July 27, 2009

(not crap?)


I am in the middle of work and the treatment room seemed stuffy due to a maloperating airconditioner - thank god there's other airconditioners but the defect one sits nicely opposite to my unit, thus i sucked all the stuffiness *sigh* Without further expose which could result in a choke or cough, i thought i'd try to stuff something here... ngeh ngeh..


Well, i am still in a frugal mode - Please notice that there is still a photo of a Chloe Heloise in the My New Addition box on your right hand side!!! Haaaa..kan kan kan??!!! Being frugal really has its ups and downs - like totally!! muahahah... You know - you know, like yeaa you know!!

And since i cant get any, and i'm not getting any but it aint gonna hurt my wallet or bank accounts ( i do have 2 bank accounts) with only looking and drooling and dreaming and calculating (konon cam nak beli laa gituu..haha) and telling Nini bout it and save the photos of the bag so that i can look and drool and dream and calculate and tell summore!! muahahha... Crazy huh?? Hmmm... Oh well, whats new, crazy is my 38th middle name!!! LOL

And with so much looking and drooling and dreaming yadda yadda going on, i now proudly has a wishlist!! muahaha.. I've never got any - of bags that is, but now i do! A bucketlist of handbags!! Bole? "Of course bole babe!" kata Verde!! xx

I dont know whether i should tell y'all whats in the list but most of 'em kan adalah bags that i've been obsessed with and hooked on since the first time i laid eyes on them or the first time i saw a favourite celebrity toting it or maybe a non favourite celebrity pun ada jugak kot.. hehe..

Just to give some clues -

- a Spy Bag (Oh Fynn, if you're reading this, i am so glad to know that you dig this too!!! We should work for it honeh!! *wolfwhistle*),

- a Stam (Yanie and Fynn got this one dah!! Lucky girls!! Fynn, i heart your grey/navy Stam *cloud9*) ,

- an East West Medium Tote white color pleaseee!! (Verde, babe, yours is so beautiful and it is so nonchalant that its your everyday bag honeh!! But i saw that photo of Datuk CT with a white one in your blog and i trusss nak nangiss!! I so want the exact one - tho i'm not sure whether hers is in large or medium - but stunning nevertheless!! Fynn, we should really work babe!!)

- a jumbo 2.55. Ho yeaaa - Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle (Oh keep dreaming Yaya!! Nini bilakah??!!)

- a Paraty in bone. Bole ke another Chloe? Ble aja dong..ding dong!!

- a T bag

- a Suhali Lockit PM!!! Hahahaha...oh bile kah bile kah??!! hahah

Well, cukup la tu... that was quite 'some' clues i think.

reminder : these are all dreams and drools of mine yeaa girls - for that is all i can afford now. I am not even close/near to getting, buying, purchasing, owning, toting or carrying 'em. Tq :8)

Oooh ooh ada patients! Nanti resume.

- driving back home, to be continued -

Haaa...yes i'm at home ;D aaahhhh!!!....

So, lets talk bout something else, other than bags - well, i can go on and on and on for days talking bout bags but... maybe i should go on on bags!!?? Naah!! LOL

How do you define a successful person? How and when can you say a person is successful? What makes a person succesful? Who determines whether a person is succesful or not - is it that person himself or his peers or subordinates?

For me, a person is successful when he feels complete, content, satisfied and happy with himself for who he is. Complete and content - fulfilled with what he is or what he owns and maybe, just maybe, he doesnt want more or anything else. But thats if he's lucky. Satisfied and happy - pleased with what he's doing, gratified with his own achievements. But being delighted of what he's doing and his achievements doesnt mean that he has to boast about it, then he will be a succesful jack ass, no?

I watched Oprah last week, and that particular show featured some young moghuls, and i remembered one of them was Tony Hsieh - Internet Entrepreneur and Zappos CEO. Wearing faded gray jeans, a gray striped shirt and black sneakers, 35 year old Tony Hsieh hardly looks the part of billion dollars company's CEO. I remembered Tony said something like - he believes that success is created by following your passion and going through that journey of redefining is success. And that he thinks there's something to learn from anyone no matter what their position or background, and that anyone can be inspiring somehow.

You know, we oughta do what we dig! It aint matter if you're a potter, a pianist, a little league coach. When you are doing what you love and passionate about, you will be pleased and grateful even if you dont make a penny for the first 10 years - maybe not literally duhh!! simply because you are doing the one thing that you love!!

Lemme tell you a story bout a wonderful friend of mine (hmm yes am not gonna say her name). So, this friend of mine holds a degree in mathematics and masters degree in statistical studies (sum m sum m.. tak ingat la) from UK, but all the while she was always into home decor and interior design. As a fresh graduate and a holder of a masters degree from a world known university in UK, she was given her (as if) dream job - you know the job that suits her qualifications, great office space with magnificient view, generous pay and lotsa other perks lah kan..

So she keje lah, but even with such amount of money coming into her account every month, she wasnt satisfied, she wasnt content. Not that she was having difficulties with her fella office mates/boss/staffs and her job was an easy peasy task figuratively. Something was missing, she experienced emptiness.

