April 4, 2009


Fuuhhhhh..... ;p

OK people, i am feeling all better now, i'm hokey ..kih kih.. my so-callled fuming self dah ok, bomba datang tadi, bomba datang berlumba-lumba, A - awak, B - budak, C - comey : awak budak comey!! LOL

Alhamdulillah, after 2 and half hours of speeding with out getting caught (but maybe by a cam, who knows!) from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu, i am home!! and ready for oncalls, if any laa (klu takde pun lg hokey!!) :P

I had fun in Kuantan, well i was with my close fren, Lynn, so mmg expected la happening and pening kan!! ..hehe.. We watched Confessions of a Shopaholic at 4pm semalam and after maghrib went to East Coast Mall and did some retail therapy (ECM ada MNG outlet!) and dinner. I bought 4 new Ts and 3 new bottoms for Khalish at Brands Outlet ;D All were by Gap, Osh Kosh and Cherokee and at only +/- rm200! I think twas a good bargain huh? Dont u agree?

On the movie - It was fun! But since i read all of the series i am a bit dissapointed, but hey you cannot expect much huh since i think they are squeezing everything in one movie (well almost everything). I love Becky - her colors!! She is totally colorful! and her Ferragamo bag - red python Ferragamo!!! Gorjesss!! ..ngeh ngeh.. And the british guy - speaks Prada!! Yeaa what ever that is!!?? LOL

I wanna apologize for my poor tantrum management earlier today. I was very furious! Rest assured I am very much Ok and myself now ..hihi.. Do you know how'd i do it? I mean with the flaming and mad things - easy peasy!! I surf for bags!! LOL Expectable? It works on me ;) I surfed for bags and drooled and imagined myself toting/carrying it, then the mad crazee person vanished!! muahaha...lawak kan??!!

Hmm..bile dah surf tu, i found myself awestrucked with a Ferragamo satchel (gambar on ur right hand side), it comes in yellow and brown! I want i want i want!! Sape nk bg belated birthday pwezent??!! ..ngeh ngeh.. My second photo on ur right hand side is a Chloe Heloise which actually dh lama i mengidam but cannot steal lagi ;(( I saw a photo of OC's Marissa Cooper carrying it and i want it! I want it i want it i want it i want it!! Aiseh, cmne nk buat nih ek??!! muahaha..mcm masalah besar jek, keh keh! I want 'em so bad, i kinda said to myself " i'll get these two and that will be just it for 2009! " LOL bole caye ke eh? Boleh boleh boleh!!

" when i shop, the world is a better place " Becky Bloomwood.


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

agree with that last sentence!!!

snowiffy said...

go yaya go! xpe 2 bags for 2009 consider ok lagi. me lom masuk half yr da rembatsss 6 bags which is melampau! n i've stopped..bole caya??? bole! bole! LOL

yaya othman said...

yanie, actually bukan 2 bags for 09, its only april and dah rembat 2 and klu la dpt 2 lg ni jadi total 4 la utk 09, hihi!
and u dah 6??!!! caiyyo! hehe