March 19, 2009

I've watched it! Gossip girl that is, and i'd give 5 and half stars :( it wasnt as i expected it, but i am still fond of the fact that men-whore miss Carr is back to her hometown Iowa. I kinda got this little tired-of-Dan Humphrey vibe after watching this episode, maybe because he's only yummy when he's around and with miss Vav Der Woodsen...i'm not sure, but maybe.

My fitflop is on its way to me!! woohoo!! ..keh keh..

And i think i'll go with a Tod's laa, what do you think? Well, my sister cum fashion advisor said "u can never go wrong with a Tod's!" LOL betul ke? Tapiii, i heart Cooper and Cholet by Anya Hindmarch jugak! Aarghhh!! So, temme what do you think??!!

Update :

(i want both!)

Tod's latest G bag, i am in love with the most far left! Ratih, nnt kita carry together-gether!?!


Mrs LVoe said...

do u have any pics of tods??? meh la share

Ratih Sulastri said...

Hmm I will go for a Tod's. Anya Cooper also best jugakkkk alamakkkk!

yaya othman said...

i takde pix of tods tp i ske yg latest yg iklan dia gwyneth carry tuh!

Ratih, beb, yes i would die for a tod's (haha) but then a Cooper is also TDF! what d u think beb?

korang..klu tod's la kan, korang suggest yg mane? hehe

Nana said...

Yaya, Go for BOTH hahahahah! Besides both brands ada kat Bicester. So since you can get both at 1/2 price boleh dapat two for the price of one. heheheheh!!! jahat betul I ni meracun you hehhe!

Ratih Sulastri said...

Tods....hmmm non of the nylon range yg I berkenan la kan. The Goa is nice as well! Very soft. G-bag u tak minat? In full calf leather la. Warna crimson i tgk kat Pavillion haritu. Lawa. Im getting the G-bag mid of this year kot but in the coated canvas.

yaya othman said...

Nana, ooh i so want them both, trust me!! hihi..tapi cooper in creme ada lg ke eh?

ratih, beb, i love that G bag! i ske yg calf leather colour light brown and for a coated canvas one i ske yg ala2 pink/purple, apeke nama lah?! i tgk kt mag gwyneth carrying it! love it, gorjess!!

Ratih Sulastri said...

Coated canvas 380 pounds kat UK. I like yg Freida Pinto bwk...yeah, the purple one tu. But I actually like the green and blue as well but...I dah ada a few green bags and my Hampstead is in Azur. Tapi kalo I byk duit I dah choose the Crimson calf leather 5k haritu tanye kat Pavillion. Yummy gile!

Kalau cooper, I amik yg grey tu!

yaya othman said...

yup yg freida pinto carried is nice,thats the colour yg i would go for if i beli yg coated canvas!
but better go for a calf leather one kan, better investment!?? haha..but you are right, if only i ada byk duit!

have u seen the ad where gwyneth carried the one in calf leather? i ske sgt!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

tried cooper...nice n elegant but kinda restricted when ur shoulder it ;( n its too structured...i mean keras ;p but haish nape la angelina jolie pakai cantik je ;p

yaya othman said...

keras ke verde? hmmm aritu i tried cam tak terperasan la plak keras...aiseh!
anyway thnx for stopping by :)