April 29, 2009

letter to a son

Dear Khalish,

I want you to know that you mean the world to me.

I want you to know that nothing is your fault. You have done nothing wrong. Things are as they are only because it werent meant to be. You are the one who gave me strength to stand up, voice to speak up and confidence to keep my hopes and dreams high. I am here because of you and i want you to know that. I want to achieve so many more for you. I want you to be proud of me, because i am so proud of you!

You are the greatest thing that've happened to me. You always make my day, and you always know your ways. I want you to know that i am your biggest fan. I promise to be there for you through your ups and downs just like you've been with me through my ups and downs. We are an amazing team together and i want you to know nothing can change that. We will walk together, you and i.

I want you to know that i named you Khalish simply because i want yo to be an honest man. Be loyal to those around you and be sincere to yourself; for a man is not a man until he doesnt cheat on himself. Everytime i say your name, in my little heart, i pray to Allah swt for you to become that one honest man. InsyaAllah.

I need you to know that i am not perfect and i am sorry. But honey, please know that i am trying my very best. I will always try to be the best parent you could ask for. I will try my best to be your guidance and your bestfriend. I will try my best to educate you, warn you, tell you and understand you. I promise.

Because if it wasnt for you, i am not here today, not like this. Thank you Khalish.

April 25, 2009

im soooo HAPPY!

this morning i was awaken by khalish's voice saying "mummy.. banguun" of course i terus jaga.. he's just as cute as a button.. then later today nini pulak called.. she told me about what had happened to my blog space while i had an internet connection problem at home..

AND WE LAUGHED OUR HEARTS OUT.. i love you people.. u make my day hehehehe.. i didnt know my blog attracts so many ppl.. im so overwhelmed by the massive response im getting.. hahaha.. just because of that one funny entry.. hmm now i know what attracts busy ppl.. :) no offense..

to be honest, i've had a variety of comments left which i havent had the time to read them yet.. but according to nini, some ppl are offended by my previous entry which she and some other ppl think its only trivial.. thanks nini.. i guess thats why we are sisters..

dear lovely readers..
my name is yaya, i am a supermom and a dentist.. and proud to be one.. ahahahaha.. (chope.. ade org tak puas hati ke aku bangga jadi dentist?) did i hear "not a real doctor?" yes i did! ahahah.. this is the funny part.. (read: stop reading if you are near being offended)

what makes us dentists not a real doctor? we had a 5 year course like the "real doctors" did.. we treat people who needs our help even though its not a big part of their body (but important.. hahah trust me, kalu sakit gigi takleh tido kan?) and pretty ppl.. if u have a massive inguinal hernia (where did that come from? OMG am i a real doctor?") u will be able to cover that part when u go out on a date (because ppl date) but if your teeth is all over the place and u dont have the whitest colour on it and (God forbid) u ate garlic for breakfast..????... honey u cant hide THAT.. she will blow you away.. LITERALLY blow you away.. hahahahhahah

lemme be as humble as i can.. yes its true we dont treat cases like severe coronary artery disease with left main stem involvement of more than 70% stenosis (nini says she sees this everyday.. she is humble too.. she is just an MO in cardiothoracic surgery, not the surgeon.. just an MO.. not even a surgeon-to-be.. she doesnt want to be a surgeon.. last i check she wants to be an author-- enuff about her, later sis) but for patients going for mitral valve replacement or any valve replacement (severe aortic and tricuspid valve regurgitation or stenosis are less common-- OMG did i say valve? because thats not what a dentist should know.. thats for "Real doctors" only hahahahahah.. well i do read) -- where was i--- oh yes.. when they are going for valve replacement, i was taught (being as humble as i can) that they should get a dental clearance.. oh then its no wonder i get all these referrals from cardiothoracic surgeons (nini, this is again why we are sisters.. u refer to me, i help your patients-- whoever they are, lets not break the sacred oath now ppl shhhhhh... ) oh im tired of this

