July 24, 2009


Hi pretty people!!

Its another entry on bags - STAM by Marc Jacobs!!! Aaaahhhh....
Sangat lawa kan kan?!! And Fynn, i am oh-so-happy-for-you-honeh-but-still-feel-bit-of-jealousy sebab you are a proud owner of one!!! And your stam is a totally TDF hokeh, i love love love the color babe!!
Bet u've heard it couple of times dh kot from me eh but who cares, congrats again! Superb Catch!! *cloud9*

The Stam is a beautiful bag which features quilted leather with chunky chain shoulder strap and the kiss-lock closure top. This bag features a frame top and then the soft quilted leather body; which has proven to be a huge success season after season. The chain is a bit too heavy but besauty is pain.. ngeh ngeh..
Oh i so want one!! I would love to have it in a greyish tone or maybe bone or maybe blush or maybe beige or maybe... aiseh banyak maybe la plak!

Here is Miss jessica Stam ladies & gents, Marc Jacobs named the bag after her! Yup, no kidding!! Lucky b*****!!! Lifetime supply of Stam bags!! Hahaha... Oh Oh and i love the one on her arm!! that shade - if only *sigh*

Ooh Ooh, I love Rihanna's Stam! Exquisite color, dont you think? I loike!! :8D

Kate Beckinsale's stam is in neon green - which i dont dig but hey, you have all the rights in the universe to dig one like hers huh?! hehe
And Serena Van Der Woodsen's stam is just brilliant lah!! Charming!! But one like hers would cost much more - the bright blue hue with Swarovski gem embellishment!!

And lastly, Miss Duff toting her armcandy - black stam. Black is always nice and safe huh?! But i would really opt for the softer hues. Utter vanity!!! LOL

Well guess thats enough crap for tonight eh?!! hehe..
My frugal mode is killing me sebenarnya, and drooling on bags keeps me happy and a bit upbeat and frustrated and cursing all at the same time!! LOL

Till next bag, bye! Good nite!


snowiffy said...

welcome to d 'stam' world yaya! HARUSSSSS ada beg tu. TDF tau, at least one in yr closet ;) gd luck babe!

yaya othman said...

hehe haruss!!! hmmm...tang $$ tu yg tak brape nk haruss...makruh! hahahah

snowiffy said...

babe, kalau rajin n x kisah pkai pre-owned beg ni bole dpt 1/2 price kt pre-loved boutique. i got mine @3.5k je. takpun u buat online purchase frm UK. cos someone got it at less than 5k ;)

Kitty Pryde said...

eee. nak.

yaya othman said...

Kitty : nak jugak!! hehe

Yanie : Yeaa i know sumone yg got it from an online purchase. i dont mind really, its $$ that minds! LOL