July 20, 2009


Salam pretty :8)

Its monday today, and its a public holiday here in my place - oh trus teringat In My Place by Coldplay, doncha just dig Coldplay??!! I DO!! hehe

Well, ima be myself today - chatty and crappy ;8) Alaaa you know you like me because i'm chatty and crappy, no? Oh well.. hehe

So, yes, i was on the phone last night, late last night - i was totally OK with the idea of staying awake even at 1am last night, ye la kan, no work for me today what!! hehe.. But whatever happened to the person at the other end of the line eh, did you get to work on time dear? xx

Moving on, yea, so, we talked on music despite other stuffs - i dig music lah!! So, this person was being all immersed in the topic - actively discussing and pouring every thing dia knows and digs, which was cool and apprehensive - BUT what really makes a good music? How do you define a good music? Do you go by the artist/entertainer or do you go by the song/lyric/rythm?

As for me la kan, there are many things that makes music good, pleasant and diggable (HAH!!). It all depends on the person listening to it :8) I might not like the same music as you ..hehe.., therefore, I might say your music wasn't good for that simple fact but do not be taken aback by my remark ni.. I think, what makes music good is what it makes you feel and experience - whether it moves you in any way, that ability defines a good music.. but then again this is what i think, so you may or may noy agree with me, and that is ok! Hmm... for instance, if a love song doesn't make you feel love or remind you of someone or something from your past that is associated with love or the mood in any way, it's not a good love song, no?

To know what music is should be the numero uno kan? Music is a beat much like the beat of our heart - causing us to jump around and dance or to show and appreciate how we feel about someone or something (say a place??!!). Music are often soothing - when we're despirited and blue; it verbalizes every feeling known to mankind, hahahaha, kan kan kan? Whether you are happy or sedey, excited or bosan, in love or breaking up, there is a song out there for you *cloud9*. Music is the one thing that i can always turn to when i need someone to comprehend me. There are times when a song gives me advice or help me in decision making or let me act out fantasies LOL that i wouldn't ever do in real life simply because it's illegal or absurd or insane!!

What makes music good is when that song or lyric can reach deep into you and pluck out that affection and sensitivity or that thing that moves us more than anything else in the world at any given moment. It brings us from zero to hero in a blink of an eye, i tell ya!! hahaha.. One day you might find a specific song wondrous to find the next day that you dont really dig the song after all. Some music might shake your nerves worse than someone scratching the chalk board with their long and freaky fingernails. For all you know, the person next to you might think that it's the greatest thing that has come along since music was invented, muahahah..

Music is the most incredible stress reliever, heart melter, exciting, wild and exotic thing that you'll find no matter how far and remote around the world you go. How many people do you know that don't listen to music? They may be different forms of music, but its music nonetheless.

Kesimpulannya, what makes music good is the person listening to it ..yes yes... I think it has little to do with anything else. Lyrics are written and sung by the artists but it's the listener that interprets and understands it, manipulating and bending it to suit what they want it to mean when they listen and absorbing it. So, you cant say what i dig are shits just because you dont dig 'em!! And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no?!
Now dont go mocking a confused guy who adores Kate Bush!! LOL

..ngeh ngeh..

Thats it for now, till my next entry, tata!

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JunoGuy said...

:) You made your case dear. I'm just gonna sit back and smile at this. And keep silent (while ABBA's "Thank You For The Music" playing in the background).

And i never said it was shits, totally exaggerated, totally. Here's a reminder to everyone not to believe everything you read in the internet nowadays. Hehehe.