why am i even bothered to tell you guys this? because nini in her firm tone just now said "u should really give those ppl full of hatred a piece of your mind, or mine" im not gonna give nini's piece of mind.. u dont wanna hear it.. trust me ;)

if it werent for nini, this is the last thing i wanna do, stand up for myself.. because i know i dont have to.. im a happy supermom, i have a decent bag collection :), i have a job- though not the "real job" hahahhaha, i have my beloved family whom i cherrish so much (MMMMMMUAAAH!-- and thats not a sign of desperation i guess) and last but not least-- hehe-- a nice and supersmart (but not the "real smart" hahahahha LOL) person makes my day every day..

now u tell me, why should i be bothered with provoking comments some of u "real ppl" left me with?

GTG now, khalish ajak mummy gi mydin mall.. kejap sayang mummy..

April 22, 2009

18 sx

hey pretty people!

i am back home! Alhamdulillah!

Hmm...so today cikgu nak citer psl erection! hahaha

Well, theres this ongoing story in my clinic (FYI not my pri clinic, gov clinic that i'm working at), anyway, the story is like this ..

There was a male patient who came in for a scalling and as sume org tahu, most dentists are females and in my clinic nih, it has been quite sometimes since ada dentist lelaki; so, this fella came in and a female dentist did the scalling and sebab this fella nih is a smoker so gile byk la stain kt his teeth and the scalling thingy jadi lama and panjang la. OK

So, while this female dentist duk scalling2, suddenly she realised that he's having an erection!!!! Muahahahaha!!! i wish i was there!!!! hahahah, but again citer nih is mcm haunted story yg u donno whether its true or not but it has been told and told and told untill my staff told me in 2006.

OK, sambung cite..

So, that dentist jadi frightened and she stopped and she bangun and she said "OK thats all for today, no more sclling for you!!" LOL

Haaaa...so today, i have an appoinment with a male patient ...hahaha... the treatment was scalling jugak, and its nothing to me sbb since 2005 i havent encounter any weirdness or awkwardness with a male patient and scalling, and to day is my lucky day!! Muahahaha..

Tengah duk asyik khusyuk scalling tiba-tiba my DSA whispered

"DR, adik bangun.."
"Haaa??!! Adik bangun? Adik mane?"
"Dr tengok ah tuu... (with a muncung telling me to look there)"
" Hmmm ok encik ye, treatment utk harini setakat ni, dan kita bagi appoinment lain untuk treatment2 lain (with a smile!)"

Aiseh, i thot it would be funneh la if i get to be in the story told tuh, but it turned out, it is so not funneh at all!! Malu adalaa!! Apedaa lelaki!!??

Note to guys, please bring surat khabar or topi or some sort of bag ke hape utk letak there when you are going for a scalling! LOL

copy paste from wikipedia

Endodontics, from the Greek endo (inside) and odons (tooth), is a one of the nine specialties of dentistry recognized by the many many Dental Associations, and deals with the tooth pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth. If the pulp (containing nerves, arterioles and venules as well as lymphatic tissue and fibrous tissue) has become diseased or injured, endodontic treatment is required to save the tooth.

Endodontists are
dentists who have specialized in this field; qualification as an endodontist typically requires an additional 2-3 years of training following dental school. Many endodontic residents do original research and earn a Master's degree as well as a speciality certificate. They specialize and limit their practice to root canal therapy and root canal surgery, and use their special training and experience in treating difficult cases, such as teeth with narrow or blocked canals, or unusual anatomy. Endodontists may use advanced technology, such as operating microscopes, ultrasonics and digital imaging to perform these special services. Patients requiring root canal therapy are either referred by their general dentists to the endodontist or are self referred. Root canal therapy is also a standard procedure performed by general dentists.

