March 7, 2009

sob sob sob

salam pretty people..

I just watched a movie "Partition". It was released in 07 but i have never heard of it let alone seen it..but tadi starmovie aired it and i had the chance to watch it. Ianya sungguh sedey and tragic hokeh but i love it!! Yes you can call me a sucker for a sappy love story *sigh*.
BUT in many many instances, a sappy love story has a happy ending tapiii not this one girls!!

Its a movie on Gian, a sikh indian guy who was a soldier, rescued a muslim pakistani girl postwar and did not turn her in but brought her to his home instead. Almost everyone in his community hated his guts on that but accepted it eventually. Gian then fell in love with Naseem (that muslim girl's name is Naseem), married her and got a son, Vijay. Oh yes, before they got married, Gian were trying his best to help Naseem relocate her family in Pakistan but unfortunately the Indian Govt arent doing their job well (well not without some $$) thus a month led to a year and a year led to 10 years, well maybe not 10 years but u get me right??!!

One fine day, a friend came to their humble home and told 'em that they have found where Naseem's family are and paperworks for Naseem has been organized for her to cross the border to return/visit her family..leaving Gian and Vijay in India sbb both son and father do not own any paperworks ;((

Once Naseem reached her house in Pakistan, she found out that her dad was killed by Sikhs thus leaving her brothers and mother with hatred towards the Sikhs. As soon as they found out that Naseem is a wife to a Sikh man, they show nothing but hates and abhors to Naseem's husband and Naseem eventually (becase she fought for her freedom to return to India to her husband and son!). After 3 months, Gian felt lost and is missing his wife terribly, and so is Vijay :((

Naseem seeked help so Vijay and he can enter Pakistan, but the auhtority cannot help because only muslims can cross the border. This leaves Gian with no choice but to become a muslim and his muslim name is Muhammad Hassan. He and son went to pursue Naseem but their plan retarded as the Pakistani authority claimed they do not present with proper documentations *sob sob*, and so they were placed in a refugee camp. Muhammad Hassan's determination in bringing his wife back led him to cross the border (the iron/steel sharp and dangerous partition) with his son! and i must say..masa nih adalah terribly kesian tau seeing little Vijay agreed to his dad to stay quite so that the guards etc wont see, hear and catch 'em.

So pendekkan citer, Muahmmad Hassan got to Naseem's house and was attacked and boxed by Naseem's brothers yg sgt built! Poor poor him :(( Naseem was locked in her room and Muhammad Hassan was sent to a prison before back to Lahore, India. On the next day, the day Muhammad Hassan and Vijay were suppose to take a train back to Lahore, India; Naseem's mother set her free and asked her to run to the train station (before her brothers see her) to take a train back to Lahore, India.

At the train station, Naseem was tremendously happy as she reunited with her son, Vijay who is missing his mother as well! *sob sob* --skip skip-- When Naseem went to hug Muhammad Hassan, her brother, Akhbar got in their way and pushed Muhammad Hassan and BAMMMM!! He was killed for falling onto a train rail right on time a train arrived, terusss penyek!! *sob sob*

Heheh..ok ke my story telling self? OK la kan even though ada skip skip..hehe..Well part yg i skipped tu unimportant parts or scenes ;) What i can say is that, this movie was so sedey and tragic & teary;(( If you guys get the chance, do tengok Partition ye ;) and i bet mommies out there will be all tear-eyed ..keh keh..

p.s. I so so think that actor who played Gian/Muhammad Hassan looks like Shia Lebouff (betul ke spelling nih?) and actres Kristin Kreuk (again betul ke spelling nih?) sangat berjaya memainkan a role of a Pakistani girl.


a.k.a lollipop said...

i watched this movie too!so sedih and it to bits =)

yaya othman said...

yes yes it is so sedey kan? and me too love it to bits =)

and dont you think that guy looks kinda like shia lebouff? or is it only me??!