May 25, 2009

Hello people!!

It has been a while since i last been chatty and crappy ..kih kih..
There was this course at Kuantan, and then there was this 'lazy' mode that was on ..hehe..
And then there was Gossip Girl epi 22-24!! Yep! and i have epi 25 in my hand but havent had the chance to watch it just yet - but ima do it soon la me think, prolly today!! Thats a must do for today ;D

So, it is 7.20am now and i'm in front of the laptop!! Not good!!! Sebab i keje nih ..muahaha.. Well, tinggal leave the house and wallaaa.. i'm at work! *giggle*

So, whats the story morning glory??!!

Well... lemme start with this friend i just got to know virtually ;) She is one of our humble blogger but i havent come across her blog, not even once! She wrote to me, telling me how she loves reading my blog and that how cool she thinks i am with stuffs - shits to be exact! And how she dig my humble collection of bags ;D Thank You!!!
Well, i've received few emails from anonymous or my blog followers/readers but i really dig this one because twas really long, long and warm! hahah!! Not that other emails are not warm but this one was really really heartwarming and long ;D

To this dear person **t, i love reading your emails and keep on reading here and keep on writing to me yeaa, maybe we could meet some day! Your emails somehow made my day! ..hihi..

Its wonderful huh, how you can cheer some one up with out you even knowing and its even more wonderful how a person can be so generous and honest to even let you know that you've touched or cheered him/her heart! Ye la kan, i dont even know her personally but from our series of emails, we somehow got close to close!! And i totally dig that!
And people, please do not think that she is a wacko ke hape ok! - Well you know how it is when a person reads my blog and they some how become very very interested in it and leave negative comments! muahahaha *wink*


Ok i'm at work dah!! ..hihi..

Hmm i have no appointments this morning since i have to be one of the panel for this performance evaluation/assessments thingy for my staffs.. So basically i just sit there, listen to their presentations and give comments - constructive comments! And later at 11.45am i have an appointment with our fellow state orthodontist! haha.. Since got back from that ortho course di Kuantan, i pretty much think that i need to correct my anterior lower teeth and my midline in particular. Not that anybody would notice (a dentist like myself will surely notice kot) but its kinda an incomplete ortho treatment for me dulu!! Its my fault jugak that i wanted to debond it asap!! Guess i had enough torture dah kot ..keh keh keh..
How bout you dear? Do you think ortho treatment was a torture?? But i could use all the help for shedding some kgs! LOL
So untill then, i'm free to be here ..hihi..


Haaa!!!... Do you know how it is with friends that are close to you -or at least thats what you/they thought- wanting your happiness and would tell and advise almost any possible/doable things to help you gain joy?? I think theres a very thin line between being honest and frank, what do you think?

I guess - You could like tell anything that you feel, gives every opinion that you think is worth telling - not weighing whether its a good or bad opinion or whether its gonna hurt your friends' feelings or not. And if you are like super close to that friend, he/she can and will accept it and knows it by heart that you're just being honest and loyal and not aiming to degrade that friend of yours. What do you think?

I think - You could and should tell and express your feelings/thoughts/opinions but you should also support your friend, no?! For example, if you have a friend, a dear friend who wants to do this certain type of business which he/she totally dig but you dont - you know, it may be a bit too risky or too good to be true. What would you say? I would tell what i think, honestly, that it may be a fraud or yadda yadda yadda, but i'd also support that friend of mine by letting they know that if they're gonna do it anyway, i'd be totally OK and supportive (is there any other word for supportive? Assisting, no?)! I mean i would want the same jugak. BUT if it turns to be a fraud just like i thought or predicted, what would i do eh?! Hmmm... i guess its a lesson for that friend of mine to learn and to reflect on and maybe i could help he/she with the reflecting thing!! hahah! *sigh*. Then maybe you can go " I told you so!! ". Muahahaha.. kidding je!! ;p

Wow i am chatty and crappy today!!! LOL

Right again!

So maybe you guys are wondering " Apehal la Yaya berciter pasal that?! ". Hmmm...reason is that, adalaaaaa.... keh keh keh...
Theres no particular reason sebenarnye, like i said i'm being chatty and crappy today!! LOL

Till next time, tata titi tutu ;D


yellowrose said...

kak yaya....keep on wrting..xpenah miss bace every entry of yours..

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

okieeeeeeeeeee...r u okieeeeeeeeeeee?!?!?!? hehehhee

zailamohamad said...

Yap, memang suker bacer ape yang you merapu;-)

DearInTheHeadLights said...

i would say that being far and away from you is a bigger torture, compared to all of those years wearing braces.

...well maybe sitting in the same room with nini is more tortuous, i don't know. it's quite subjective you see, hehehe. don't you agree?

yaya othman said...

yellowrose : TQ dear! really appreciate it!
Verde : Ok sangat sangat!! hehe
Zaila : Suke ke? Oh tq!! Tp nih mmg merapu betul kan? muahahah
DearInTheHeadLights : ya betoll!!;p