May 5, 2009

whats up

Salam pretty people ;)

I'm at work and unlike any other working day, i was supposed to be at this course near by but it was cancelled, and thats how i am here, blogging and being chatty and crappy.

So, whats up with me huh?! Hmmm.. a lot! Plenty! Huge! keh keh keh..

I'll start with my job.. as you know, i am working in Kuala Terengganu currently, and as some of you know, i will be transferred/moving somewhere else, God knows where lah! So thats about it on my job.
Oh and maybe one or two or three people reading my blog nih noticed that i post an entry on endodontist which i copied&pasted from wikipedia (twas sometime in april), well that is my choice for a postgraduate course. I really wanna do that, like really really!! Hmmm.. and InsyaAllah if everything goes well and meant to be, one fine day.. hihi

Right! Whats next? Aaaahhhh.. my friends or at least people yang i thought were my friends! Dont worry guys, you are only human, chill lah! hihi..
I've been receiving lotsa nasty comments and such here kan?, dont tell me you didnt notice that!! Puhhleaasse - do not gimme that crap! :P
Haaa, it is so funny because.. theres this one person which i am pretty sure is a woman left my chatbox with banyak comments yang langsung tak membina, and when my sister and kind friends backed me up and smacked her in the nose, she disappeared and then just like what we thought, she came back only this time its a totally different name and person lah, as if kan..hihi..again i ingatkan, chill lah!
And it is so shocking and sad when i noticed that this ill girl is orang ganu kite! Aiyaakkk!! LOL
Seriously?! << say it like Izzie Stevens does
Dear friends and my dear sister Nini, thank you! You guys are the best lah! Even after series of shitty situations, i know i can count on you! Oh and to whoever yang backed me up the other day, i dont know you personally, but i know that you know what i meant and that you got it - my joke that is! TQ! I stood up previously but i never got the chance to express my appreciation, so here it is.

Right again! Next topic is my heartbeat Khalish!
He is turning three dah! Aawww my baby is growing up fast ;(( Time flies kan?! *sigh*
Khalish skarang ni adalah sangat handful! He loves Digimon and would immitate those Digimon monsters and would kick and wrestle me or anybody around him! Aduh sakit la jugak! I really wanna catch him in action one day and post it here tau! It is hillarious! He'll go like "debushh" "Aarrkk Arrkk" and "Shhhhhh" LOL ... Nanti la, one fine day, i'll tape him in action :D
And, skarang nih, whenever he wants to sleep and go to the bed, he'll collect his digimon toys and figurines with him and take 'em to bed with him! He would susun and queue 'em next to him and will want 'em to be there like that (in a Q) until he dozes off! This has been going on for almost 2 weeks dah and it is so sakit when these figurines and small toys terkena and tercucuk my body! LOL ... Khalish, Khalish..
So now, whenever he's asleep, i will collect and display his digimon toys ni on our bedpost, satu keje la plak kan?!! Well, this only applies when i teringat or rajin or dah terkena/tercucuk!

Moving on. Topik perbincangan seterusnya - and i must say this is only a short topic/discussion sbb i wanna avoid any further questioning and interrogating *laugh out loud*- is this smart & nice person yang i know! ..keh keh keh..
Hmmm...the only thing yang korang need to know for now is that he is very nice indeed (up till now la kan!) and that i enjoy talking to him! Period.

Whoaaa...there goes my chatty and crappy self! Till next time, tata.


Suzie said...

seronoknya dpt kenal dental surgeon :-D oohh sana sini ramai yg dah private blog bcoz of nasty comments.i did once but now i tak buat lg,sometimes ikut mood.

yaya othman said...

Hello Suzie! nice knowing you jugak!
And on the nasty comments - human will only be human la kan :)
life goes on!
what doesnt kill ya only makes ya stronger aight?!

naddy said...

hi yaya... mmg kena ignore je those nasty comments :) life goes on kan... besides they just read our blogs, bkn kenal kita pun kan ehehe

a.k.a lollipop said...

i selalu gak dapat cik annon nyer comment but i buat tak tau jer and never publish it so lamer-lamer dah kureng..hehehe..maybe diaorang pun dah malas nak datang to my blog lagi coz they know i tak layan =)

yaya othman said...

naddy : yes mmg kena ignore! buat pekak tuli buta LOL

Lollipop : thats nice the way u said it - cik annon! hehe...

zailamohamad said...

Betol tu, manusia ni xboleh lari dari PHD (PERASAAN HASAD DENGKI), so just ignore them..lama2 diorang bosanlah tuuu

Anonymous said...

semekum.....sape "that Girl" tu yer....klu ko maksudkan "dia"...bukan dia sorang tau coz dia da geng yg akan baca blog ko, tp takde mase nak bg comment kat blog, better ko pikir2 kan org lain lagi yg tak suke kan the way terima kasih la atas kecurigaan ko tue..da inform geng2 "that girl" tu jgn menyibuk hal ko lagi......dr perasaan simpati, langsung menyampah!!!!!!!boleh la nak pikir sape lagi yg tak suke kat ko tu, coz "that girl" n da geng dia tak pernah bagi comment yg tak membina ok!!!!!!!cerdik la sikit secerdik kerjaya ko tue....

the dentist (and proud to be) said...

dear yaya,
hi, saya ni geng seangkatan and i must say... takyah la bother dgn md perasan mcm surgeon-to-be yg tak-tau-pun-lagi-lulus-jadik-surgeon tuh. ade jer md yg hampeh, mcm baru2 ni yg diagnose my 3-yr-old baby is having shingles. Shingles! on a 3-yr old! dentist pun tau shingles more common in org 50>yrs or hiv+. dang! kesimpulannya yaya, no md or dentist is perfect. that includes me and surgeon-to-be. but of course, we always strive to be as perfect as we can be, kan yaya kan?