May 26, 2009

its a wrap!

Aaaahhhh!!! I baru habis tengok Gossip Girl - Season 2 Finale!!!
TQ dear!! ..ngeh ngeh..

What can i say ..

- Season 2 is somehow different from season 1 (mestila kena different kan, if tak bosan la kan ;p) since the focus/limelight is not totally Miss Van Der Woodsen but rather Miss Waldorf (?)! Which is lagi best sbb twas a happy ending for Miss Blair and her desired man Mr Bass.

- Congratulatios to Miss Jenny Humphrey on becoming The Queen on next season's high school session! She will make them lose the head bands fashion statement thingy! Which is such a Blair's style!

- Season 3 is gonna be a blast (i hope) since Blair, Dan and Georgina will be attending NYU together-gether!! ...hihi.. Yes!! Expect more dramas people!! And Georgina requested Blair as her room mate!! fight *meow* !!

- Mr Van Der Woodsen will be featured in season 3 i guess, since Serena went looking for her dad in Fiji!! ..boringgg... On the other hand, more dramas la kot since Rufus and Lily are getting married!

- Dan and Jennny's half brother (Rufus and Lily's son) will also be featured in season 3. He's a transfer at NYU.

- Nobody can figure out who in the world is Gossip Girl!! My sister thinks its Georgina!?? ntah la

- I am so happy for Blair and Chuck!!! Seriously happy!! Twas so sweet when Blair asked Chuck to say "I love you" again and Chuck said it again and again and again!! *cloud9*

Ima miss them lah!! Cepat la Season 3!!! Cannot wait!! ;D


zailamohamad said...

Buleh pinje dop CD/DVD Gossip Gurl tue??hihihihi;-)

peminat setia gossip girl said...

salam kak yaya,
Tiba-tiba terjumpa blog akak. seronok jumpa geng yg minat Gossip Girl jugak. Mmg syok ending season 2. Finally Chuck cakap jugak I LOVE U kat Blair. Cute! Tapi cam sedey gak 'cos i was rooting for Blair + Nate. huhuhu

peminat setia gossip girl said...

Dan punya half brother tu leh tahan sweet gak. ehehehe

Ella said...

hi yaya...

suka i jumpa geng Gossip Girl..
I tak sempat khatam lg Season 2..Selalu berebut dvd player with my son.

ur review buat i teruja to watch the movie..