March 8, 2009

p is for pretty pink prada - sold!!

Hello gorgeous!!
It is yet another purse to let go ..hmmm yes, i know what you're thinking..and the answer is NO, it is not mine (again) and NO, my blog's priority isnt to sell or make sales but to share and make dear baglovers like myself h-a-p-p-y!! ..hihi..

And this time, it is a beautiful pink Prada Clutch!! Isnt it just lovely??!! Well of course hon since pink is the color of universal love ..yep yep.. Pink provides feeling of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love and acceptance. Have some pink in your style for a calmer, lovelier and prettier you!!

This oversized clutch (14" x 1.5" x 8.5") by Prada is truly a statement of fashion! For that girly night outs, dates with that hunk or hunks if you're lucky ..keh keh.. and even attending weddings with your nyonya kebaya or pape laa...sume bole masuk nih!!! LOL (promote yaya jangan tak promote!!). Its brand new & never carried (and yes i too wonder why on earth does this friend of mine suke beli beli beli but never never never guna?!!) and absolutely authentic ;)

Letting go cheap!! Do buzz me girls!!

TQ to my buyer! TQ TQ


deloress said...

'mari kita lihat sapa yanng kenaa ???' .. hehehe..

yaya othman said...

hahaha...mcm main nom ekor jek! ;P
heck, mari marii!!

Lindah: Kamal: Nuha said...

comei..comei clucthni kan...boleh bawa pegi dinner...apalah agaknyer rege diani..:D

lyana kamarul bahrin said...

CUTIE!! how much eh?

yaya othman said...

it is rm2450 with S&H dear :)