March 4, 2009

wanna buy? SOLD

Attn all BagLovers,
I am helping my friend selling her NEW & NEVER CARRIED Gucci Full Moon Tote, any taker??
She bought it at USD900+ which is around RM3400+ and she is letting it a-go for a humble RM3090 with shipping and handling sume!! Great Bargain *me think* ..hehe..

This beautiful bag is practical, since it is big enough for your wallet, cellphone, digicam, cosmetics et cetera. The measurements are 41cm x 34cm x 15cm. The base of the bag is structured so it wont sink your stuffs at the center of the bag and the whole bag is slouchy enough for your underarm fit and comforts ;D

Buzz me if interested girls (or guys) *wink*




naddy said...

have this bag, mmg comfy sgt carrying it... slouchy but structured at the same time, not too structured... tht's wht i like :)

yaya othman said...

yeaa? the bag is with my fren so i havent got the chance to try it on ..keh keh.. bbut i bet it is comfy kan!?!

naddy said...

aah comfy... lama2 the leather pun softer, so lagi best lah "kepit" ehehehe

Ina Noor said...

cepat gila jual

yaya othman said...

hihi yup yup