May 9, 2009

xmen origins : wolverine

hey people!

Hows your weekend so far? Hope everything is superb and as planned ;)
As for me, my weekend is great up till now and hope that its gonna stay that way..hihi..

I handed in my IELTS application form yesterday and got my exam date dah! Hope i'll pass with flying colours nanti ;D

I also had the chance to catch a movie! twas XMEN ORIGINS : WOLVERINE. What can i say bout the movie eh. Actually, my sister Nini recommended it to me, she loved it and said that it was an amazing movie tahap mak datin rambut gerbang!! hahah..that was her exact words!! No kidding!! No offense ;)

To me, twas a good movie which served its objective very very well, which was to introduce the origin of WOLVERINE. What an introduction!!! hehe

Hugh Jackman is super buffed! Like super duper! And i bet he's like super tall too! He wouldnt have that problem which when you buy a pair of new jeans and you would have to get it altered so that it'll fit your legs perfectly, dont you think?! Those jeans would fit him accurately and flawlessly.

My favourite character in the movie is Gambit played by Taylor Kitsch, hehe!! Hmmm, i have a feeling that lotsa girls dig this character! ..keh keh keh.. I dont read the comics, so i've never heard of this character, Gambit. He can charge objects with kinetic energy and causing them to explode, he could also enhance agility and has a hypnotic charm. His signature weapons are playing cards?! Betul ke? ..keh keh keh..

Theres also Sabretooth played by Liev Schreiber who has a superhuman strength. He has an enhanced senses and razor-sharp claws and teeth. I think Liev did a good job playing Sabretooth, totally dig! You dig dear?? hahah

All and all, i liked it but maybe because i've expected it to be much much more splendid, it was a slight dissapointment to me. I thought that it was hanging, well maybe they did that only because there'll be a sequel and in many cases, the sequel continues elements of the original story, often with the same characters and settings. So i totally dig that lah! ..hihi..

Guess thats all for now!

Oh and heres a photo of Verde, Fynn, Nini and i together ;)
We had a brunch today! Marvellous time! Wish we could do it often girls ;D


bUL4N said...

k long g tgk ngan sape??

btw,kak nini sungguh comey dlm gambo ning!!

yaya othman said...

halluuu angoh!
kak long gi tgk ngan dia lah ;) hehe

Kak nini mmg super ah leni! haha

nini said...

hahahahahhaha u guys..
ok angoh, totally nawok ah sunggoh comei.. sunggoh decent looking aa ke ndape..

but i do love me tudung.. hahahahhahah

we miss u angoh