April 10, 2009

This happened today; I wasnt there, twas only my sister Lilly and my little Khalish. They went to a local evening market to buy some food. And as usual, Khalish will stop at any stall selling toys and stuffs.


My sister used her Samsung yg canggih (no offense) but the video doesnt work when bluetoothed to the laptop. Then, she sent the video to my mom's Nokia yg canggih and hope that my mom's phone can bluetooth it to the laptop and maybe this time it will play! LOL
As presumed, it didnt work either..thus i uploaded the video to ovi share from my mom's phone, hoping that, when i access it from the laptop, i can save the video thus upload it to my blog.. And it didnt work either *sigh*!! I have no idea what seems to be the problem, and i have no intention to fix it either, so spare me ..keh keh..

To those yang nak tgk whats the video is about, do click if its not too much of a trouble ye ;)

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:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

babe...u've been tagged...
do it if u r free! ;)