April 10, 2009


Salam pretty people,

Thank Goodness its friday!
- work - neg
- on call - neg
- chores - neg (more like a lie, but heck *spit*)
- good home cooked food - pos

Enjoy below photos of my schweetheart enjoying his lunch! ..kih kih..

I've got my Fitflops and new beautiful wallet, hooray!! Altho my new wallet is slightly smaller compared to my previous one, but I'm lovin' it! Thank you to my dear cousin in Melbourne and a friend in Abu Dhabi ..time kaseh..

I'll blog more later ok, am terribly lazy for now (while munching begedil tauhu *nyum nyum*)!!



Ina Noor said...

khalish sebijik muka mummy dia! :D

Mrs LVoe said...

nice wallet

zailamohamad said...

Montel sungguh Khalish tu..if i'm not mistaken, he is same age with my eldest son Amirul Haziq born on 21st Dicember 2006 but how come Khalish seem more matured than Haziq r??

yaya othman said...

Khalish sebijik muka mommy? yeaa i know right! keh keh :P

TQ Sha! Its my first Ferragamo anything tuu ngeh ngeh

hi zaila, TQ sbb ske my songs, i pun ske! keh kehYes same age la Khalish and ur dear Haziq ;) Khalish borned 180806..hmm..mature ke? ntah la, maybe sbb he mingles with org2 yg wayyy lebey tua dr dia kot, keh keh...