June 28, 2009


I made an elucidation
thought it was crystal clear

I got carried away
thought the cues were there

I was coarse
thought it was unpleasantly honest

I should restrain momentarily
pause to enjoy the sceneries
a rest for my aching spine
linger so i could greet few friends

for hasty judgement will reflect on me


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey babe....
what happen???
chill on k...im all ears if u nd a friend ;D

naddy said...

hope everything ok.... tk care *hugs*

yaya othman said...

hi pretty!!!
both of you!!
i am ok! really..honest..betul!!

naddy said...

sahih? benar? ehehehe cepat2 dtg kl boleh berdating2 lagi ehehhe