July 30, 2009

AH Grey Elliot

A dear friend in UK approached me (via email) to help her sell a brand new Anya Hindmarch Elliot in grey. I dont really know the brand except for their Cooper *sigh*. I have yet to own an Anya Hindmarch, hmmm bile kah?!

Right. So i googled on an Elliot by AH and this is what i found :
An Elliot is a slouchy 100% leather bag with flap front pocket that is in brown and yellow trim and branded logo - yes it says Anya Hindmarch in capital letters. The bag has zip pocket on the reverse/back. Inside, there is a zip-pocket with leather trim, a pen-holder, a key-ring clasp and an inside pouch also with a leather trim. An Elliot bag is lined in beige suede and fastens with a magnetic tab. The measurements are 36cm x 31cm x 5cm.
It does look like a more casual shape than the boxy styles, ideal for an everyday bag, dont you think?
Letting go for only RM2k :8) Drop a beep or email if berminat eh!


p.s. To anyone that owns an Elliot or has tried it on, i would really appreciate it if you could gimme a beep on how comfy the bag is, tq :D


naza said...

Ala..td br gi Anya..tp tak try pulak..get meself the AH tote!!hehe..
would love to know gaks..

patient to be said...


dr yaya.. i nak ty pasal tooth whitening.. klinik kerajaan ada wat tak service tuu?.. n kene bayar ker? how much ek..

kalau leh u make an entry for this ..:) tq..

** i admire your beutiful teeth :)

yaya othman said...

dear patient to be,
Pasal whitening aka bleaching - i would love to blog bout it dear but cant promise yea..but insyaAllah :D
kt klinik kerajaan takde la dear that type of bleaching sbb kt klinik kerajaan, our aim is to restore, fix and cure..aesthetic dentistry kitorang tak buat la sbb ye lakan its not a necessity kan :)
if you go to a pri GP i think itll cost u 1k and up but take note that i am not concrete on this.

THANK YOU!! i tak buat bleaching pun :P

ainoriza said...

yaya.. beg ni bukan angelina jolie pakai ke? :-)

Ratih Sulastri said...

Hi Yaya.. Cantik la Elliot ni.. but Im in a midst of purchasing.. so..I gotta pass this one altho I really really really like it! Maybe if I have extra $$$$ I would consider..hehe.. Meantime tgk la rezeki siapa yg murah,dia yg dpt dulu.


yaya othman said...

Aino, no dear.. bag AH yg jolie pakai is a cooper.. but it does look mcm lebey kurang..

Ratih, you r in the midst of purchasing sumthing???!!! WOW!!! Wonder what would it be!!
OKes if rezeki u takkan kemana *wink*

ainoriza said...

heheh..okie.. anyway keep posting okie.. got addicted reading ur blog.. :-) u got talent.. go girl!

Anne said...

OMG!! It's AH?

went to Vincce in Ikano recently, was looking for a shoes, but coincidentally saw a bag in black almost the same design as 'Elliot'!! the difference is only on the front pocket..hehe

Ahh.. now is the time for Vincci to immitate AH.. previously they do the same for Coach eh..

But, FMHO, This is a Dead Gorgeous bag!!