March 15, 2009

mommy bangga

These are his most recent achievements :

1. Khalish can recite doa sebelum makan, my feveret part is when he sebut rozaqtana.


2. Khalish can baca A-Z (in his own pelat & funny way).

3. Khalish can sing a birthday song to sesapa saje by replacing their names accordingly. Meaning he knows the part "happy birthday to ......." is meant to be proposed to that birthday person who's gonna blow the candles, so he will mention that particular person's name. Oh yes, at the end of every birthday song that he sings, he will blow :)) konon cam ada candles laa.


Sorry la people, these clips arent fine sbb i was using a nokia *sigh* and my sweetheart yg sorang ni plak wasnt being very cooperative ;(

p.s. Up till today, he still address himself as Anish ;( He replaces the letter L with an N in everything he says!! i.e bola will be bona.


bUL4N said...

Happy Day to You Anish tuh commey...

deloress said...

so cuteee khalish !! cubit pipi yer :)

yaya othman said...

ehehe Khalish nyanyi happy day, haha, birth tu is a silent word!!

deloress : cubit pipi, cubit lengan sekali..keh keh..

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

hikhik..bola jd bona
comel sunggoh

yaya othman said...

police jd ponis! lol