April 19, 2009


salam pretty people,
how was ur saturday? ..hihi..

Well, my saturday was good! and by saying the word good, i meant really good - good is so underrated! haha.. I dont wanna say great and great is so overrated! LOL

Ape i buat eh?! Aiseh tak ingat la.. kidding!! Of course ingat, baru je yesterday kan!

My plan for saturday was to get to know the right route to Uitm S.Alam from DU, so there's this smart person yang berbaik hati volunteered to show me the way.
So i think i should panggil smart & nice person la kot (?)...haha.

Oh oh oh, before i terlupe, on saturday night, i was chatting with sumone, no wait, maybe i was talking to this sumone, and i asked "eh citer he's just not that into you dh kuar ke blum? I wanna see it lah!".
Haha tu je nk bgtau! OK moving on..

On saturday semalam, i woke up at 7.30am kot and tak mandi truss..hahah..

- skip skip skip to the good part trus -

At 11 something, this smart & nice person called and told me dia dh sampai and dia brought sushi and 2 dvds for Khalish to eat and watch while i'm gone
"aaww that is so schweet!"
Khalish pun ske, that makes mommy pun ske!
FYI Khalish tak tgk pun the dvds, but thanks anyway! ;) Its the thought that counts bak kata omputih!

So then, there we were in a myvi on our way to Uitm S.Alam, and i was being very focused (ye ke eh?), ingat hapal la sume infos that i got and hopefully comes the real day, i would get there easy! amin..

Alaaa cop cop, lupe lagi! Gostan sket deh! ..ngeh ngeh..
On our way to the car, sumbody handed me tickets! And i love tickets! hahaha *poyo*
Its two tickets for the movie he's just not that into you!!!
Hihi suke suke suke... SUKE!

OK, sambung.. After we didnt exactly found Faculty of Dentistry, we went for a lunch at this some hot spot, i suppose! hahah..
I had mee mamak (i mean what is so hot about mee mamak kan??!!) and air cincau (again what is so hot bout air cincau jugak??!!) ..keh keh keh..

Anyway, dh kenyang sume, we went to tgk wayang! Aaahhhh, i love it! I cried at sum parts, only because i can so relate to it, to the movie lah and some parts are just plain romanticuss!! The movie was about one of those things that you dont get it with guys!! Most guys la for that matter and we girls are either a ruler or an exceptional and the fact is 1:10000 girls are the exceptionals, which is so rare!!
Well, if you dont get what i'm saying, you should really watch the movie, smart & nice person pun thought that its a good movie to watch even tho dia only watch movies yg cost a lot producing and making it! wth *spit*

Verde, you should should should see this!

OK, moving on.. After the movie, we went for a cake plak! And after the cake, we went home..the end! hahah

"tak best pun ur saturday yaya!" hahah..
"best laa!!" ..ngeh ngeh..

And.. malam tu plak i had dinner with nini, fathi and everbody in the house kt Just Thai, and there was this small little waiter guy yg speaks funneh, Nini and i duk tried to figure out

"where does he comes from?"
"tak mcm indon or malay or .." so we ended up guessing and saying

"i think i'm right"
"no, i am pretty sure i am right!"

Then on our way to the exit door, Nini had to, she just had to went to that small guy and asked

"where are you from?"
" he's from myanmar long!"

hahaha, dua dua pun salah!


tahir said...

"...2 dvds for Khalish to eat "

Was it really that good? Hahah.
Hey, i orang Myanmar jugak!
Bet you didn't know that just by looking.

yaya othman said...

haha what a coincident, that i met another org myanmar (myanmars? myanmarese?)
am listening to dancing in the moonlight! wanna add it to my playlist!

a good friend said...

the guy isn't just smart and nice, he's also determined

Anonymous said...

the guy isn't just smart and nice, he's also determined

yaya othman said...

aikk??!!! A good friend (?)

Pinkwatch said...

yayaaaaa... kenapa kat area sini takde citer tu???? kedah... tgk kat semua tempat takde.. paling dekat penang.. jauhlllaaa!

bUL4N said...

maybe u can just say burmese...

bUL4N said...

smart n nice person k long?
sapekah namenye?
(obviously kalo k long nk kabo sining k long tules doh name die....hahahahahahah)

naza said...

eh u nk join uitm ke?

Tika said...

bukan main panjang lagi nama "smart & nice person"...hahahaha...i should see the movie...nway, confession aku tak abes lagi...

Tika said...

bukan main panjang lagi nama "smart & nice person"...hahahaha...i should see the movie...nway, confession aku tak abes lagi...

Anonymous said...

Not hot spot laa..It's smart and nice's hot babe fave spot..

Anonymous said...

And hot babe's fav dish..Mee mamak..Ape laa nice + smart guy ni..Bwk u mkn kat hot spot i n recommended my fav dish..