The most common procedure performed in endodontics is
root canal therapy. Other procedures practiced in endodontics include incision for drainage, internal tooth bleaching to fix teeth that have blackened because of infiltration of decayed soft tissue into the dentin in the teeth - most often seen in incisors that have been injured through a sudden impact, and periradicular surgery (apicoectomy); the more radical treatments generally are needed in cases of abscesses, root fractures, and problematic tooth anatomy, but may be indicated in treating teeth that have persistent root end pathosis following root canal treatment.

April 19, 2009


salam pretty people,
how was ur saturday? ..hihi..

Well, my saturday was good! and by saying the word good, i meant really good - good is so underrated! haha.. I dont wanna say great and great is so overrated! LOL

Ape i buat eh?! Aiseh tak ingat la.. kidding!! Of course ingat, baru je yesterday kan!

My plan for saturday was to get to know the right route to Uitm S.Alam from DU, so there's this smart person yang berbaik hati volunteered to show me the way.
So i think i should panggil smart & nice person la kot (?)...haha.

Oh oh oh, before i terlupe, on saturday night, i was chatting with sumone, no wait, maybe i was talking to this sumone, and i asked "eh citer he's just not that into you dh kuar ke blum? I wanna see it lah!".
Haha tu je nk bgtau! OK moving on..

On saturday semalam, i woke up at 7.30am kot and tak mandi truss..hahah..

- skip skip skip to the good part trus -

At 11 something, this smart & nice person called and told me dia dh sampai and dia brought sushi and 2 dvds for Khalish to eat and watch while i'm gone
"aaww that is so schweet!"
Khalish pun ske, that makes mommy pun ske!
FYI Khalish tak tgk pun the dvds, but thanks anyway! ;) Its the thought that counts bak kata omputih!

So then, there we were in a myvi on our way to Uitm S.Alam, and i was being very focused (ye ke eh?), ingat hapal la sume infos that i got and hopefully comes the real day, i would get there easy! amin..

Alaaa cop cop, lupe lagi! Gostan sket deh! ..ngeh ngeh..
On our way to the car, sumbody handed me tickets! And i love tickets! hahaha *poyo*
Its two tickets for the movie he's just not that into you!!!
Hihi suke suke suke... SUKE!

OK, sambung.. After we didnt exactly found Faculty of Dentistry, we went for a lunch at this some hot spot, i suppose! hahah..
I had mee mamak (i mean what is so hot about mee mamak kan??!!) and air cincau (again what is so hot bout air cincau jugak??!!) ..keh keh keh..

Anyway, dh kenyang sume, we went to tgk wayang! Aaahhhh, i love it! I cried at sum parts, only because i can so relate to it, to the movie lah and some parts are just plain romanticuss!! The movie was about one of those things that you dont get it with guys!! Most guys la for that matter and we girls are either a ruler or an exceptional and the fact is 1:10000 girls are the exceptionals, which is so rare!!
Well, if you dont get what i'm saying, you should really watch the movie, smart & nice person pun thought that its a good movie to watch even tho dia only watch movies yg cost a lot producing and making it! wth *spit*

Verde, you should should should see this!

OK, moving on.. After the movie, we went for a cake plak! And after the cake, we went home..the end! hahah

"tak best pun ur saturday yaya!" hahah..
"best laa!!" ..ngeh ngeh..

And.. malam tu plak i had dinner with nini, fathi and everbody in the house kt Just Thai, and there was this small little waiter guy yg speaks funneh, Nini and i duk tried to figure out

"where does he comes from?"
"tak mcm indon or malay or .." so we ended up guessing and saying

"i think i'm right"
"no, i am pretty sure i am right!"

Then on our way to the exit door, Nini had to, she just had to went to that small guy and asked

"where are you from?"
" he's from myanmar long!"

hahaha, dua dua pun salah!

April 17, 2009


Sum smart person reminded me smlm "u bukan mcm ada a checklist ke bila u gi KL?". So tadaa..

- Tookoo

- smart person

- Nini

- Liza

- Verde

- Nini again ;)

- UiTM Shah Alam

- Nini sekali lagi!

April 15, 2009

series of uneasy events


Me : Ye encik, sila duduk.

