May 12, 2009


Hi All!!
Dah lama takde entry on bags kan?! here it is lah ;))

My recent trip to KL - i went to Chanel, KLCC.. wanted to show a bag to someone -which i did- and twas a Chanel East West Medium Tote in white (sorry i dont speak Chanel, so i panggil white je lah yeh!).
I love it! Just love it! It is simply a lay-low-gorgeous piece!

While in the boutique, i had the chance to browse through and try on other bags jugak ;D
Then i saw and grabbed a Jumbo Chanel Classic Flap Lambskin in greyish/baby blue, and i melted!!!
Its like seeing a beautifully decorated cake on the dining table that looks so edible and yet too fabulous for you to eat it down your throat! I want I want I want!! keh keh keh
I cant seem to get it off my mind!


Here's a photo of a bag similar to what i saw the other day. Well the color is not the same, but somehow the one i saw and tried on was few shades lighter and ada mist of baby blue gitu ;)
And FYI, grey is my "dig" color at the moment! Hehe...yeaa Nini will go like "Hmmm you and grey!". Well i really really think that Grey is the new black people! hahaha...Ok enuf explanation!

And here is the East West Tote, only its a large size in this photo. A large size is bit too big for me, it'll drown me (me think).
Well my dear fella bagaholic, Verde got hers in black!! Aiyaaakkk... am so jeles of you babe!!

Hah!! Thats it for now ;D Till next bag, tataa!!


p.s. writing xoxo tadi makes me itch for GG latest episode la dear ;p


Ninie said...

nak jgak hihi...go n get it babe!

Mrs LVoe said...

hanya mampu melihat. heheheh..

dh tgok dlm blog fynnaz bag chanel verde. mmg cun. suits verde well gn kaki langsing tinggi lampai

Anis said...

its juz gojesss!~go grab one doc :)

The Queen Bee said...

omg chanel!! the must have bag for every girl!! i pun nak jugakk. insyaAllah this yr/ ;)

yaya othman said...

hihi yes yesw total TDF!!
me want one or two hehe...

ntah bile lah gaknye yeh?!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

quoting yaya "ntah bile lah gaknye yeh?!"
mengikut perkiraan beta, dlm hujung tahun ini saje...muahahhahaa

Fynnaz said...

OMG OMG OMG ada 2.55 in Dark Grey/Blue ker??!! Saya suke gilerrr!!! For me grey is new blue! Haha.

Dear, my Stam tu act color code dia Dark Grey but IRL nampak navy/petrol blue kan? Tu psl angau giler hr tu hehe.

Anyway I want CC Flap & East West Medium gak! But can't decide in what color!!! Mayb black & red kot. Or BLUE! Haha psycho dah ni. Tapi bile? Thn depan lah kotttt huhu.

yaya othman said...

Fynn, let us go get 'em both together gether!! hahaha

Verde honeh, end of the year???!!!! muahahahah InsyaAllah.
Amin, masin mulut u ;P

snowiffy said...

alahai yaya...bikin kami mula angau CHANEL laa..