April 11, 2009

i miss liza & tika

Both of them went to Kolej Mara Banting 98/99 with me.
Both of them went to Uni Malaya (BDS) 99/05 with me.
Both of them are Johorians unlike me.
Both of them are working elsewhere, Tika kat Hos Sultanah Aminah, JB and Liza kat Kli Pergigian Cahaya Suria, KL.
I miss them!

"korang, thanx for reminding me how good i am with Cons works!!"


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2. Elaborate on it

The photo was taken on my first day of work after 60days of labour leave! It was a full working day in OT, i forgot what was the cases but pretty sure one of 'em was ORIF (what else!?). I was missing Khalish terribly and twas after my 3G session with my mom (nk tgk Khalish punye pasal, i excused myself to the ladies) i snapped myself using my phone. Hmm i think i look fairly OK OK la dlm gambar ni, ye dok? My dahi yg kejendolan tu seemed obvious la but wth *spit* ...muahahaha..

3. Why do i choose this photo

Hmm, nothing to elaborate really.. i picked this particular photo because it was the only appropriate one in my collection at the moment. Gambar gambar lain sume ada anasir anasir jahat! LOL

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Aisehh, nih part shushah (say it like Khalish does) nih! Hmm...who eh?!

Yellowrose, Zaila, Mama Bubu, Sha & Angoh di Melbourne.


bUL4N said...

Khalish panda ckp shushah??comeyy nyeee

yaya othman said...

angoh, khalish pandai kata keshuhahan! hahahaha
keshuhahan = kesusahan

bUL4N said...

die blajo mmane?
die paham ke dok maksudnye??

yaya othman said...

hmmm dok sure plok dia paham ke dok..ahaha
dia blajo nyanyi lagu WonderPets in malay
"wonderpet wonderpet kami dtg,
membantu haiwan dlm keshuhahan,
kami tak besar dan kami tak kuat,
bile bekerjasama semua jadi udahh!"
dia sebut hk belakang2 jek!

yaya othman said...

FYI, udah tu sebenarnye mudah! haha