March 25, 2009

like any other night only not

24th march 09 around 11pm (Malaysia time) on YM chat available mode (which is so rare!!)

Borro : Hey Ya, how are you?

Yaya : I'm good, great, never been better! :)

Borro : Thats nice!

Yaya : How are you dear? Hows Boston? Hows ur job?

Borro : I'm ok. Boston's good. My job kinda tough but i'm hanging :)

Yaya : U go girl! haha.. Ko tak balik M'sia ke?

Borro : I am planning to balik raya and second half of Ramadhan.

Yaya : Thats nice, how long will u be in M'sia? Maybe we can catch up!

Borro : 4 weeks, and yes i would really wanna see u and Khalish :)

Yaya : Thats a long vacay huh?! NICE!!

Borro : Yep. And prior to that i wanna bring my mum here, to be with me for a month so that my first half of Ramadhan wouldnt be so lonely haha

Yaya : I see, thats cool, am sure she would love to be there with you!

Borro : Yep! but the problem is i wanna find sumone yg i could trust to come here / acompany her to Boston from KL. My siblings sume reject and i'm so sad sbb i would always mengvolunteerkan myself! and now its my time who needed a volunteer, takde org pun! :(

Yaya : I'll do it! hahahahahahaha LOL hahahah

Borro : Eh ko series ke Ya? Aku tak joke nih!

Yaya : Of kos bole! jap..will u pay for my tix? hahahahah guess not!! hahaha

Borro : Yes 50%!

Yaya : Oh gosh u are desperate!! hmm... Oh gosh this is so tough!!

Borro : Aku dh surf for tix and i want my mum to naik MAS sbb makanan halal and any other airways pun tkpe asalkan makanan halal!

Yaya : I see, yes thats good! hmm..tempting nye borro..i am speechless la at the moment!! Its like a dream comes true in a not so inviting-but-still-thrilling-to-the-maximum way!! I gotta blog bout this!! haha

Borro : Yea go ahead! blog la aku takde hal! hahaha

Yaya : Oh gosh, i wanna go!! makan free, transport ko ade, umah mewah cm si**!! ish ish!! And fr Boston, bole gi NY! oh god!

Borro : Ko nk bwk Khalish ke tak?

Yaya : Thats the thing! I cant sleep without him , I think! hmm...

Borro : Aku kasi ko untill next month to pikir k, sbb once May mmg aku nk purchase dh tix! and i am getting my new car next month so kita bole gi NY and spend 3/4 nights there! hehehe

Yaya : Yes aku akan think hard! trust me super hard! rigid!
Oh god, betul2 unexpected and betul2 takkan terjadi again lagi forever - i think!

What do you think people??!!! I am so nak pegi - ye la kan only hafta pay half of my tix! Should i bring Khalish along? My fren's mum is 68 and cergas tip top but the only problem yg she nak sum1 to acompany her mum is that only because dia takut mummy dia lost/sesat with all the many many signs kt eport!!

What should i do??!! ...HELP HELP..


kdila said...

yaya.. I'd say go for it...! hahahahaha

klu nk bawak khalish pon ok sbb dia dah besar... bukan baby lagi.. so ok je.. kalau nak tinggal pon ok jugak... tp kalau rasa rindu.. bawakla.... bestnye dapat peluang gitu!!

ari tu kkdila ade komen kat entry sebelum nie.. tp tak masuk la.. blame it on blackberry.. cam koman jek.. muahahahah...

nway, I komen, take a good care of urself.. I know that u r one strong girl and jangan patah semangat ok....! I support u 1000%!! u go girl!

yaya othman said...

kak dilla!! aah tak dpt la prev comment by u, tp tkpela..hehe yes i am OK! never been better sis, trsut me!

weh bile nk bwk fahim jupe dr gigi nih? hehe..

on this entry - ye ye ye yaya sgt2 nk pegi, tempting gile kan sbb dia nk byr half!! hahaha klu bgtau umi/aunty da sure dia tak bg bwk khalish, tp ayah/uncle man sure ckp u go girl!! haha

thanks again kak dilla :)

Mrs LVoe said...

go gal!!!! grab the chance while still open. heheh.. mcm iklan lak :-)

niria said...

yup mesti bawak khalish hehehe
n oder from us too hehehehe :p

a.k.a lollipop said...

i vote for GO Girl..hahahaha..

you are one lucky girl..if i were in your place i would instantly say yes!!hahaha

and ofcourse bawak khalish coz dah besar and ader tempat tinggal yang best but of course penat sket lah kot.. best!!

**i pulak yang excited**

bUL4N said...

definitely pegi!!!!

deloress said...

u shud go dear :)

but if u're contemplating... do istikharah.. seek blessing and all.. and insyAllah.. follow your instinct ..

pSsst.. bessstnye if dpt g... u shud go to the pre-loved shops in NY.. n try to dig out any 2.55 available !!.. hehe..

yaya othman said...

ngeh ngeh .. thank you all for the feedbacks! tq!

Mrs.R @ Emi said...

pegi la...bwk alish skalik...

zailamohamad said...

ya..go for it..bukan senang nak dapat peluang macam ni..bestnyer..

Ame O. said...

Okay, I flew MAS a few times, but I prefer SIA, even my parents, better because their crews were much more polite (this from my personal experience), it's much more expensive with the tickets with SIA but the service is A+. Anyway, with MAS, if you fly from KLIA since it's going to Boston, you'll stop by either in Stolkhom, Sweden or Amsterdam but you won't be changing flight or will be leaving the airport at all during the transit. The security to come in the USA is super tight, so during transit, you all will be ushered to get out, stay in line, go thru another massive and VERY detailed security procedure and after all this is done, you'll be hush to the waiting room, like a prisoner. Tak boleh keluar beli fridge magnet pon!! After 30 mins or so, you all will board the plane again. So her Mom won't get lost during this transit, I promise.

After dah sampai sini, most MAS plane will land in Newark Intl Airport, Newark, New Jersey (not NY but they always use NY sebab senang for foreigners), you'll have to go thru Immigration and Custom, lepas dah siap cop passport and your visa, baru keluar and transfer to Domestic Flight Terminal, this part she might get lost sebab semua orang putih kan. The flight to Boston will either take 55 mins to 1.5 hrs, I'm not sure.

MAS has only 2 hubs--Loas Angeles (LAX) or Newark (EWR). Like I said, there'll be transit in Sweden or The Netherlands since you'll be going to Boston.

Take Khalish, too. It'll be fun for him and you to rounda2 the US states, DisneyWorld (much better than HK Disneyland I tell you!!) and different places to visit.

BTW, I'm sorry that your marriage didn't work out. I just found out literally a few mins ago. But you're one strong woman and mom. And I'm just about to become a mother myself. Can't wait for this lil stinker to come out in September.

I know your friend will provide more info but if you have any question, feel free to ask. I've been living here for 11 years so I know a few things that Americans do. Afterall, my hubby is American! I don't use fotopages that often anymore, my blog is Good luck!!

ellain said...

go for it kk yaya...

nuranizalazim said...

hi yaya! this is nur..friend of borro since we were kecik.i believe u've heard about me b4 rite.wonder if u r not bz maybe we can have litel chat me thru my ym if u r free k.i enjy reading yr inspiring and u r so lucky to have so many supporters !would love to read more later from u.