May 22, 2009

Pradas to let go!!

To all Bag Lovers,
Here are 2 units of brand new and never carried Prada TDF bags for y'all ...ngeh ngeh.. If only i am not in a FRUGAL mode!! LOL

One of it is a Cervo Lux Prada in grey leather at RM4750 - SOLD!! and the other one is a leather interwoven Black Prada Tote (sorry la people i dont speak Prada!) at only RM6k .. do grab this chance if you're aiming a Prada or two ..huhu.. Well, The Devil always wears a PRADA! ;p

Please contact me for further details and assistance yeaa ;D
Sebenarnya, i malas nak type banyak-banyak info nih at the mo' ..hihi..
Yaya in a frugal & lazy mode.

p.s. Sorry for the poor uploaded photos ;(


The Queen Bee said...

eh cantik la pulak i mmg peminat prada.. huhu i loike the grey ones

yaya othman said...

hanis! i pun peminat Prada!! tp duit tarakk!! hahaha

i loike the interwoven tuu ;)