March 27, 2009

thank god its friday

Salam pretty readers..

Its friday and yeaay! i am at home like most of any other friday, being a couch potato and am currently with a laptop on my lap.

I receivved many2 emails and feedbacks from your kind self on my last two entries which are truly overwhelming!! Thank you sume ye!

My entry entitled No Turning Back was an honest piece thus receiving emails and feedbacks from my dear pretty readers made me realize that even though you dont know me personally and vice versa, you care, even if its as tiny as a bedbug, and for that i thank thee!

As for my previous entry on my Yahoo chatting session with a dear friend in Boston - who invited me there with a partial sponsored flight tix - everyone said GO! hehe..and yes i want to go laa, duhh!! Tapi... what about this?.. what about that?.. Banyak tapii la plak kan??!!

a photo i stole of Boston, USA

A photo which i also stole of Upper East Side, NY! Oh Gossip Girl nyeh!! ..kih kih..

Hmm and i must update y'all on this - Borro thought it may be menyusahkan for me to travel with her warga emas mum and my toddler hence she suggested that we (Borro from Boston and her mum, Khalish and i from KL) could meet di kota London and lepak kat London and Paris for a week or so. What do you think? I think its a good idea since i dont hafta apply for visa and flight is shorter thus less stress for Khalish kot (?). Seriously people, i need ur opinions on this!! Act now!! ..keh keh.. And i've never been to Paris!! LV anyone??!! ..ngeh ngeh..
While i'm there, maybe i could gi Dublin and camp kt umah Kak Nina and Abg Shazly..hmm..sounds like a plan!
" ada sesape kt london and paris yang bole kasi tumpang??!! " LOL

London and Paris sounds like a pleasure huh! Tapi euros are high now kan, but maybe drop balik comes July/Aug ..haha..Wallahu'alam. Money wise baik i gi states since usd cheaper and accomodation and transportation free ..hihi.. but flight tix plak yang pricey..hmmm.. up here down there, down here up there huh?! how lor?! Help me do the deciding ya pretty!!! puhleaseee!!
Anyhoo, semalam i watched Twilight! Pathetic, i can i baru tgk??!! LOL ..well, thats me! Ooh i love Edward Cullen! Bile the sequal nak kuar eh? kan ke that victoria person got away?! But, i think i might freak off if a guy that pale and fair approached me, mcm cadaver, total turn off!! But thinking of it again, naahh, sure i cair gak!! LOL He's hot! Let us count his hotness - eyes, hair, shoulder, height and everything else! haha
"apedaa yaya, that is so so last season!!" ..hahahah..

Oh and do you all remember that guy who played Charlie cum Bella's daddy? It was my first time seeing him in a serious character sbb before twilight, i only remember him in The Mafia, which he played Anthony's older brother yang super silly and immoral! LOL
My next movie is Bride Wars.. yes i know, pathetic again!! haha..Who cares??!!
Till next entry, take care and have a great weekend ahead! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

ermmm..susah gak nk buat decision ni. Anyway..i went to paris last year.!! Masuk LV boutique tp tgk2 je...

Now..euro tgh down..pound sterling last three days was 5.95, can u blv that. cheap!!

I think..proceed. bawa je khalish skali!!