After months of contemplating, she poured her heart out to her father - on her hobby and interest, interior design. Her father went "so that explains those boxes of ID books in your room". Being parents, you would always want to give the best and what is desired by your child, where its appropriate; so her parents lend her some amount of ringgit malaysia and encouraged her to start her own ID showroom or what she called "shy showroom". From there on, she took every tasks asked and requested. She was struggling for many many years but she felt complete, "I enjoyed doing every little girl's bedroom, even though i really wished my then customer would let me do her living or dining room, but i was happy nontheless. I did little rooms for as long as i could remember!!". After more than 10years, she is now very very successful and she made bank!!! Yes sirree!! She said that she isnt successful now, not to her heart at least, she was successful the very first time she nailed her first project! Hmm...sangat sangat true, doncha think??

How about you? Are you doing what you love right now? Did you always wanted to be the exact person you are now? Do you consider yourself successful - satisfied, happy, fulfilled and content?
Ok, so this is not a lie - I am 110% in love with the thing and field that i am in currently, and i pray that years ahead of me would be as wonderful and more fruitful for i am planning on spending lotsa and lotsa years in this arena, and that i hope my being in the area would be beneficial and significant to one person if not many. InsyaAllah. Amin.

I believe that ups and downs are naturally all part of the journey. If you don't have setbacks, you probably aren't taking enough risks. And just like my prev mentioned friend said, it's helpful to focus on being the best at one (smaller) thing rather than trying to be everything to everyone. As mentioned by Tony Hsieh, "Never ever forget that the most important thing in life is the quality of life we lead". W.O.R.D!

Well hell!! LOL
I better stop, or i'll kill you out of bore!! muahaha...
Later alligator.



JunoGuy said...

Success is relative, and you should never compare.

I like that interior designer's story. A state of complete satisfaction comes out of the soul that is at bliss; seeking satisfaction in the lower earthly desires (designing children rooms for instance). One who is happy doing what he or she loves each day. :D

And you dare call this entry lame? Good one, me thinks. Handbags notwithstanding.

zailamohamad said...

Arghhh..panjangnyer..malas nak baca bole;p

yaya othman said...

Yes you shouldnt compare ;)
tak lame ke? hihi thank you!

Zaila : tu laa i got really chatty laa on certain days..hahah
i rasa ramai jek people out there went "hok oloh panjang gile, malas aih nak baca!!". Takpe.. :)

Fynnaz said...

Owh babeee!!! Let see...

- a Spy Bag (I want! I want! Yeayyy we should dear! Could'nt agree more!)

- a Stam (Alhamdulillah, I love it so much. Now tak berat sgt dah hehe)

- an East West Medium Tote white color pleaseee!! (Owh yessss, melelehhh tgk Dato CT punya okay! Mcm kena struck by lightning hahaha hover)

- a jumbo 2.55. (Must get before 30! Tapi East West dulu ker 2.55 dulu? Uwaaa!)

- a Suhali Lockit PM!!! (Its in my list tooooo!!!!)

Kesimpulannya more or less taste kita sama and jom rompak bank untuk beli all bags tu! Hahaha just kidding!

I'm happy with my life now. Alhamdulillah just I nak baby girl jer hehe. Work wise plak, okayyyy lahhhh. I wish dapat pegi posting soon. Tu jer hehe.

Mrs. Cullen
(alamak berangan lagiiii! Hahaha)

yaya othman said...

hahaha Fynn, u rompak bank account Adam laa..ok pe!! LOL
InsyaAllah Fynn.. amin..

yellowrose said...

hai kak yaya..lame xdrop comment...........kdg2 termotivate plak bce ur entry yg u called crap nih..heheh...suke ur latest entry nih..mmg dpt keje something yg kte passion is ultimate happiness...agree agree

nini said...

long: bilakah? hahhahah

fynn: and U R MRS.CULLEN? hahahhahahha

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

babe...i soooooooo wish tooooo!

i think my handbag wishlist will never stop growing...yg monye nk beli nye lambat skets growing...hahhaha...

spy bag u can geng w fynn la...as im not a fan of it...suke tgk2 je :)

stam suke...but not sukeeeeeeeeee gilerrrrrrr...

east west in WHITE!!! lets all together terjun bangunan nakkkk?!?1?! hahhahahaha...serious babe...i siap bang my head coz rase nyesal i wish i had extra to buy another one in white that day ;p arghhhhhh...

jumbo 2.55...hmmmmmmmm niceeeeee...but if they ever gonna release the maxi again, i totally gonna dig that!

t bag...nie T tod's bag ke?!? if yes, lets droollllllllllll!!! owhhhhhh i like!

paraty...naah...not my taste ;p sorry bebeh...but surely i boley je ikut u msuk chloe ;)

suhali lockit...nkkkkk jugkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...n bileeeee jugkkkkkkkkk??? ;p

n on top of those above byk lg my wishlist...muahahahahahaha...ada beraniiiiiiiiii