En. Patient : Duk sini? (while pointing at a stool next to a desk in front of me)

Me : Eh eh bukan bukan, duk sini. (while pointing with welcoming gesture to a dental chair next to me)

En. Patient : Eh tapi saya bukan nak cabut gigi doktor. Saya takmo cabut!

Me : Hmm..OK, boley, tapi encik duk kusi ni la senang saya nak check. (with a half-smile)

* I get that a lot - Patients who come in with zero intention of having tooth extraction thought that THAT dental chair next to me is only and only for those who request dental extractions! ..funneh hah?.. So they, who requests dental restorations et cetera need not seat on THAT chair! LOL

En. Patient : (seated on the dental chair next to me) Gini doktor, saya ada masalah problem..

* Masalah problem??!! This is why i love my job! haha.. I get to meet all sorts of people, and by all sorts, i mean all sorts! This particular patient was thoughtful to translate masalah in english for me, just in case i dont get him :)

Me : Ooo masalah mende tu encik?

En. Patient : Masalah ni, gigi saya ni, memang masalah problem la doktor, saya dokleh tido!

* Now i think that when this patient mention masalah, it means minor problem and if he says masalah problem, it should mean major trouble!! LOL


I went to my ol' secondary school for their career day. My boss agreed to participate after receiving their official letter of invitation. The letter mentioned any dental officer can be a representative for my field and my boss chose me, so there i was!

Cikgu X : Eh, Ilyani ke?! (muka mmg surprised gile!!) Mende doh diorang panggil awak, saya lupe lah..

Me : Assalamualaikum cikgu. Ooo diorang panggil Yaya... hehe (senyum kambing - whatever that means)

Cikgu X : Wa'alaikummussalam. Awak dok beruboh pun, saya bole cam lagi awak! Kawin dok lagi?

* It is truly a challenge for me to answer this question now since i am not anymore..hahaha.. I can straight away tell the exact thing, its not a big deal, but knowing this cikgu X, she wont let me go that easy! hahaha

Me : Oh, saya ada anak doh sorang cikgu..hehe (senyum kambing again!)

Cikgu X : Hoh doh molek la.. (while patting on my back)..Cikgu dok sangka starang awak jadi doktor! Doh tadok dlm kelas sokmo, ye dok?! kah kah kah (she actually did laugh her tongue out!)

*Hmm what was that suppose to mean?! Well, i totally agree lah, theres lotsa my friends from secondary school that are in the same boat with cikgu X pun! What can i say, i was kinda a ...kinda a what eh?? Hmmm... kinda a ...still can get the right word lah! hahahah

Tuesday (today)

Me : Shit!!

Quick shower, put on my clothes, put on my hijab, grabbed my cellphone, handbag and keys and rushed to the car! To the clinic in a jiffy!! LOL

Me : Assalamualaikum, selamat pagi! (senyum semewet and bangga for reaching on time!)

Punched in.

Nan (My Dental Surgeon Assistant) : Doktor! Doktor sedar dok?

Me : Haaa? (muka kurang senang!) Bakpe Nan?

Nan : Doktor paka selipar sape tuuu? Selipar ayah doktor saboh!

Me : Haaa??!!!!

* I was wearing my dad's capal!!!!

April 11, 2009

i miss liza & tika

Both of them went to Kolej Mara Banting 98/99 with me.
Both of them went to Uni Malaya (BDS) 99/05 with me.
Both of them are Johorians unlike me.
Both of them are working elsewhere, Tika kat Hos Sultanah Aminah, JB and Liza kat Kli Pergigian Cahaya Suria, KL.
I miss them!

"korang, thanx for reminding me how good i am with Cons works!!"


TAGGED by Verde and Ninie
1. Put up ur profile picture

2. Elaborate on it

The photo was taken on my first day of work after 60days of labour leave! It was a full working day in OT, i forgot what was the cases but pretty sure one of 'em was ORIF (what else!?). I was missing Khalish terribly and twas after my 3G session with my mom (nk tgk Khalish punye pasal, i excused myself to the ladies) i snapped myself using my phone. Hmm i think i look fairly OK OK la dlm gambar ni, ye dok? My dahi yg kejendolan tu seemed obvious la but wth *spit* ...muahahaha..

