March 6, 2009

i made u happy, didnt i?

I did, i totally did, didnt i?
I have made my friend -which is the owner of the 2 bags which i prev offered my help to flash 'em in my blog- a termendously joyful person!!! You are most welcome hon ;) and not forgetting to my buyers, TQ TQ TQ.
I really did not expect they would sell this quick, and by this quick, i mean truly quick!! Ina Noor and Deloress agrees huh?! ..keh keh..
And as for my theres-more-bags-to-letgo friend, I will certainly entertain ya but give it a rest for a sec, will ya?! ..hehe..aku tak marah la wey, aku saje jek nak tgk ko.. LOL

On another equal part of myself, i duk tunguu tungguu 9th march! hehe, whats on 9th march Yaya? Gossip Girl latest epi (sea 5 of course)!!! Miss Carr better not be in this one curling and snuggling with her student, euwww!! gross!! Get sumone ur age la wey!! But i believe sumone told me that it is a trend for an older gal dating a younger guy, and by younger, i mean much younger!! takkan la gossip girl pun terikut heh?? *spit*

A good episode 18 would be..Miss Carr was walking and as she crosses one of uppesr east posh street, she got smacked by a humongous lorry or tractor or something and her body got teared into very little tiny pieces that people thought its just trash or food or something ;)) and everyone doesnt miss her nor looking for her! *clap* good one Yaya ;))
And Dan in Brooklyn, just realize that he has made the biggest mistake of his life (even bigger than what he did with Georgina) and run to find Serena with an attempt to apologize and make up! While running, he listens to that voicemail S left on his cell while he was busy getting naked with Miss Carr, and not looking at traffic whatsoever, and "BAMMM!!! " Dan got hit and run by a DHL truck!!!! LOL ..kidding..takkan la i nk let my feveret character matii!!!! ..keh keh..

Enuff daydreamin'!! Well my point is that i cannot wait for GG!! xoxo ..keh keh..


Ina Noor said...

OMG u hv a gift! nanti i mintak tlg jualkan i punya jugaklah! ;P

Ina Noor said...

n AHAHAHAHA bes gila ur version of GG! i'd like dan to die aswell. dan-serena makeup-n-breakup was getting a lil boring

but am rooting for mark n lexie!! cepatlaaaa 12 march!

yaya othman said...

Lexie grey and mark sloan? hihi..i baru kt episode 6 hon! u are waayy ahead of me on greys!! wait for me!!

a gift? hmm..??!! maybe not a gift laa, but heck i'll take it!! LOL
okes nnt if u have anything to letgo, do tell sweetie!

and on GG, i abhore miss carr tuuu! ish ish..Dan mati? oowwrrr!!! no no... poor serena! they are so yummy together but the on and off and then on but then off again *wtf* is driving me nuts!

yaya othman said...

is it abhore or abhor? hahaha who cares????

deloress said...

totally agreed ! yaya ade gift :)

i yg dulu² ade amek subject business pun tak retiii tauuu nak busineSs² marketing² ni.. hihih.. fail!

jualkan i punye jugak boleh ? :P

yaya othman said...

deloress..i tak blaje bisnis and marketing,,nih pakai hantam sudahlaa LOL org kesian kt i kot ?!! kihkihkih...
u pun ada yg nk letgo? silakan silakan ;D