June 30, 2009

till we meet again

This photo was taken during my 3 full day course in Equatorial, Penang - i'll blog on this later k, am still waiting for proper and prim photos from Tika..haha..

It has been 18months since i last encountered Tika! She was 8months pregnant and twas my xmas trip to Johore and Singapore..

p.s. and for the first time jugak, i met Chempaka Zara - Tika's adorable daughter!!


hi people!!

Just to let you know that i got my IELTS result! And i must say that i think i did pretty well - ye la kan, i was all serabai serabut baagai! Beli module pun tak sentuh langsung hokeh!! *spit*



June 29, 2009

g bag - sold!!

Any taker?? hehe..

Its a brand new leather G Bag by TODS (as seen on Halle Berry only not in azure), never used and purchased in the states. The color is Azure - hue that is halfway between blue and cyan.

Its features are :
An adjustable shoulder straps with buckles, a detachable shoulder strap, magnets for snap closure and an interior pocket secured with zipper.

RM3770 inclusive of shipping and handling. Authenticity guaranteed or money back!

This bag is totally TDF!!!! I would definitely steal it for myself at this bargain price but i am still in a frugal mode *sigh*



June 28, 2009


I made an elucidation
thought it was crystal clear

I got carried away
thought the cues were there

I was coarse
thought it was unpleasantly honest

I should restrain momentarily
pause to enjoy the sceneries
a rest for my aching spine
linger so i could greet few friends

for hasty judgement will reflect on me

June 22, 2009

berkat meets pewani

It was on the recent saturday, my fella BERKAT friends and i were invited to accompany TPS to UiTM Dungun for a communal event. We gathered at TPS mansion at 1.30pm and made our way to Dungun at 2pm. We were escorted by a police car completed with the siren on - for easier traffic access etc kan.. We reached UiTM Dungun at exactly 3 o'clock!!! Super eh!! I think so.. hehe..

We were greeted by few of orang kuat PEWANI and were ushered to the hall and our table. After a pleasant speech from wakil PEWANI and an enlivening one by TPS, it is time for food!! The meals were decent but i was full nevertheless..haha..whats new??!!
While devouring, all the guests were entertained with some dance, fashion show and singing - we also sang!! LOL Sungguh sonok tau!! Everybody were brisk and cheery - performing like nobody's bisnis!! and I sang 4 songs - a solo a duet and quartets.. ngeh ngeh .. Dah nyanyi-nyani sume, we all danced the poco-poco ..hihi.. it was the second time for me and i bethought myself for a moment - facile dance that i just cant seem to master, which is totally me sebenarnye, you know not good at dance steps - which is frustrating!! And on that saturday di UiTM Dungun tuu, to my surprise, i nailed it!!! Yahoo!! ..muahahaha.. I was terribly delighted and was enjoying it amazingly!! Best la!! Seriously - say it like Izzie Steven!
So, ada anyone reading yang nk berpoco poco with me?? ..ngeh ngeh.. Jom jom!! LOL (this is me tgh angau with poco-poco people, so please excuse my excitements!)

Right - moving on.. At 6pm, we said goodbye and parted ;( They were inarguably nice and bubbly - all of 'em, even the makciks pun; which is really really reinvigorating kan kan??!!
We headed back to Kuala Terengganu and was again escorted by a police car (completed with a siren to avoid traffic). We went straight to Sultan Mahmud Airport sebab TPS needs to leave the state.

It was like always - super!! to meet my fellow BERKAT members esp TingTongs!! Ima miss them laa.. thinking of being unable to chat and goss with them makes it so hard to part - and ima part from them soon , only not too soon *sigh*. Gregarious, communicable and extremely friendly!!! I love you guys!!

p.s. I would really like it if you could meet them dear.

June 17, 2009

a weekend

Hello pertty people!!
How are you? Good i hope ;D
Me? I'm great!! hehe

Well.. i'm at work - started working yesterday sbnrnye for the week. I took a 2days leave for my IELTS exam. It was held at Corus Hotel and British Council, KL.

There were 4 parts of the exam which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. Listening was hokey, reading was hmmm...hokey (?), writing was so-so - me think and speaking was rubbish!! LOL Why rubbish? Well i got really chatty and crappy like my ususal random self! haha..the interviewer had to stop me for crapping too much! Well, for what its worth, i was told that as long as u dont pause, u're good! So i guess i was good ..muahahaha..

While i was in KL for the IELTS exam, grabbed the chance to meet Nini, Iman and Fathi - well its a definite thing la kan for me to see them since i tumpang tido kat umah diorang!! hahaha
Other than that, met some friends and family - i shud mention that i met my brother Abang aka Luke on his birthday, 14th june that is! Oh and met En. Tahir ;p


Right! So ima tell y'all bit on the recent trip to Kl la eh!? Yes! Oh oh .. i didnt bring Khalish along. Ye laa.. nak gi exam kan and he was a bit feverish ;((

Flew to KL on friday and went straight to Nini's place - i actually wanted and planned on seeing my fella BDSmate Faiz Khaleed that night but cant keep my eyes open (twas 11pm) so decided to meet him the next night.

