March 13, 2009


i was tagged by Ina Noor in FB but since she also reads my blog, might as well i buat kat sini ;) hope you dont mind honeh! ..hehe..

25 random things about me ...hmmm...some might be shocking, some might be as expected and some might be bare with me nice & pretty people hokeh :))
Ooh and since its random ima write whatever come up first in my head k guys, so here goes..

1. At 8, i once poked my younger sister on the arm with a pair of scissor while playing doctors and i was the doctor and she was the patient (obviously!), and it bled. She cried and i poured talcum on it saying "duhh it was suppose to bleed a little so i could put medicine on it dear!" *sigh*

2. I started to ditch class when i was at Taft Middle in '92!! It became a hobby until my undergrad days. If i ever get to do postgrad and so forth, tuhan tolong take this hobby away from me!!!

3. When i was a kid, i've always admire olympic synchronize swimmers and me and my sister, Nini would do our so-called routine with our best heads-down-feet-up pose in the pool. Hahaha bodoh la!! Of course la our pose adalah sungguh sungguh tak menjadi and memang akan dpt negative points if seen by olympic judges!!! muahahah

4. I used to have so many stoopid and silly and what-on-earth-are-you-doing dance routines with my sister, Nini and one other friend, As...we were in a group named NoorAsNi!! are u embarassed guys??!! muahahahaha!!

5. My irc nickname was Stew. Love those days ..kih kih..

6. The second movie i watched at the cinema was Armageddon, and i cant recall what was the first one..haha..who cares??!!

7. I've been having weight issue(s) since 13!!!!! LOL and now i couldnt care less and accept my size and curves :)

8. During my Asasian years kat Mara College Banting, my favourite bands were Oasis and Savage Garden.

9. At 9, i cut one of my classmates schoolbag strap because i hated her for showing off and flashing her new bag at me. She cried and told our class teacher and eventually some boy got blame. Am so mean!!?? "i'm terribly sorry for my mean self dear xclassmate yg i tak ingat nama dahh!".

10. I cant cook therefor i dont cook.

11. I have a soulmate and we both agreed on that.

12. I've always wanted to get a Fiat Punto as my first car but got a Perodua Kelisa instead..haha!

13. I love designer handbags!!! more more more ..keh keh..

14. I still speak a lil bit American after 15yrs balik M'sia.

15. Performed my first (and hope not the only) umrah when i was 16.
Bought a Guess watch for Nini and myself at Jeddah airport on the way back..hehe..

16. My first movie at the cinema with my sister, Nini was Gladiator and we both cried our eyes out!! muahahahaha

17. I introduced Nini to her hubby and to one of her boyfriend...hihi..

18. I wore a dark purple baju kurung to my first date with my soulmate. muahahaha..well Nini said it was a wise choice! bodo la aku masa tu!! LOL

19. At 13, i used to have a record table for my tops/T and jeans/pants/shorts for school so that i wont get mock by the cool girls for wearing the same clothes in a row! Mean Girls alert!! LOL

20. My first khatam of the holy Quran was at the age of 9.

21. I dont eat ketchup/tomato sauce, chilli sauce or any other red-coloured sauces.

22. I didnt find Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu funny when it played dulu-dulu, but i find it hillarious now! I got to watch it on tv9 recently ;))

23. I used to watch Kopitiam back in secondary school just because there was a spreading rumour that its cool to watch that show! muahahaha

24. I hate flying but i love travelling.

25. My first i'm-cool-and-trendy-teen wallet was a black leather UCB wallet!! hahaha!!


bUL4N said...

#9: jahat gile k long! bende gituh saboh k nini hok wat...
#21: i cant believe that this is one ur of important facts that i just recently became aware of....

yaya othman said...

hahaha jahat ork??!! memang dokle ingat laa and i wish i hadnt do that! haha saboh kak nini? hahaha after that incident i passed my witchy side to kak nini!! haha

a.k.a lollipop said...

oh my #9 was so cruel =)

but we have the same fate in #12 hahaha...i miss my kelisa =(

yaya othman said...

oh kelisa, frugal!!!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

no.5...mine was LADYVERDE!
so now u know where does ladyverde came from..hehehehe

yaya othman said...

oo so thats where ladyverde came from! u slalu duk # mane? hehe..i ske la irc! kehkeh