from uttering evil or nonsense. Mu`ath ibn Jabal did not know the importance of discretion in the words one utters, so he asked the Prophet, "Are we going to be held responsible for what we say?", The Prophet answered, "May your mother lose you! What else will lead people to be dragged in the Fire on their faces, but the result of what they utter with their tongues". [Irwaa’ al-Ghaleel]

Haa.. so theres two types of silence!! Did you get it? You know (1) Silence - not to interfere with stuffs that are not yours or not to your significance and (2) Silence - to be silent in order to avoid angst, anger and incensed. Well i think that both types pun serve the same purpose - to avoid a feud! Ye laa.. both if not followed may lead to a feud or quarrel right?! What do you think pretties? Honestly. I think that silence is a text or word that can easily be misread because there are times when silence has the loudest voice!! Hmmm.... hehe..
This is a reminder for me sebenarnya - this entry ;D

I wanna make a change because i think we are an on-going work-in-progress, with miraculous potential for positive change and transformation, and no doubt bout it that i have to start with the gal in the mirror!! InsyaAllah.

These are my opinions, you may or may not feel the same way and i totally get that! :8D

Guess thats it! Babai ;D

Whoaaa agak chatty and crappy jugak laa... muahahaha


bUL4N said...

i'm with u!
mmg hebat gile aa org yg bleh senyap nih n amek tahu things yg concerned them only..
mari kite berusha jd gitu!

Ina Noor said...

agreed. manusia mmg susah kan nak mind their own business (myself included). nampak benda je mulalah mulut ke tangan nak mengata. padahal kita diri sendiri pun bukannya betul semua, ada jugak cacat celanya. but we rarely c our own faults. even kalau ada org rude sikiiiit pun dkt kita, we get so angry, raged bla bla bla. but maybe we ourselves pun pernah buat orang mcm tu cuma tak sedar or tak nak igt :)

sepatutnya tgk diri sendiri dulu. if we're already so so perfect then barulah fikir org lain. tapi kita manusia tak ada n tak akan jadi perfect so sampai bila2 pun tak payahlah nak tgk orang.

i think we shud all mind our own business n always try be the best person we can, insyaAllah :)

yaya othman said...

two agrees!! hehe TQ Angoh & Ina!!
Yes let us all try and work and make the change and lets start with ourselves dulu...
and yes nobody is perfect, even kita pun; but a change and wanting for a change towards perfection is the most we can do. and InsyaAllah with patience and courage and modesty, we will become a good silencer :8)
humans are nothing but with flaws, but by looking and discrimating others flaws, we are at our worst state right?!
yes angoh, lets work it!!! hehe