Sat my IELTS exam on saturday - listening, reading and writing at 0900-1230 and speaking at 1415 - on that speaking part, i got 3 topics me think, if tak silap, and twas cycling (WTF?), holidays/celebrations and gifts (which i think i crapped myself out the most masa nih!! LOL) and education & media. Overall nye i did biase biase je la kot, i was talking non stop but sume rubbish la me think!! muahaha...the interviewer maybe went like "WTH??" in her mind!! LOL So why did i seat for IELTS? Twas for my postgrad course, wherever that will be la kan?! hehe..
The result will be out on the 26th nii!! Hope i did well *sigh*. After IELTS speaking part habes, i took an lrt to KJ station and balik umah Nini - FYI that was my first lrt ride after 6-7years kot!

On that night plak, i had dinner at Chili's KLCC with some friends - some are old and some are new.. twas Anto - nice meeting you again!!, Faiz - great to see you again after our last get-together in january, Muzammil and wife, Dillah and cutest daughter, Maryam - super-friendly and nice couple, very easy to get along with and i hope to see you guys again and maybe the soon newborn!! hehe.. I had lotsa fun and my portobello chicken was yummeh!! I was super full - tank reached its fullest capacitry i tell ya!! haha.. Whats new anyway kan, me pigging myself!

Right! After dinner, i had a foot massage kat Hartamas! Best best best - twas my second time there and this time i requested not to do the cupping thingy to my feet - sakit dowh!! So the foot massage without the cupping is waaay waaay better i tell ya - for me la at least *sigh*.

Sunday plak was my brother - Lukman Hakim Othman 's 22nd birthday! YES!!! Very young!! muahaha.. So Nini and i planned on treating abang at some japanese place ke simply becuase he just dig nippon and everything associated with it but we ended up kat Tony Roma's!!

Oh lupe nk kabo!! Nini got herself a beautiful fuschia Coach wallet!!! and almost bought a speedy!!?? Almost - yep almost!! muahahah...tkpe Nini..hujung bulan toghether gether eh!! LOL
After some (some ke?? cam banyak jek!! haha) really good food at Tony Roma's, went to meet Verde, Naddy and Fynn as planned and promised 2/3days before at Dome. MAKAN LAGI!!!!

Us girls had so much fun!! Gossping, laughing and posing for everyone's digi cameras!! Nini and i were terribly full so we ordered refreshments sahaja and a tiramisu cake for abang for his birthday. It was Fynn, Nini and my first time meeting Naddy - she was terrific!! Bubbly, cheerful and bole masuk laaa - if u know what i mean!! LOL Everybody were with their des bags but Verde paling best la kan since she bawak her eastwest tote!!!! Nak nak nak nak!!!! huhu ;(

While eating, drinking and talking, Nini called one of Dome's waiter and told him it's our brother's birthday and requested a birthday song..hahah!! And abang's face was all read and blue at the same time!! Malu lah tuuu!! After a while, Dome's staffs came to our table with a cheesecake and a candle and a pressie for Abang and they sang a birthday song!! So cute ok - the look on abang's face!! TQ all pretty people at Dome!! hihi..

Here's a picture of everyone with bags ..haha.. takkan abang pun nak join kan, dia tak habes malu lagi tuu!! After we kissed Nini goodbye - she had to go sbb Iman dh nak tido etc, we went to see a movie! 17 Again!!! ngeh ngeh.. BEST laa citer tu!! ;D All of us were laughing like noone's bisnis!! and Zac Efron - total hotness!! LOL Well my fella frens Verde and Naddy dah made a post on Zac Efron!!! muahahaha.. Fynn?? u dh jgk eh? ;p

To Verde, Fynn And Naddy - Really hope to see you girls again!! I had lotsa fun with you pretty girls!! And to my ever so fun and understnding sister Nini - miss u already!! I cant wait for another Nini & Yaya kerrazzee moment!! xoxo

Haaaa...that was it la!! hihi..ye ke dear?

So i flew back to KT on monday (am) with Khalish!! Haaaa??!!! Cmne Khalish bley ada plak kan? hihi.. twas my mom who brought him to KL with her on sunday! They arrived around 6-7pm gitu ;D So i spent that nite with my son yang dh lost few pounds (bile mommy nk lose few pounds nih??!!!) from his few days fever. Yep! Arrived in KT and took a cab home.
The end.

p.s. doncha think Hajabas are nice? kan kan kan? i loike!!

June 10, 2009

lilly & faiz 070609

Acknowledgements :

Anuar Collection & Catering
DJ and crew
Baby Elle
Faizal Photography
Radzuan Radziwill
Friends esp Tahir, Yanie and Fynn all the way from KL!!

Thank You!!

p.s. I sang a song for the lovely couple LOL

June 8, 2009

Lilly & Faiz 060609


Acknowledgements :

Crystal Mosque, Kuala Terengganu
Baby Elle
Faizal Photography
Jeff Ibrahim
Anuar Collection
Tuan Hj Ramli Noh