May 15, 2009

Mother's Day with Darul Falah Orphanage

Salam pretty people,

Huisshhhh...i am deeply tired! My feet and back are aching.
I had a hectic day today, well for the second half that is ;p I was involved in a Mother's Day Celebration. Walking sana sinih, chasing Khalish ke depan ke belakang!!

How to start nih eh... hmm.. well, i am an active member (active la jugak) of an NGO, Badan Amal Wanita Profesional Terengganu, Selangor dan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur (BERKAT) that is. Its an organization which was initiated by a group of professional ladies who are anak jati Terengganu and was registered on June 2007. The purpose of BERKAT is to provide khidmat bakti and to contribute an indirect development to the state via numerous activities which are mainly kerja-kerja amal.

OK, so today.. We had a Mother's Day Celebration with Darul Falah Orphanage, Kuala Terengganu. It is also our first event of the year, thus it is also an impromtu launch of us.

There were 160 children (boys and girls) and 10 teachers/guardians from Darul Falah at To Puan Sri (our advisor) 's big house. The event started at 3pm and the kids sampai awal 15minutes..and i arrived bit lewat - 5minutes to 3pm! Aisehh lewat skit TPS, sorry ...ngeh ngeh..
I arrived with 100 cupcakes and Khalish yg masih mamai and sleepy. Haaa that is why i was late, i waited for Khalish to jaga from his nap (looong nap)! Once i'm there, i straight away went to the buffet table to display and susun my cupcakes which FYI i didnt buat sendiri..hehe.. I'm such a lousy cook la people, seriously! And dh siap susun cupcakes sume, made my way to my table, greeted and salam + pecks to the members and duduk diam diam.. shhhh...

After a speech or two by those who gave speeches *grin*, we makannn!!! I was terribly hungry masa tu since it was almost 3.45pm i think! And Khalish jugak was also super lapar! We had satay ayam (sorry, satay daging doesnt work for me), nasi minyak, asam gumpal, tepung pelita, cupcakes, chocolate moist cake, sardine rolls, mini beef burgers, and macam macam lagii...haaa banyak eh i ate?!!! me feel zero guilty tho - not good!!!

Dah abis eating, our BERKAT members were called by an usher to a press conference inside TPS's house, in the lavish living room to be exact. NSTP was there, Kumpulan Utusan was there and one other team tapi i lupe laa... sorry yeh!

Outside - singing, kareoking, eating and having funning were still on! Everybody was enjoying themselves - which was really really good! And to my surprised, someone told me that while i was inside with the press, Khalish was dancing gile2 in front of the stage!! And that everybody laughed and enjoyed it, and that he looked like he was enjoying it!! And i missed it!!! uwaaa ;((
I think he thinks that he's at a Tom Tom Bak show/set kot.. hehe.. he loves that show! Bangun tido jek "Mommy, Tom Tom Bak!!", siap bley sleeptalk sume hokeh!! muahahaha!!

So dear, thats Kak Mala with the black hijab, Kak Ratna the one standing behind me and Aunty Moon in pink next to me :)

The thing ended with us bersalam + hugging + bagi angpau to the children.. which was nice, sebab i get to greet each one of them, ask them their age (tho i might not ingat sumenye), tell 'em to strive for success and.. haaa.. nih penting nih.. to look for me if they come to dental clinic tempat i work ;D So tak perlu queue lama2!
TPS reminded us not to cry/shed tears because she doesnt want the children to think that we feel sorry for them, but no matter how hard i tried to avoid myself from getting all teary, i ternangis jugak sikit!! I cant help it lah ;(( am sorry, really sorry!!

It made me realized how lucky and fortunate i am to have a mother and a father! They have neither! I realized that i couldnt have done it if my parents werent there for me, werent there to help me, werent there to guide me and werent there to push me! And these kids - all they have are their siblings (if they have any), friends and teachers! Which are great but still..i couldnt imagine growing up without a mother and a father, i mean both!! It also made me realized that i may took things for granted and that i may be a bit big headed at times - u know us yang konon adult with our parents, and i felt bad - simply not grateful after all the blessings Allah showered me with! Astaghfirullah!


And on this post jugak, i want to take the chance to wish my mom Happy Mother's Day (again, well i havent done it publicly huh?)!! I love you! Youre my mentor, youre my inspiration, youre my wingman - uhh wingwoman, youre my go-to-person and youre my ambassador of love - no doubt about it!! Only you know whats good on me and whats not and whats best for me and whats not. I can still ingat the day u sent me to Kolej Mara Banting for my Asasi program, when i was all crying and begging you to take me back home to Terengganu with you, you said to me

"Long, you are living my dream! So please do this for me because i am not fortunate enough to experience this on my own."

Thank you Umi!! I am sangat sangat fortunate to have you as my mom!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to every mother reading! The worlds is a brighter place with you around simply because you've always made someone's day ;D


zailamohamad said...

tol tue, every time Zaila raser down jer..i was then thinking that i'm such a lucky person still have both of my yang emosi ni..

kkdila said...

well done and very2 nice writing yaya!

p/s: kasik la no phone kot FB nnt..kkdila lama gak kat ganung nie..

bUL4N said...

Kak Long!
U never fail to put me into tears..
btw, asam gumpal tuh hok ganne ek..

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

emi pon harap sgt anak emi, Emily dpt menunaikan segala impian emi yg xtercapai..amin

selamat hari ibu kak yaya!

ezra said...

hye dr yaya....i'm one yr silent reader..mind if i ask u...yr mom guna wheelchair ke?
yr mom looks younger ..;)

yaya othman said...

hey all : Thanks for dropping by ;D

ezra : no and yes ;p
no my mom doesnt use a wheelcjair but yes, she was using one (as seen in photo) due toa a terrible fall ;(