3. Why do i choose this photo

Hmm, nothing to elaborate really.. i picked this particular photo because it was the only appropriate one in my collection at the moment. Gambar gambar lain sume ada anasir anasir jahat! LOL

4. Tag next 5 person

Aisehh, nih part shushah (say it like Khalish does) nih! Hmm...who eh?!

Yellowrose, Zaila, Mama Bubu, Sha & Angoh di Melbourne.

April 10, 2009

This happened today; I wasnt there, twas only my sister Lilly and my little Khalish. They went to a local evening market to buy some food. And as usual, Khalish will stop at any stall selling toys and stuffs.


My sister used her Samsung yg canggih (no offense) but the video doesnt work when bluetoothed to the laptop. Then, she sent the video to my mom's Nokia yg canggih and hope that my mom's phone can bluetooth it to the laptop and maybe this time it will play! LOL
As presumed, it didnt work either..thus i uploaded the video to ovi share from my mom's phone, hoping that, when i access it from the laptop, i can save the video thus upload it to my blog.. And it didnt work either *sigh*!! I have no idea what seems to be the problem, and i have no intention to fix it either, so spare me ..keh keh..

To those yang nak tgk whats the video is about, do click if its not too much of a trouble ye ;)


Salam pretty people,

Thank Goodness its friday!
- work - neg
- on call - neg
- chores - neg (more like a lie, but heck *spit*)
- good home cooked food - pos

Enjoy below photos of my schweetheart enjoying his lunch! ..kih kih..

I've got my Fitflops and new beautiful wallet, hooray!! Altho my new wallet is slightly smaller compared to my previous one, but I'm lovin' it! Thank you to my dear cousin in Melbourne and a friend in Abu Dhabi ..time kaseh..

I'll blog more later ok, am terribly lazy for now (while munching begedil tauhu *nyum nyum*)!!


April 7, 2009



I'm calling all baglovers yg previously emailed me or yg takde email me jugak for that matters; alaahh...those yang nak kirim a bag or two from my friend who's going to London next week! Anyone yang interested, can do so just by dropping an email to me ye ;)




While watching tv, channel ape ntah, cannot remember;

Umi : Eh, sape nama dia nih?

Yaya : Alex Yoong

Umi : Ho ye ar, A1 driver ork?

Ayah : doh tau dok bakpe Alex Yoong sokmo kaloh, dok dpt num 1??

Nini, Fathi, Yaya : Dok, bakpe?

Ayah : Sebab klu orang accident dia suke brake and berenti tgk.

Nini, Fathi, Yaya, Umi : Hahahahah, jahat nggoh!!

Do you get it?

p.s. This is just a joke, not intended to hurt anyone anywhere ;)

April 6, 2009


Hooray hooray dah abes on-call!!! suke suke ..ngeh ngeh..
Meh kita claim claim claim!! ;)

April 4, 2009


Fuuhhhhh..... ;p

OK people, i am feeling all better now, i'm hokey ..kih kih.. my so-callled fuming self dah ok, bomba datang tadi, bomba datang berlumba-lumba, A - awak, B - budak, C - comey : awak budak comey!! LOL

Alhamdulillah, after 2 and half hours of speeding with out getting caught (but maybe by a cam, who knows!) from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu, i am home!! and ready for oncalls, if any laa (klu takde pun lg hokey!!) :P

I had fun in Kuantan, well i was with my close fren, Lynn, so mmg expected la happening and pening kan!! ..hehe.. We watched Confessions of a Shopaholic at 4pm semalam and after maghrib went to East Coast Mall and did some retail therapy (ECM ada MNG outlet!) and dinner. I bought 4 new Ts and 3 new bottoms for Khalish at Brands Outlet ;D All were by Gap, Osh Kosh and Cherokee and at only +/- rm200! I think twas a good bargain huh? Dont u agree?

