March 7, 2009

u gotta fug this!!

Another entry wholy on one of gofugyourself's entry, sorry..BUT i hafta post this one!! Its so silly, u must read this!! And tell me whether it is working for you as well hokeh sebab it has done me enuff!! i'm on the floor giggling ;))

January 29, 2009

Quasi-Humorously Played, Mischa Barton

KANYE WEST: [thinks] What the f is going on here?

MISCHA BARTON: Boom! Fierce! Yes! Pose! Work it! Broken down doll! Yes! More! Bring it! I'm AWESOME.

KANYE: Should I say something to her? She seems....busy.

MISCHA: Where's Miss J? Miss J would appreciate my awesome model moves here. Maybe someone will see me and put me in the show today!

KANYE: How do I interrupt all this posing? Do I just grab her arm and go, "Stop working it for a second, so I can make polite conversation with you about The OC"? That seems weird. Maybe I'll just sit here and think about sunglasses.

MISCHA: Also, my dress is AWESOME.

KANYE: At least her dress is kind of good.


KANYE: Even if it does only have one sleeve.

Thank you, you are truly an entertainer *laugh hard*!!

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