July 14, 2009

Fainna ma'al 'usri yusra
Inna ma'al 'usri yusra

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief,
Verily, with the hardship, there is relief

Sometimes Allah S.W.T purposely hide the sun, making it an eager desire - we cry while we search for it, and sometimes we were close to giving up only then we know He has prepared a phenomenal rainbow for us.

Everybody are tested - we are put to the test that are endurable by each one of us, test that measures our own capability, for we are our own hero. And a test is essential for it holds the untold about life, about ourselves and about God. And a test comes in every form and way - be it a tumble or a blessing.


naddy said...

just be strong yaya... doakan yg terbaik.... *hugs*

zailamohamad said...

Insya Allah, ganjaran yang besar pada mereka yang sabar;)

yaya othman said...

TQ Naddy
TQ Zaila

Pray for our best and patience in fulfilling our hopes and dreams!!

xoxo =8)

p.s. Naddy jgn lupe apa yg i kirim tu tau... hihi

Fynnaz said...

Sabar dear. InsyaAllah ada hikmahnya.

P/s: Miss you too!!!

deloress said...

Be strong love..

This entry makes me realise.. and face the difficulties with open heart and tawakkal to Allah.

Thanx for reminding us .. kadangkala kite lupa :)

naddy said...

Yaya insyaAllah... u pun doa2 supaya I tak lupa ehehehe

Kaseh suci said...

Sabar bukan segala-galanya kalu kita x bersyukur dear..

Allah Maha Mengetahui, Maha Mengasihi dan Maha Adil..

yaya othman said...

“Adapun manusia apabila Tuhannya mengujinya lalu dia dimuliakan-Nya dan diberi-Nya kesenangan, maka dia akan berkata: “Tuhanku telah memuliakanku”. Adapun bila Tuhannya mengujinya lalu membatasi rezekinya maka dia berkata: “Tuhanku menghinakanku”. Sekali-kali tidak (demikian). (Surah al-Fajr ayat 15-17).

Kaseh suci : TQ for the reminder, we both know who you are. ALHAMDULILLAH i am grateful. I am sure u've read my other entries, and i've mentioned my gratitudes, they arent for a show, they act as an alarm clock for me and my close friends who follow my blog. You are most welcome here if your intentions are honest and your energies are positive.
Once again, ALHAMDULILLAH I'm so thankful and blessed regardless of my status and what not. I have a beautiful son, a strong and supportive family and wonderful dear friends whom all act as my backbone.

yaya othman said...

Fynn, Thank you babe!!
hmm..bile nak dating...???!!! hehe

neeza said...

Terima kasih Dr Yaya =)
entri ni betul2 menginsafkan..
Allah turunkan ujian sesuai dengan kemampuan kita utk menanggungnya..
kalo berat ujian tu..percayalah bahawa kita sememangnya seorang yang kuat & tabah utk menanggung ujian tersebut..Allah knows best =)

yaya othman said...

yes Neeza.. Allah knows best!

Kaseh suci said...

Isk..adatlah tu..Orang bercinta..Bagai dunia dia yg punya..Mau org tau, dia laa org paling bahagia di dunia..

INSYAALLAH..It's gonna be IKHLAS from now on..

Honest is not to lie..Not to lie is to tell the truth..So, I'm here to tell the truth dear..

Are you sure u know me Yaya?*huh*

Tahir, I dunno know who the hell u are..
The only thing i know is the thing that both of u had done..

IreneYaya said...

Yaya, your items dah sampai kat KL! InsyaAllah, if niat kita betul and ikhlas, everything will go smoothly. Stay positive k dear.

yaya othman said...

Irene : THANK YOU BABE!! weehooo!!

Kaseh suci : TQ for your kind intentions - of letting me know the truths, but no thank you.

Kaseh suci said...

Bcoz the truth is hurt??

Whateva he told u/will tell u,It's always true..

Betul kan En Tahir?

hopeful flower said...

kak yaya,

bagus tu buat entry on things that we always forget. it's not always that people have the guts to be reminded of something important.

as for me, your writing here gave me comfort as i am most of the time, feeling at a loss and gave up on faith. i am at the brink of losing it all, giving up.

people like you, and im sure many others out there whom have been tested with trials and tribulations in their private lives,give people like me, and many others who seemed to not see the good in all the bad, to just sit quietly, and gained a genuine smile.

God IS generous.
God IS kind.
God has NO BAD intentions towards me.
God LOVES me.

and so, i think,if people hurt you with their 'wisdom'- practice silence, for when you keep silent, you KEEP CRAP OUT of your existence. you emerge wholesome and more YOU.

alhamdulillah for all the things that God has bestowed upon us.

yaya othman said...

Hopeful flower : Thank you for stopping by and yes God is Great dear!! Alhamdulillah on all of the blessings - sometimes without us even realizing it!