June 22, 2009

berkat meets pewani

It was on the recent saturday, my fella BERKAT friends and i were invited to accompany TPS to UiTM Dungun for a communal event. We gathered at TPS mansion at 1.30pm and made our way to Dungun at 2pm. We were escorted by a police car completed with the siren on - for easier traffic access etc kan.. We reached UiTM Dungun at exactly 3 o'clock!!! Super eh!! I think so.. hehe..

We were greeted by few of orang kuat PEWANI and were ushered to the hall and our table. After a pleasant speech from wakil PEWANI and an enlivening one by TPS, it is time for food!! The meals were decent but i was full nevertheless..haha..whats new??!!
While devouring, all the guests were entertained with some dance, fashion show and singing - we also sang!! LOL Sungguh sonok tau!! Everybody were brisk and cheery - performing like nobody's bisnis!! and I sang 4 songs - a solo a duet and quartets.. ngeh ngeh .. Dah nyanyi-nyani sume, we all danced the poco-poco ..hihi.. it was the second time for me and i bethought myself for a moment - facile dance that i just cant seem to master, which is totally me sebenarnye, you know not good at dance steps - which is frustrating!! And on that saturday di UiTM Dungun tuu, to my surprise, i nailed it!!! Yahoo!! ..muahahaha.. I was terribly delighted and was enjoying it amazingly!! Best la!! Seriously - say it like Izzie Steven!
So, ada anyone reading yang nk berpoco poco with me?? ..ngeh ngeh.. Jom jom!! LOL (this is me tgh angau with poco-poco people, so please excuse my excitements!)

Right - moving on.. At 6pm, we said goodbye and parted ;( They were inarguably nice and bubbly - all of 'em, even the makciks pun; which is really really reinvigorating kan kan??!!
We headed back to Kuala Terengganu and was again escorted by a police car (completed with a siren to avoid traffic). We went straight to Sultan Mahmud Airport sebab TPS needs to leave the state.

It was like always - super!! to meet my fellow BERKAT members esp TingTongs!! Ima miss them laa.. thinking of being unable to chat and goss with them makes it so hard to part - and ima part from them soon , only not too soon *sigh*. Gregarious, communicable and extremely friendly!!! I love you guys!!

p.s. I would really like it if you could meet them dear.


naddy said...

love ur baju :)

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love TPS's baju.. buleh x?