On the movie - It was fun! But since i read all of the series i am a bit dissapointed, but hey you cannot expect much huh since i think they are squeezing everything in one movie (well almost everything). I love Becky - her colors!! She is totally colorful! and her Ferragamo bag - red python Ferragamo!!! Gorjesss!! ..ngeh ngeh.. And the british guy - speaks Prada!! Yeaa what ever that is!!?? LOL

I wanna apologize for my poor tantrum management earlier today. I was very furious! Rest assured I am very much Ok and myself now ..hihi.. Do you know how'd i do it? I mean with the flaming and mad things - easy peasy!! I surf for bags!! LOL Expectable? It works on me ;) I surfed for bags and drooled and imagined myself toting/carrying it, then the mad crazee person vanished!! muahaha...lawak kan??!!

Hmm..bile dah surf tu, i found myself awestrucked with a Ferragamo satchel (gambar on ur right hand side), it comes in yellow and brown! I want i want i want!! Sape nk bg belated birthday pwezent??!! ..ngeh ngeh.. My second photo on ur right hand side is a Chloe Heloise which actually dh lama i mengidam but cannot steal lagi ;(( I saw a photo of OC's Marissa Cooper carrying it and i want it! I want it i want it i want it i want it!! Aiseh, cmne nk buat nih ek??!! muahaha..mcm masalah besar jek, keh keh! I want 'em so bad, i kinda said to myself " i'll get these two and that will be just it for 2009! " LOL bole caye ke eh? Boleh boleh boleh!!

" when i shop, the world is a better place " Becky Bloomwood.


" If you are simply lazy and just in for the cash, then stop la wey! U are driving peolpe nuts la!! Just withdraw ur name from the second call list!! Because u are definitely sangat MALAS!!!! Firstly, U're a second call because u are eligible and because u are better than first calls (but i dont think you are better than me, maybe dlm bab2 OS but thats it!), BUT if ko seorang yg malas, bengang and ckp2 kasar and with peaching yg menyakitkan my eardrum then lebey baik tak payah jadi second call, better yet, tak payah jd first call pun!! tak payah jadi doctor la wey!!! Secondly, isnt ur house dekat je ngan hospital?? then apesal la susah sgt nak bangun, get ur butt to the hospital, kalau tak quick pun lembab pun tkpe at least sampai la kt HSNZ. And third, why do you have to distribute the first call list so late??!! like a day before the exact on call??!! and this time, why do you have to forget to distribute it??!! Are you that mentally challenged, are you retarded??!! AArrghhhh!!! "

I hate my second call yang sorang nih!!!! Bole tak tetiba HSNZ called " Hello, Dr Ilyani, saya Dr X from casualty, saya nak refer case, a 47 y.o malay female presenting with yadda yadda yadda..." and my respond was " WHAT???!!! "..Well I am in Kuantan for god sake!!!!! EEeeeeee!!!!! bodoh laaa!!!! When i called this particular moron, bole tak dia marah2 and lepas tangan " ...aku tak tahu! nih bukan masalah aku, yang ko bole pegi kuantan tu apesal? dah ko tau ko oncall ? " "OIT!!! Aku tak tahu pun aku on call weh! Kalau aku tahu aku oncall takde aku nk pegi mane2!! ". Ko ingat aku tak berhati perut ke??!! Yang ko gi simpan list nama first call sape suruh? cmne aku nk tau aku oncall klu ko simpan to urself list tu??!!! EEeeeee!!! marah ni marah ni!!

Sorry to all my pretty readers but i am just so terribly mad and furious!!

April 1, 2009

tengok wayang

yeay yeay!!
esok nak tengok wayang!! Confessions of a shopaholic!! yaabedabedoo!!
after three long long years of tak masuk cinema, i am kinda excited! ..keh keh..