July 5, 2009


The Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) hosted a scientific convention with an international flavour at the 66th MDA/FDI Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition in Penang.

World-renowned speakers from UK, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia graced the event to update participants on the latest techniques in dentistry. Hands-on workshops were also conducted. Though i didnt get to attend ;(

In addition, over 100 dental trade exhibitors were on hand showcasing their latest dental products.

This year, my kind and generous TPKN (Dental) agreed to sponsor my registration fee, transportation and accomodation, Yippie!! With out wasting any time, i contacted my dear friend Tika in Hosp Sultanah Aminah, JB - told her to ask for a sponsorship jugak - so we could jumpe each other and rock the convention! LOL

I met lotsa friends there - ada yang joined Min of Higher Education, ada yang lost weight/gained weight, got a tattoo, got a naval pierce (if you're reading this - i didnt mention your name hokey!!), ada yang dah quit Min of Defense and joined Min of Defense, ada yang dah ada private practice (and got rich!!), ada yang converted - Alhamdulillah and all kinds laa.. I had so much enjoyment!! Catching up was never that satisfying - seriously!!

Event: MDA AGM & MDA/FDI Scientific Convention and Trade Exhibition
Date: June 25-28, 2009
Venue: Equatorial Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Organiser: Malaysian Dental Association

Other than that, i got to jalan jalan cari makan di Penang!! and to add to the merriment - twas with Tika and her handful and darling daughter Chempaka!!

and Oh, i got to taste Nasi Briyani at Restoran Kapitan!! and i must add - SCRUMPTIOUS!!! The nasi alone dah heavenly i tell you!! *nyum nyum*

above photo from vkeong.com


Naddy said...

yaya, love your tudung in the 3rd pic :)

yaya othman said...

TQ NAddy!! :D

Kaseh suci said...

What else was soo 'happening' at Penang dear? Unforgettable moment perhaps..Mmmm..Grrrr..Urrr..Auwwwcchh..Dig dear..

Anonymous said...

dont think she mentioned the word "happening"!! or i missed it *sigh*

Kaseh suci said...

Owh..May be I should say..Mmmm..sumthing that was accidentally happened or nicely planned..